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I didn’t expect the serving to be so generous but there was a huge slab of burratta that was served on the plate which shocked me. It came alongside some green peas which was slathered in a pesto like sauce?? and slices of parma ham. Talk about worth it. The entire dish was really rich but everything complemented each other nicely and will probably be my go to appetizer if i return.

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You have to add on an additional $12 for this from the standard lunch set menu offered. It’s scrambled eggs with sea urchin and crab with toast on the side to mop it all up. The eggs are of the custardy kind (refer to the gordon ramsay scrambled eggs on youtube) where the eggs are cooked low and slow, to a real creamy consistency. The eggs were tasty with the sea urchin providing a salty flavor but overall I wouldn’t pay $12 extra for this dish as there are other choices on the menu.

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Ordered the capellini with crabmeat in pink sauce which was real worth it after using the 1 for 1 on burpple beyond. The pasta was slightly over cooked unfortunately but the flavor made up for it. The crabmeat was quite sweet and there were nice kicks of spiciness from the sauce that coated the pasta really well. The sauce was garlicky as well and I love garlic. Portions here are very generous and could easily be a sharing portion but service here can be improved, our food seemed to take quite awhile to arrive at most tables.

My fav pasta place does it again!!! The fresh made pasta was cooked perfectly still holding a slight resistance when I bit into it. Also came with fresh prawns and scallops. BUT the hero of this dish was the sauce I would buy the sauce in a bottle and drink it if I could. The saffron smell hits you first and the sauce is creamy and flavorful and the little green peppercorns provided just a tinge of heat without being too intrusive, coating every strand of pasta. real big OOF

Crabmeat stirred into a creamy tomato sauce what’s not to love?? They could’ve been abit more generous with the crabmeat but there was still a decent amount in every bite and it was fresh as well. The sauce really won me over in this dish as the cream partnered perfectly with the slightly tangy tomato sauce and lusciously coated the pasta. Portion of pasta was generous too and would order this again if I come back!!

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This pizza came topped with truffled mascarpone, mushrooms and shaved truffles and drizzled with truffle oil. It seemed like a lot of truffle components but thankfully the flavor wasn’t too overpowering. I especially liked the crisp crust with slight charred bits which gave the pizza a slight bitterness that complemented the creamy and rich toppings. I didn’t quite like the mushrooms however as they seemed to be cooked in a way that didn’t really pair well with the cheeses.

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Classic pasta dish done pretty well!! but not sure whether I would fork out close to $30 for this as they weren’t super generous with the clams. The olive oil, chili, garlic and white wine emulsified really nicely and coated the pasta making it rather addictive. Pasta was cooked al dente as well but you might wanna check out their 2 course lunch sets at $20 nett!!

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Came with prawns, soft shell crab and a fish fillet. The seafood was reasonably fresh but the sauce was quite tasty with a spicy kick to it (wish i had mantou to dip). There’s a raw egg mixed into the sauce to make it thicker but it was still abit watery for me and didn’t adhere well enough to the pasta. But overall a decent pasta for the price and portion $14 with no GST/service charge and is one of the most expensive things on the menu already.

Do try their coffee/teas/bread when you’re here though and they have a pet-friendly section if you’re into that kinda thing

The chili crab pasta came with a thick chili crab sauce and deep fried cubes of mantou which were rly crispy and not oily.

The linguine was not overcooked THANK GOD and it came with decent chunks of crabmeat but the sauce was abit too spicy for my liking that it slightly overpowered the whole dish. Unless you’re into a spicy pasta go for the other 2 pastas available on the menu (the mushroom one is 😛😛)

also on thursdays they have 1 for 1 pasta deals!!

This came piping hot in a cast iron pan and the cheese sauce still bubbling away. The pasta was well cooked with a slight resistance to it and allowed the sauce to coat it really nicely. Cheese sauce was super yumz and rich and sinful especially on a rainy day but i’m a sucker for cheese😩😩

It came with generous chunks of bacon which added a nice salty flavor but unfortunately the truffle didn’t deliver and I couldn’t taste or smell any truffle flavor. If you look past(a) that it was pretty good and a generous portion that’s enough for sharing.


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