Thai Food in Singapore

Thai Food in Singapore

Good Thai eats that i’ve tried in Singapore so far.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Check out the delectable spread of food that we ordered for lunch yesterday from Uncle Leaw Thai Food, a home based business selling Thai seafood dishes! Here’s what we had:

~Steamed Crab w/ Milk
~Seabass Fish w/ Lime Sauce
~Scrambled Eggs Crab Meat w/ Rice

Overall, we felt the standard and quality of their food were really impressive! In fact, my mum was really surprised when I told her they were home based, as she felt the food was restaurant quality, which we all agreed! My favourite dish was the Steamed Crab with Milk; the meat was sweet and succulent, and if you’re a fan of crab roe, you’ll definitely love their crabs! The other seafood dishes like Seabass Fish w/ Lime Sauce (the sauce was so appetising!) and Cockles were all really fresh, while the Scrambled Eggs Crab Meat w/ Rice was tasty as well! Oh ya, I also wanna highlight how solid their chilli sauce was too - so spicy and addictive that it elevated the overall taste of the dishes when dipped together!

If you’re interested, you can DM them (IG/FB) for more info or order via

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Located in a coffeeshop along Upper Boon Keng Road (just a few minutes walk from Kallang Mrt) is Pratunam 水門, a food stall that serves a range of Thai street food like Pig’s Trotters Rice, Thai Style Kway Chap and more!

We tried a few of their dishes and my favourite was the Pig’s Trotters Rice! The pig’s trotters was braised really well, and the meat was tender and full of collagen too! The portion was also really generous, which made this a really value for money dish!


Besides their steel pot vermicelli, I’d highly recommend ordering the Moo Ping! Each piece of grilled pork is so damn juicy and flavourful that 1 is not enough! Very addictive!

I still remember how blown away I was when I had my first taste of Alvin’s (the owner) vermicelli; the aromatic, peppery and flavourful taste was so memorable that I constantly had cravings for it (even now as I’m typing this 😂🤭)! Each pot of vermicelli comes with a variety of fresh and succulent seafood options like prawns, crab, scallops, clams and even Boston lobster! My favourite will have to be the one with Tiger Prawns as featured here; so huge and fresh! Remember to pair it with their homemade chilli too, so so good!

All I can say is Shrimp Prawn Seafood is a must visit if you’re a seafood lover or a lover of food in general, if not you’re really missing out!They are truly a deserving winner of the Singapore Food Masters 2020 (Central Zone) Award!


This was so damn good! It came with a generous serving of ingredients like noodles, big prawns, clams, sausages, sotong ball, egg tofu, vegetables all soaking in a super robust, tangy and addictive tom yum broth! You can even customise the level of spiciness as well! This dish would be perfect to have during rainy weather days!


The Mookata platter came with a generous portion of fresh ingredients like marinated chicken, marinated pork, fish, prawns, egg, assorted vegetables and more; while the soup base was light, sweet and flavourful! The ingredients went really well with their homemade Thai chilli sauce too!

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Met up with my foodie friends for dinner recently at Leng Saap, a Thai eatery located at Golden Mile Tower (walking distance from Nicoll Highway Mrt) famous for their spicy pork spine soup!

The pork spine soups are available in 4 different sizes: M - S$19.26, L - S$26.75, XL - S$42.80 and XXL - S$58.85 with different levels of spiciness to choose from - MILD, SPICY, HOT and HELL. We ordered the XXL SPICY spicy pork spine soup for sharing, and were immediately wowed by the presentation of the dish where heaps of pork spine were stacked like firewood in a campfire.

Taste wise, the pork spine (boiled for several hours) was fork tender while the broth was tangy and really appetising! Yummy!

I will definitely be back again with my friends to try some of their other dishes such as Green Curry, Papaya Salad, Deep Fried Fish Pasty and more!

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Thailily Novena (no relation to the Thailily at Toa Payoh) is located at Goldhill Shopping Centre, and serves really delicious and affordable Thai dishes. Their chefs are all from Thailand, so you can expect authenticity in the dishes as well!

My favourite dish is the Fried Garlic Chilli Squid! Think deep-fried chewy squid rings covered in aromatic crispy fried garlic, so damn addictive! I can see why this is one of their most popular dish in the menu.

This place is also a merchant on Burpple Beyond (1-for-1 mains), so you can save even more when you dine here.


Celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Rat with Soi Thai Soi Nice’s Thai Teochew style festive creations available till 8th February 2020.

One of the festive special is the Heng Heng Rui Rui Pen Cai, which is braised for more than 12 hours, and include ingredients such as abalone, deep fried fish maw, fresh tiger prawns, roasted pork and chicken drumstick. It is then doused with the restaurant’s signature homemade Tom Yum soup which has a robust flavour with a right balance of spicy and tangy, damn shiok!

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Soi 81 Mookata may be a mookata spot but the dish that will make me come back is their Tom Yum Mama which was a hit with everyone at the table. I recommend getting the lobster set; think having instant noodles in tom yum soup mixed with ingredients like scallops, squid, pork belly, eggs and prawns and also a Whole Boston Lobster as well! So appetising and delicious! I can imagine myself loving this even more on rainy days.

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Good news for mookata fans / night owls staying around north east area! Soi Thai Soi Nice’s Seletar Mall outlet offers their Royal Thai Mookata up till 2am (weekdays) and 3am (weekends).

The Royal Thai Mookata comes jam packed with fresh and tasty ingredients such as seafood, pork slices, luncheon meat and assorted vegetables. Help yourself to the various dipping sauces as well. Recommended if you wanna have mookata in a nice air conditioned space without worrying about smelling bad after.

Thanks Burpple for inviting and Soi Thai Soi Nice for hosting us.



If you’re looking for good and value for money Thai food in Tai Seng, look no further than Took Lae Dee at 18 Tai Seng. The basil pork was really yummy, with a nice spice and fragrance from the basil leaves (top up additional $1 for fried egg). The set also includes a drink of your choice (iced milk tea or iced lime tea).

We had the pad thai too which was quite tasty, but my vote still goes to the basil pork rice!


Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram: @jonnyboyeats

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