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Mix of Arabic, Peruvian, Mexican etc delights found in this tiny island
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Mixed seafood, vegetables “a la plancha”, red quinoa huancaina sauce

This dish blew us away! Ordered this amongst the many selections of fish & meat for the boyfriend who’s a seafood lover but it turns out to be a great choice for myself too! Hidden beneath the barbecued prawns (my, the charcoal fragrance from the prawns and squids were so so so promonient - thereby taking up this “grilled” prawn to the next level. How often d’you have grilled prawns truly “grilled”? I’d say many times I can’t quite differentiate them from the taste of stir-fried prawns! The dish is layered w plenty of grilled vegetables too, with eggplants and capsicums!! They’re slathered generously with some secret sauce - the name says huancaina (didn’t Google what that is) - and plenty of quinoa!! A rather interesting mix which proved to be an incredibly smart pairing - the crunch from the quinoa brings an added layer of texture to each bite of the veggie/ seafood!

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“Special” seafood rice which is indeed special in its own way - made with somewhat longer-than-usual grains and infused with rich, RICH seafood. It’s served with an incredible serving of prawns, clams and squids 🦑 Resembling a paella, but perhaps a lil’ more “mushy” in presentation. Really love the consistency and richly flavoured bites! ‘Serving might be a lil’ small for big eaters tho!

Extremely flavoursome corn topped with sinful mayo, cheese and all things delicious.

Decent kebabs but not the best! The ones from Shiraz are a lot better - x2 fragrance and a lot more aromatic. The accompanying salad was a lil’ over drizzled with olive oil and the crinkle cut fries tasted no different from the store-bough fries which you could make at home. A very filling meal!

Savoury tortilla corn wrap 🌽 with rice, cheese and salsa sauce. The chicken is grilled to....perfection for the thighs but not the breast meat. As with all breast meat it’s a tad too dry, but the salsa were sufficient to moisten the meat!

Grilled to perfection, not at all tough, rubbery or chewy! The sauces complemented the octopus well, it was an overall great dish! Never tasted an octopus so great

Tried the new Mexican place and of course, had their quesadilla which were reasonably priced $12-$16 (depending on your meat option. Seafood goes at a premium! Vegetarian is cheapest) Hmms. Chicken was a tad too dry - definitely could be more flavourful. Portion is just nice- it wasn’t exceptional tbh. Could work a lot more on the aesthetics too..

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