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All About Snacks

All About Snacks

Featuring Wu Pao Chun, Kazo, Châteraisé (nex), Sun Moulin (VivoCity), Hougang MRT Station (NE14), McDonald's (Hougang 8), Old Town Cafe @ Square 2

Chocolate Kazu Kazu ($3.50) filled up the different variety of flavor that u can choose from such as Hokkaido Cream, Chocolate, Matcha and Durian. Good idea for you all can choose each different type to compare which is best of best. Chocolate filling for texture quite pretty smooth and a bit of milky aftertaste.

Matcha Cheese Tarts ($3.20) was not too bitter but slightly sweet aftertaste. The crust was quite soft and also filling looked quite smooth in texture, soggy and waterish due to left out at open space for a couple of hours.

($2.20) I found it is too creamy and milky for matcha and its very soft cream roll to eat. Its quite sweet and a bit of bitter aftertaste for cream roll. Easily to grab and eat around the area. Its one of cheap dessert for soft cream roll.

Fuji Spring ($2.20) filled with red bean cream cheese having Matcha Almond topping on top of Fuji Spring. I felt that Matcha Almond topping was quite bitter and strong taste for Matcha and also cream cheese is quite thick with mixed red bean.

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Matcha Dome ($1.90) I saw this bread selling at St Leaven (Takashimaya) before and I didn't get chance to buy for trying. Sun Moulin Bakery by Four Leaves Vivocity is same company as St Leaven so that they sell similar bread at their outlets shop. Matcha Dome are using Green Tea dough, filled with Matcha filling and Azuki Red Bean and topped with Matcha Sobolo. I realised that matcha filling was quite dry, didn't see a lot of azuki red bean inside and also topping (Matcha Sobolo) for Matcha Dome was quite hard to chew and dry.

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Matcha Red Bean Mochi Bean ($1.70) consisted of red bean paste and mochi filling inside the bun. Its look cute for onigiri bun shaped but quite soft to eat. Matcha - Green Tea’s dough wasn’t not so bitter and worth to try it out once.

Kaya & Butter Toast ala-crate (double) - $3.60 is quite dry and crispy without ordering hot or cold drinks at there but its not so hot and quite cold for toast. For the filings, its quite small portion for butter spread and its good for sharing with people if ordering more toast. But I will not coming back for old town cafe’s food anymore due to their food standard is not up anymore compared to the past.

Fried Spiral Potato Sticks ($3) made into spiral shaped and deep-fried for first time. After customer ordered, they started to do reheat and adding sauces or powder before serving. There’s a couple of sauces (nacho cheese or mayonnaise) or powder (BBQ, Chili, Seaweed, Curry and Tom Yam)to add-on and also choose from. Pasar Malam will be available until 18 Jul near Hougang MRT Exit B.

Taiwan Sweet Potato ($3) they usually weight of each packet and reheat once after customer ordered and before serving, they started to sprinkle and mixed with seasonings such as sour plum powder and salt. Its good to eat immediately after serving. Pasar Malam will be available until 18 Jul near Hougang MRT Exit B.

Toasted Nutella Smores Topped With Cream Cracker ($3) is most interesting concept for portable aluminium bowl and also easily dip with cream cracker (bottom of the aluminium bowl). Its quite sticky (probably of Smores) and sweet (probably of Nutella) after having hard time in dipping with broken cream cracker. But it got a bit of burning and char smell from the oven after a while waiting for smores to cool down before starting to eat. Pasar Malam will be available until 18 Jul near Hougang MRT Exit B.

Assorted Churros ($4) consisted of different flavour such as Original, Ondeh Ondeh and Oreo flavour. I choose one of different four sauce such as Gula Melaka, Chocolate, Caramel and white chocolate (Gula Melaka) but he accidentally dipped Chocolate (forgot my order). Weird taste of sweet & bitter because of Gula Melaka + Chocolate 😦Original Churros seemed to be quite soft, like left out after deep frying and a bit of soggy. Ondeh Ondeh and Oreo just nice for serving and not so soft and highly recommendation for served in hot while Pasar Malam will be available until 18 Jul near Hougang MRT Exit B.

Fried Oreos usually mixed with batter and crushed Oreos first before heading for deep-frying. It topped the choice of different sauce such as icing sugar ($3) and chocolate, condensed milk and caramel ($3.50). It served in five or six pieces of them inside the bowl. I eaten all six pieces of them, quite full without eating dinner (good to share with friends) and also quite extremely sweet aftertaste. Pasar Malam will be available until 18 Jul near Hougang MRT Exit B.


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