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Featuring Artichoke, Foong Kee Coffee Shop, Cantonese Delights (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Ristorante Da Valentino, Red Star Restaurant, Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant, Ristorante Pietrasanta, Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow 東記炒粿條 (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Zi Yean Restaurant 自然酒楼, Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (Upper Paya Lebar)
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan

Stole a few mouths of my mum’s kalguksu and it was good too! Soup was lighter than the jjamppong I had but it was a comforting and hearty bowl. The noodles used here are thicker, firmer and more springy, paired with lots of ingredients as well!

There’s another similar named ‘Ming Jia 名家’ Korean eatery here on the same floor of the mall and not sure if they’re under the same owner, but the food here in Myung Ga II is definitely better.

📍名家 Myung Ga II Korea BBQ
Bukit Timah Plaza #B1-55

Have been eyeing to try this place even before my Korea winter programme and now that I'm starting to crave for Korean food (after a whole month of it), finally found a reason to come here! Noodles were chewy and black bean sauce generous with onions and minced meat. Would have liked a stronger and slightly sweeter sauce though! Also, the plates of sweet and sour pork that kept coming out from the kitchen looked so appetising, I'll keep a mental note to try that in future!

Letting BF try Korean chinese food since we did not get to eat in Korea..😬
jjajangmyeon here is good👍🏻 Not too sweet, and the onion and pork were not diced into too small pieces. I usually feel a bit gelat from jjajangmyeon, but not this😃

Hoodadak who specialises in Korean fusion adds a twist to their ramyeon dishes. We LOVE the noodles and the broth so much! 😍 Trust me, it tastes as good as it sounds. But there's one thing that I don't understand, why is the chicken nuggets being used here instead of popcorn chicken? 😂

Be greeted by friendly home-grown Koreans and a casual dining area. Spotted many single diners happily indulging in their affordable lunch sets. From bentos 🍱 to jajangmyeon🍝. Whilst most people would be happy to tuck into their prettily-arranged bentos, I dived right into their JAJANGMYEON. And there couldn't have been a better choice made. The noodles were the right consistency and the black bean sauce was neither too thick or sticky like some places serve (I wouldn't say which). This is what I call authentic. Join me as I continue to uncover more eateries in CBD after the closure of golden shoe...

This restaurant serves the typical korean fare like bibimbap, stews, as well as korean barbeque. The staff and servers were koreans as well. I have never had jjajangmyeon before as the thick dark sauce always intimidates me, but this place somehow seemed to be a good place to try it out. The black bean sauce was delicious and rich, with plenty of chunky vegetable and pork. I found it too salty and kind of cloying after half a bowl, so I ate half and swapped it with my bf's bibimbap. The noodles were great, chewy and QQ. I will definitely try this dish again at other korean restaurants.
P.S. The kimchi was so good that I bought a small tub home.

[Muslim-Owned] This was a tough place to find! It’s nestled in a building that has a collection of addresses that begin with Benoi Road. This was 25 Benoi Road; it was wedged deep in the Tuas industrial areas, and it took me 30 minutes of driving just to get to it. I almost gave up on finding the place tbh! 😵

The food is really value-for-money ($4.50) that’s for sure. Not too smitten by its taste, however. It’s mainly because the salted egg sauce was too watery for my liking, though I did like its amount of spiciness. 🤑 My lips felt like they were burning, but I admit I’m a little bit of a masochist when it comes to spicy food. 🤯

I guess I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this again, but I’m glad to have tried it once. Maybe opt for their zi char or their Butter Cream chicken instead! (6.9/10)

Very popular Taiwanese cafe with taiwanese street staples such as Lu Rou Fan, Oyster Mee Sua and Beef noodles as mains. We were lucky to get a table within minutes but a queue of 7-8 groups quickly formed outside the cafe as we ate.

Nice and authentic, pricier than what you may be used to if you are a regular to Taiwan but hey, one of the better places in Singapore if you miss Taiwanese comfort food.

I came here with a mental checklist of the requirements for 'My Ideal Pasta', and the Spicy Rigatoni ($26 for ala carte/part of $36/45 lunch set menu) ticked all the right boxes. It's simple, really. Pork fennel sausage and smoked ricotta in a creamy and spicy sauce. Mmmm.

Personally, I feel that rigatoni outshines most other pasta varieties. You'll always find more meaty goodness hiding in those cylindrical vessels, and it truly ups the satisfaction level of one's pasta experience....or is it just me?

Special shoutout to the crispy bits - no idea what they are exactly, and I'm probably a fool for not knowing (or asking!) but those really helped in the overall textural complexity of the dish.

If it's steak you're in the mood for, this cosy 10-seater spot in Serene Centre (it shares the space with Sugarhaus) is perfect for the whole steakhouse experience at budget-friendly prices. It's certainly found a fan in Burpple Tastemaker Emily S, who has raving reviews of the meat. There are only two steaks on the menu — the Flat Iron ($22), which is leaner and offers great bite, and the Short Rib ($25), which has lovely marbling and a more decadent mouthfeel. The steaks arrive well seasoned, which warrants the acompanying chimichurri unnecessary, alongside a little bowl of house salad tossed in vinaigrette. Sides are priced at an additional $5 each, but worth the splurge. Consider the juicy Sauteed Thyme Mushrooms ($5) or luscious Guanciale Mac & Cheese ($5). Desserts still aren't stellar, so save your money for something else.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Emily S

I ordered this expecting it to be exactly the same as the Atlas Coffeehouse one since they are run by the same owners. The Butterscotch Banana Pancake looks exactly the same. Taste wise though this one is more cakey. My preferred one is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I felt the fluffiness was overdone which undermined the nice vanilla ice cream. If you like fluffy cake-like pancakes which some people do, this might work for you.

This cafe exceeds expectations for me. Along south bridge and a 5 min walk from chinatown mrt station, grids and circles is located within a 3 storey shophouse with 2 accesible levels for cafe dwellers to lepak and makan. We ordered this strawberry pancakes which comes with whopping amount of fresh milk cream and cut strawberries,drenched with strawberry jam and maple syrup - one of the best pancakes that I had in a while.

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