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Cheryl Tay
Cheryl Tay

Specialising in savoury rice and noodle bowls, this wallet-friendly joint along Rangoon Road is one to bring your friends to for a hearty lunch around Farrer Park. The 72-hour slow-cooked Beef Rice Bowl ($14) sports tender, slightly charred beef slices and a wobbly 63° onsen egg on aromatic Japanese rice. Alternatively, have the creamy and generously-portioned Smoked Salmon ($12) bowl – opt to have it with their springy dry la mian!
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Upon receiving the box, I was already blown away by how huge and heavy (not to mention pretty) these croissants are. Mochi croissants are definitely a first - these are flaky and buttery on the outside, while having a delightful chewiness on the inside. The filled ones gave a boost of sweetness too, making them much more indulgent.

It's hard to pick a favourite, but I'd have to go with the Ferrero Rocher for its rich chocolate filling and crunchy hazelnut bits. The Lemon Curd was a close second as it is zesty, tangy and buttery all in one! One thing to improve on, though, is the consistency in the filling amount - the Earl Grey and Salted Caramel unfortunately had just a tiny blob of filling.

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I like that the pasta is flavoured. The Alfredo sauce is good!

The mushroom is tasty. Surprisingly good. Ordered a few dishes to share with my fiends and all of them love it. The place is good to dine with small group of friends or even alone.

Nice cooked salmon confit and melt in mouth, it come with creamy baby potato, vegetable, tomato salsa and furikake top on the salmon. Well balance of the dish and only $14.90 for ala carte, 2course meal $16.90 choose of soup or salad for the appetizer very worth it. Arome french bistro located in wild market is a atas food court at shaw towers beach road

From three Singaporean guys come the idea for Salted Egg Yolk Xiang Guo! While ma la pots are still available and measures up in spicy, tongue-numbing qualities, the community is flocking to this spot for the more unique former. Fresh toppings go from $1 each ($2 for meat and noodles), which are then stir-fried in the rich salted egg yolk sauce with a slightly spicy kick. Yum.
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Queued about 30 minutes to try Keisuke’s new outlet selling omurice! I got an omurice combo ($12.90) that comes with spaghetti. I chose cream sauce for my omurice, picked mentaiko spaghetti and added their special cheese sauce ($2) (made in front of you) and a hamburg patty ($3) for my toppings! Swipe to see more! Overall I thought that this was good but not worth the queue so if I do come back, it’ll probably be when the hype dies down 😅

Go for their buffet priced at $24.90 for weekdays (Sunday is considered a weekday!). Super affordable but please don’t expect the world. There’s enough variety on their buffet menu. Get the mid wings. They also offer a beer buffet for an addition of $29.90. (6.8/10)

These tacos ($10) were pretty fragrant and go quite well with guacamole too!

I really enjoyed this quesadilla! Filled with moist, tender chicken and cheese then topped with sour cream and a light, spicy sauce, it was pretty simple but still very satisfying. Be sure to ask for their trio of spicy salsa sauces in squirt bottles to amp up the flavours on everything! If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a seat by the counter where you can watch Papi himself prepare all the food (and nab yourself some extras from the man). 🙌

While this looked more promising colour wise, it wasn’t the spit-roasted meat that was described on the menu. Marinated pork fillets were seared on the hot grill the finished in the oven instead. After having the flavour-packed fish taco, this seemed too tame as the second act.

Don’t come here expecting your traditional Mexican cuisine and you’ll probably still be happy with your meal. Pretty affordable, with tacos going at less than $20 for 3pcs each. We tried the Cajun Chicken tacos ($16) and Root Beer Pulled Beef ($18). The former was rather dry unfortunately. But the beef taco was braised well, retaining moistness that went well with the onions and sour cream within it. The tacos themselves were interesting. Neither the soft tacos nor the hard ones - these were flour tortillas that had been toasted to crispness. I quite enjoyed them actually! The Jalapeño Mid Wings ($10) were generously portioned, and were lip-smackingly saucy, smothered with a salsa picante/lime/garlic/honey sauce. Skip the mocktails which are pure syrupy and lacking in any flavor other than sweetness.