sweet treats

sweet treats

Featuring Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Singapura), Matchaya (The Cathay), Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Keong Saik Bakery, habitat by honestbee, Asanoya Boulangerie (Queen Street), Bearded Bella, Butter Studio (Jalan Besar), BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, Chalk Farm (Paragon)
bev c
bev c

$5.50 // MAD YUMZ!!! the croissant texture was perfect (flaky and yet so soft + chewy on the inside) and ahh the burnt cream cheese was multi-dimensional (flavor wise), smooth and creamy and added to the chewiness of the whole cruffin!! (i think it’s the same cheese as their cheesecake but melted) the cheese didn’t ooze out of my cruffin when i cut it but maybe cos it wasn’t heated up enough, but not that i’m complaining !!
this was a really worthy spending of my calorie limit XD

$4 // this was marketed as their signature dish but it really was nothing special at all in my opinion. what i liked was the texture of the bread (flaky outer layer and very soft inside) but the black layer was just the normal bread but in a black color. the description for this bread includes chocolate chips, but the amount was soooo little that it might as well not have been there 😕 so it really was just me eating plain bread by the end of it. not sure why this is their signature when there are way better items at keong saik bakery.
(makes me kinda sad though since there are so many interesting flavors that could be done with the black and white combi like black sesame or even a stronger dark chocolate bread??? sighzzz)

$8 // yuMZZZ. this cheesecake was baked to perfection and i love how strong the matcha flavor was and how it wasn’t too sweet. the cheese taste was also there and both flavors complemented each other without any being too overpowering. the burnt caramelized top added a slight crunch to the smooth cream cheese cake layer — i was truly in matcha heaven 🍵💚💚

only downside is that it’s kinda pricey especially since the slice was on the small side but oh wellz

$8.80 // interesting concept from hoshino coffee’s seasonal menu!! it’s basically a dark chocolate chiffon cake that is sliced open halfway so it’s in the shape of a book, and it’s filled with chantilly cream, nama chocolate and chocolate crunch (which i didn’t get to taste because i dropped it 😕😕). they also give you a small canister of valrohna chocolate sauce to drizzle over the cake. the cake itself was a bit dry but the dark chocolate taste was rich (and not artificial at all), but when eaten together with the other components, it makes for a fairly solid chocolate cake (enough to satisfy your cravings without you feeling unfulfilled).
overall, it was good and worth trying but i still feel that hoshino has other better signature desserts!!

$14 // for 3 thick pancakes that was covered with a vanilla chantilly cream, berries and some maple syrup at the side. the pancakes were soft and fluffy, but also very eggy (and tasted more like a sponge cake), which isn’t exactly to my preference but it was still enjoyable!! eat it with the vanilla cream for maximum satisfaction in each bite of pancake/cloud/goodness 😍😍 this can get very filling really quickly so be sure to share it with others!!!

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$24 // lmao wished for cake and got WAY more than i could have ever asked for. 10 alternating layers of chocolate devil’s food cake and peanut butter mascarpone, 2 of my absolute favorite flavors and also my guilty pleasures!! the cake was fudgey and moist and the peanut butter mascarpone cream cheese frosting was great as well and it was covered in chocolate ganache, which was the perfect cake combination, but idk who thought it was a good idea for a 20 layer cake, and why did i think it was a good idea too lol. ate and ate and ate and yet we barely made a dent in the cake, even though it was SUPER good. (and we were so sick of it at the end to even think of bringing it home as a takeaway, and i also noticed a lot of other tables didn’t finish their cake as well) i guess this is a novelty thing, but if u plan to eat this, i recommend u bring a few more people and be super hungry before coming 🤪🤪

but the ambience at lavo was amazing, such chill vibes against the backdrop of singapore’s skyline and the setting sun!!!


$16.80 for double, $13.50 for single // absolutely love the soufflé pancakes from hoshino!! these are made to order, so there’s a waiting time of about 15-20 mins but it’s a worthy wait. pancakes are so soft and fluffy, and not too eggy either. it’s then doused with a slightly-bitter, earthy matcha sauce so it balances out the sweetness from the pancakes. and the combination of ice cream with the warm pancakes is also another treat to my palate !! wallet empty but heart and tummy v contented !! 10/10 recommend

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$9 // not gonna lie, this was a very pretty looking dessert, but tastewise was pretty bad and i couldn’t even get through half of it (imagine how sad i was, after spending $9).
raspberry was overly sour and tasted very artificial, the sakura meringue on top was oppositely too sweet and the flavors clashed. there was also a thin layer of matcha but it’s flavor was overpowered by the other 2 components. to top it off, no idea why the pie crust base was so hard, and it was of this weird in between texture of cookie and flaky and it was a failure of a pie crust. yux, would not be back, especially considering the steep prices.

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$8 // i like my cakes to be denser and i’m glad this suited my tastes!! (because matcha cakes normally tend to be on the lighter/spongy side) really strong matcha flavor, and the cake batter had small chunks of red beans embedded in it, so that added texture to the cake. the cream was light and its buttery flavor went well with the slightly bitter, not overly sweet matcha cake layers!!

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$8 per slice // couldn’t resist this cake that combined 2 of my favorite flavors, and for $8, i was served with a VERY generous slice. loved how the salted/buttery component of the caramel balanced out the sweetness from the red velvet cake, and it was simply delightful, to have the frosting cover each beautiful burgundy morsel. the cake was also extremely moist. being a big fan of red velvet cakes and having tried from various places, i would say few places do it well (sufficient chocolate + somewhat acidic taste) and chalk farm’s version was stellar!!

there were 25 cakes on display (!!) and i’ll definitely be back to try the other flavors

vegan dark chocolate tart // $11.50 // gluten-free chocolate tart with a dark chocolate ganache filling, salted caramel sauce (supposedly) and topped with cacao nibs. love me a good vegan dessert, and this one was done spectacularly!! could taste hints of coconut in the tart base, and it was of a softer cookie texture (ie: not crunchy and more crumbly). it paired well with the dark chocolate ganache, which tended more towards a bitter side. couldn’t really taste/see any of the salted caramel sauce layer that was described in the menu, but the flavourful notes of the chocolate ganache and tart base left me more than satisfied. gluten free so less carbs??? hMMM

checkers cake // $9.50 // cheap thrills but the checkboard appearance of this cake with the alternating squares of vanilla and chocolate cake made me so excited and i just had to get a slice for myself!! it looked like a simple cake of chocolate and vanilla sponge with a vanilla chantilly cream, but it was so much more!! the cake was so light and fluffy, yet still managed to be packed with intense flavour notes and when eaten together with the layer of soft cream and thick dark chocolate ganache (which was more on the sweet side, unlike the ganache used in the tart), it sparked so much joy on my palate!!!!!

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$2.90 // was honestly very underwhelmed by this, felt like a normal bun instead of a donut?? + not sure why i was only able to taste the earl grey flavor on the last few bites and the first few bites just had the taste of plain bread + icing sugar 😕😕 but i did like that it was very fluffy and not oily at all!! overall, i’d give this a pass or maybe you can try other flavors if you happen to be there!!

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