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Slurp It Up!

Slurp It Up!

Beverages and only beverages
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Taro lovers would probably enjoy the Taro Blast Boboshake, an ice blended drink with chunky taro purée and taro balls. They were really generous with the toppings. I had the King Fone Cheezo, which seemed like a mix of oolong and jasmine tea. Not a fan of cheese tea but decided to take the risk as Heytea is supposedly good at this. Didn’t regret this choice as the cream cheese slowly blends into the astringency of the tea, surprisingly quite harmonious. Aesthetically pleasing with the sprinkle of Matcha powder on the cheese foam. Drinks were even more enjoyable at this new spacious outlet with a zen interior design.


Good news for R&B lovers in the west, especially Jurong like myself! No longer having the need to travel far for a cup of R&B bbt.

It’s still one of my top choices for brown sugar boba milk, or the milk tea with brown sugar pearls. Some might find the brown sugar coating too sweet but I feel it strikes a good balance as it gets mixed into the fresh milk. Love the chewiness of the boba and for its price, the size of the drink is definitely worthwhile.

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I have always been a big fan of ciders when it comes to the choice of alcohols, something relatively fruity and more acceptable for people who can’t really drink. Pleasantly delighted by this Apple Crumble Apple Cider served at Orh Gao, a flavour that I have never come across, much less imagining that a Cider of a dessert would exist.

Infused with cinnamon, vanilla and blackberry leaves, a sip of it made me felt as though I was eating an actual apple crumble, especially with a strong gush of cinnamon aroma. Accentuated by an intense vanilla taste, I truly enjoyed the sweet depth of this mouthwatering Cider.

Thank you @burpple for inviting and Sam from @orhgaotaproom for hosting!


Nayuki has always been known for their premium fruit teas and soft euro breads. Having tried their affordable bottled cold brew teas, I was keen on trying their fresh milk black pearl.

Comes in a sleek bottle of 500ml, it’s interesting to still have a slot for straws on the cover. Unlike the other versions on the market, the brown sugar pearls here weren’t warm, yet weren’t overly sweet. They were also on the soft side, which I felt lacking on texture though this is probably personal preference. Blending with the cold pearls, the taste of the fresh milk seemed to be stronger than the brown sugar instead.

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Situated right opposite R&B tea, 3-week old Yunique Tea is a new kid on the bubble tea block in Toa Payoh. Had certain expectations having read some reviews before my visit. I asked for recommendations and was told the Signature Messy Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls. Well I am a fan of this drink, so why not?

However, after a few sips, I felt disappointed. Firstly, the brown sugar coated pearls weren’t warm enough such that even after mixing with the fresh milk, there wasn’t much brown sugar taste in the milk and felt like a total disharmony as though the pearls and milk were two separate entities happened to be in the same cup. Secondly, the pearls were rather firm and hard for chewing. Also, it’s slightly pricier than other bubble tea chains offering the same drink. I’d rather head to R&B for a better quality fresh milk with brown sugar pearls at a cheaper price, and it’s just opposite. Might return to try other concoctions (and I hope they would be more interesting), but not for this.

There’s no queue, no hype over Don Don Donki’s Okinawa brown sugar fresh milk. Relatively cheaper than most in the market but also smaller in size, there was an outburst of sweetness on first sip from the brown sugar that led to a sugar rush. But as the smoky sweet melted brown sugar blends with the 100% hokkaido raw fresh milk, it turns out to be a pleasurable experience with lingering fragrance of the Okinawa brown sugar. Best enjoyed with caramelised, bouncy pearls.


Exhilarated to know that Hollin is now in the list for Burpple Beyond! As a typical millennial, I am attracted to their different flavoured pearls on the menu daily, while their honey white pearls are available everyday. Tried the roasted peanut pearls (Friday) and the lustrous black sesame pearls (Saturday) previously with the black tea rock salt macchiato.

I preferred the black sesame pearls in which you could taste the black sesame powder. The peanut ones were slightly harder on texture. The staff recommended on both visits to pair these pearls with their signature black tea rock salt macchiato when I wanted a fruity macchiato for a change during the second visit to prevent flavour clash. Enjoyed the delicate rock salt milk foam which adds a lifting touch to the aromatic black tea and the heavier flavored black sesame pearls. Will definitely be back to try out the other flavored pearls and macchiatos, especially when I can enjoy them with Burpple Beyond now!


Never was I an avocado lover, but I have heard so much about Fruce and the long queue every time I pass by makes me curious about how good this is. Went with the avocado cempedak, probably one of the more popular choices. You can choose to customize the sugar level from original, reduced, minimal and nil.

It was a harmonious mix between the avocado and the cempedak surprisingly with no buttery creaminess of avocado tasted. In fact, the cempedak added a tinge of tropical fruitiness to the avocado without being overly sweet. The cempedak fruit was in pretty big chunks which explains why minimal level of sugar that I chose was just right since the fruit itself was already quite sweet.


One drink you should really order at Joo Bar is their Sojurita. Not really an alcoholic person, but the mix of frozen soju, a flavor of your choice (yucha/green grape/sour plum/passionfruit) and an overturned bottle of Hite beer makes an addictive drink that I just wanna drink over and over again! Guess I would be back to try other flavours the next time round.

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Still the drink that’s currently in trend! The brown sugar boba fresh milk from Bober Tea is one of the nicer ones that I have had so far. Size of the drink was reasonable for that pricing. I like how the cold fresh milk mixes with the warmth of the soft chewy brown sugar coated pearls, to give a nicely balanced flavored drink at the right temperature. However, the queuing still takes quite a while.


Brown sugar pearl milk has been a recent hit as Q tea’s newly launched “dirty” drink menu joins the trend! Other than the brown sugar flavour, the other flavours were fruity which includes pineapple, mango, strawberry and dragonfruit.

Had to try the brown sugar pearl milk. While the price and size of the drink were reasonable, as well as the sugar level of the drink as a whole was acceptable, the pearls were instead disappointing. Big, but overly hard and was tough for chewing.


Chanced upon this as I was scrolling through Burpple. I don't usually drink bubble tea kinda beverage, but this somehow just attracted me.

Saw this promotional brown sugar boba milk that's made of brown sugar lava, milk and pearls. The lady kindly taught us the way to drink; firstly to dip in and have a sip of the warm soft boba pearls that's soaked in their unique brown sugar lava to have an original taste of the pearls. They were really soft and chewy, yet not like some that have a plasticky texture. Really liked the thick warm brown sugar lava as the sweetness was just right. Then, stir and mix the drink well, such that the chilled fresh milk and the warm brown sugar go along together. Quite a simple but appealing drink!


Foodie for life <3

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