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Classic red ruby for $3 nett (this place has no GST/service charge woohoo) and the serving for this dessert was massive. The coconut milk/syrup was not overly sweet and the crunchy chestnut pieces gave a nice textural contrast to the dish. However, I wished the pieces of ice were of a finer texture.

A deconstructed taste tartin of sorts topped with what tasted like whisky glazed bacon and the whole savory-sweet combination worked really well. The pastry was exceptionally flaky and buttery but I felt the spiced apples were slightly overpowering.

One of my favorite desserts and it was done pretty well. You could tell it was prepared just before serving as the torched meringue was still warm and thankfully not overly sweet. Together with the citrusy flavor of the lemon tart it became a creamy luscious mouthful. The pastry could’ve been more buttery though.

Slice of tiramisu accompanied by an espresso mousse and crumble. This dessert was as pretty as it was delicious the tiramisu was rich but still balanced. The espresso mousse was super intense and gave the dessert a slight bitterness while the crumble was buttery and gave the dish a crunchy texture. Best dessert on the menu in my opinion.

Wouldn’t get this if they didn’t offer the 1 for 1 on burpple but the flavors of the soft serve are quite yummy!! The matcha isn’t the fake food flavoring sort like some places and the soft serve is really creamy and you can taste a slight bitterness of the matcha. The apple flavor was the star though, it had more of a sorbet mouthfeel but was super fruity and tangy that keeps you going back for more. Wanted to try the original milk flavor but was out of stock for the day.

$2 from macdonalds outlets is the new flavor of soft serve that comes with a chocolate cone. The sweet potato flavor is very subtle but earthy and thankfully not too sweet. The cone is slightly bitter as well and an improvement from the usual soft serve comes as it won’t become soggy when the ice cream melts. Not sure it’s worth $2 thought

Got this with the double scoop deal that burpple beyond had. The hazelnut had a good flavor but the flavor was a average, the ice cream was still very creamy. The star of the show was definitely peachy, which had the consistency of a rich yogurt. The peach flavor really shone through and had a slightly acidic flavor but it was refreshing.

This takes 15minutes to prepare so order slightly ahead of time so you don’t have to wait so long. The lava cake was one of the nicest I’ve had, when cut the cake leaked out an entire pool of salted caramel lava and was the perfect consistency to mop up with the cake. I loved how the exterior of the cake was a little bit crisp adding a nice textural contrast to the whole dish.

The ice cream was good as well and thankfully the whole dish was very well balanced not too sweet/savory and the caramel seemed to have a slight bitter burnt butter taste which complemented the dish.

Pardon the title this ice cream isn’t actually despicable it’s just the name. It’s a banana flavor generously studded with chunks of walnut. Smooth and creamy but i’m not sure how long this flavor is gonna be around as they regularly change flavors.

Other flavors you should try: 70% dark chocolate, black sesame

The hazelnut ice cream was decent but didn’t have a creamy/smooth texture which I look out for in good gelato. It had a slightly grainy texture maybe from
the housemade nut paste its made from but not bad in terms of delivering the hazelnut flavor but is abit sweet for my liking.

The roasted pistachio on the other hand rly hit home for me and had a rly creamy texture. You could tell it was house made with bits of roasted pistachio which gave it a nice textural contrast and I would totally recommend this.

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The green tea was superb, in terms of matcha flavor it wasn’t the richest i’ve ever had I think Matchaya has a stronger matcha flavor but it this one was different had a toasted flavor to it which almost tasted smoky and I think it was attributed to the toasted rice which is something I’ve never tried in a matcha ice cream
and was a refreshing change.

The speculoos flavor is something nostalgic and tasted exactly like the biscuits I used to eat and like the spread they sell in supermarkets. Nothing to rave about but still tasty.

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PSA: there’s one for one double scoops here but i’m not sure how long it’s on for so i guess you can make it an excuse to eat ice cream RIGHT NOW

3 of us ended up eating 8 scoops of ice cream....my fav was the sea salt gula melaka which had the right amount of salt that rly complimented the caramelly gula melaka but the flavor that surprised me the most was the LAPIS SPICE it just reminded me of christmas and I mean who doesn’t like christmas but if you do end up getting that try it as a combination with the thai milk tea!!

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