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Featuring Artichoke, Foong Kee Coffee Shop, Cantonese Delights (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Ristorante Da Valentino, Red Star Restaurant, Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant, Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (Upper Paya Lebar), Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow 東記炒粿條 (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Ristorante Pietrasanta, Zi Yean Restaurant 自然酒楼
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan
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S$18.80 - comes with your choice of sauce (Black Pepper/Mushroom/Salsa Verde). The portion could be slightly larger, but it was properly cooked and tasted great with my choice of black pepper sauce.

This elderflower and lemongrass duo with whiffs of mint and lemon was refreshing and not cloying at all. A little overpriced to be honest, but you're also paying for the rooftop bar experience really. It's a great space to chill with friends – plus points for childhood games available for use for free and friendly service (although a biiiit slow).

Note: you need to climb five flights of stairs to get here.

So when a respectable one such as Bearded Bella opens, every other food instagrammer I know have descended there. 😂
Inspired by Melbourne cafes, the clean white interior with greenery is appealing.
Read more about it here > #DFDCake #DFDCafe


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: In their new line of ice cream cake, is this well balanced Tropical Addiction, both citrusy and sweet. It ain’t easy making these cakes due to the different temperatures, ice creams/sorbets and ingredients used but Apiary has pulled it off nonetheless.
Get all the components in a spoonful for the full experience, the creaminess of the coconut ice cream and Italian meringue compliments the fruit sorbets extremely well with the almond dacquoise giving it a different texture and a nutty flavour. .
There’s another plated dessert called “Bali Starling Eggs” specially crafted to create awareness for an endangered species of bird. Keep a lookout!
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The server recommended that we get the cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top but we ended up choosing 600g of warm, fluffy goodness; bit pricey but the portion was HUGE. If you love carrot cake, this one will not disappoint!

So glad that I managed to try this new non-ramen arm of the Keisuke group! The beef hamburg was very moist and soft and yet, not fell apart when sliced into! It went really well with the light oroshi ponzu sauce too. Adored the salad spread and free flow eggs too! The mentaiko pasta was rich and, addictive. The eggs were prepared in all kinds of cooking methods: tamago plain or with spring onion, sunny side ups with okonomiyaki sauce and the usual hard boiled!

Not so much a restaurant, Catchfly is an underground bar (literally) that is looking to morph into a late night supper club. If the rest of the dishes on the menu are just as good as this then I'd definitely be back to try them all. Cocktails are also interesting though a little pricey in comparison to the food which I thought was real value for money. And I loved the ambiance of this place, with classy decor and lighting.

Just when I thought I found my favourite french toast at another cafe down the street, oh my here comes five oars to beat that hands down. Its creme brulee complete with the caramelised layer atop a soft brioche, like how you would spread jam on bread. Ingenious.

Comprising of duck confit ragout, button mushrooms and Parmesan, this duck gnocchi is only available on the dinner menu (5-9pm). As of my favourite pasta types, the gnocchi came with a soft and chewy, mochi-like texture that’s tossed in a flavourful, tangy and well-braised duck confit ragout sauce. Not the best gnocchi I’ve had though, with my personal favourite still the Mentaiko gnocchi from Kabe No Ana. Generous portion of thinly shredded tender duck confit are embedded within the thick and flavourful ragout, along with chewy and juicy button mushrooms. The sauce might get overwhelmingly salty when eaten in silo but when paired with the chewy, tiny pieces of dumpling-shaped pasta, it was a great combination that made me wipe out entire plate clean! ✨ .
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Really bad lighting but this Ebiko Pasta ($20) is the bombs can still remember my first bite into it!! I really love fusion carbonara style pasta and this really appealed to me. It was unique in taste yet not gelat. The prawns were also juicy and fresh. I would highly recommend this as well as their smoked salmon pizza! Pretty worth it if you come here with the Burpple Beyond app

Located along Pasir Panjang Road, this spot doles out a wide range of options. From fresh and healthy Salad or Grain Bowls (from $13) to buttery Table's Croissant ($15) and the sinful yet delicious Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake ($7), there's something for everyone — bring the gang.
Photo by Burppler Calida Aurelia Soh 👅

Was surprised it was a little spicy but it's so yummy!

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