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Prefer this to the deep dish. Toppings were nothing special. Crust was okay. Have had better pizzas at cheaper prices.

The pizza at the corners with the cheese crust were the nicest. We ordered 2 deep dish with 8 flavours. The bread was really thick and there were not enough toppings to go with the bread. Tasted more like a pizza bread to me.

Expensive and I wouldn’t order this again. This cost more than the NY style pizza ($31.90). Prefer the NY style pizza which was not so bready.

Valrhona dark chocolate cake, balsamic, almond, cherry, vanilla ice cream. Gluten-free.

Cake was just okay. Texture wise it was like those typical really dense gluten-free bakes. I did not think the components went well together.

Will not order again. Get their millefoglie instead!

Egg nog tiramisu, coffee, savoiardi biscuit, amaretto, cocoa powder.

It was nice but nothing special. Maybe I expected to be wowed based on all the rave reviews so it was kind of a let down although it was tasty. Just not something you have to get here.

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Ten-hour braised grass-fed beef cheek, fondo bruno, parmigiano.

Pasta filled with tender, cheesy beef - rich dish better shared as it got gelat. Will not order again. The crustacean tagliatelle was much better.

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Crustacean broth, kombu butter, prawns, fried kale.

Tasted like lemoney prawn noodle. Prawns were fresh, liked the pasta (nice bite), loved the flavour. I do not like or eat most prawn dishes but I liked this. But portion was small - can I at least get more pasta?!

Tasty but pricey given the small portion. Better than the beef cheek agnolotti.

The crust was crispy yet slightly chewy and not oily. Taste good with the ricotta, mushrooms, fried egg and slight hint of truffle. Portion is not that big so you can order more items to share.

Worth trying since I’ve never seen fried pizza in Singapore although the pappardelle impressed us more.

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Vegetarian option with cherry tomatoes, zucchini strips and ricotta. Saucy, flavourful and sweet. So good that you don’t need protein to go with it.

Squid ink mafalde, creamy pesto, caramelised cherry sun dried tomatoes, smoked duck, bird’s eye chillies, chilli flakes, EVOO, grated parmesan.

Pesto flavour was strong and taste good even though it got gelak towards the end - luckily this was alleviated by the sour sun dried cherry tomatoes. Mafalde reminds me of mee hun kueh and is my default pasta choice here.

Adding both bird’s eye chillies and chilli flakes make all the difference. Without these, their pastas are just alright. Spicy pasta is their USP.

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Gnocchi were light, pillowy with a mild potato flavour and crisp exterior - absolutely delectable. It went well with the earthy flavours of the forest mushrooms and mushroom velouté. Shaved parmigiano on top added that bit of sharp, saltiness.

I enjoyed this very much.

Butterfly pea malfalde was really chewy think I taste gluten 😛 and was perfect for catching sauces in its crevices. Love the pink sauce + truffle pate + bird’s eye chillies + chilli flakes + parmesan combi. It was creamy, flavourful and super spicy (shiok), I cleaned the plate of its sauces. I think the option to add on chilli padi is what makes Tipo special. Smoked duck was a good choice.

Not authentic flavours but I will go back again for spicy pasta. It was like having western chilli mee.


Espresso, mascarpone, pure cocoa, savoiardi biscuits, coffee liqueur.

Biscuits were well soaked with coffee liqueur and espresso - the flavours definitely came through - and loved the copious amount of cocoa soil on top which helped to balance the creamy texture of the mascarpone.

Get this as part of their 2 course Weekday set lunch at only $20 + $3 (top-up)

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