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sweet treats

sweet treats

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), Butter Studio (Jalan Besar), Haritts, Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Asanoya Boulangerie (Queen Street), BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, Lady M (South Beach Avenue), Plain Vanilla Bakery (Telok Ayer)
bev c
bev c

vegan dark chocolate tart // $11.50 // gluten-free chocolate tart with a dark chocolate ganache filling, salted caramel sauce (supposedly) and topped with cacao nibs. love me a good vegan dessert, and this one was done spectacularly!! could taste hints of coconut in the tart base, and it was of a softer cookie texture (ie: not crunchy and more crumbly). it paired well with the dark chocolate ganache, which tended more towards a bitter side. couldn’t really taste/see any of the salted caramel sauce layer that was described in the menu, but the flavourful notes of the chocolate ganache and tart base left me more than satisfied. gluten free so less carbs??? hMMM

checkers cake // $9.50 // cheap thrills but the checkboard appearance of this cake with the alternating squares of vanilla and chocolate cake made me so excited and i just had to get a slice for myself!! it looked like a simple cake of chocolate and vanilla sponge with a vanilla chantilly cream, but it was so much more!! the cake was so light and fluffy, yet still managed to be packed with intense flavour notes and when eaten together with the layer of soft cream and thick dark chocolate ganache (which was more on the sweet side, unlike the ganache used in the tart), it sparked so much joy on my palate!!!!!

$2.90 // was honestly very underwhelmed by this, felt like a normal bun instead of a donut?? + not sure why i was only able to taste the earl grey flavor on the last few bites and the first few bites just had the taste of plain bread + icing sugar 😕😕 but i did like that it was very fluffy and not oily at all!! overall, i’d give this a pass or maybe you can try other flavors if you happen to be there!!

$4.50 // BEST BROWNIES I’VE EVER EATEN!!!!! crispy exterior and so soft, melt in your mouth interior + the textures of the pink salt and bitterness of black cocoa make it such a balanced flavor profile, and each bite was such an adventure. 10/10 will recommend !! a bittt pricey for a relatively small piece (so savour it and eat slowly) but very worth it for how good it was!!! will b back someday to try the other flavors. (also, do drop them an insta dm the day before to reserve the flavors you want before going to the store so as to not waste your trip there if the item you want happens to be sold out)


$6.90 // (a little pricey, but the size was in a big enough portion so my money felt worth). this is as good as it sounds, essentially a cookie butter cheesecake sitting within a buttery, cookie crust. cookie butter and cream cheese fillings were generously given!! would definitely recommend 😋😋

loved how my items came in such earthy japanese interior design worthy cutlery - really added to my matcha cafe experience lol (!)

lavender earl grey mille crepe // $8.50 // never really tried mille crepe cakes before so for a first timer, i would assume this fits the criteria of a decently good mille crepe cake. fluffy lavender chantilly cream paired with thin crepes made this a pleasantly palatable dessert, without the stuffed feeling after. i felt like the lavender flavor was very strong (which may be a problem if you don’t have a preference for floral type flavors) and overpowered the earl grey flavor. couldn’t rly taste any earl grey tbh, so you should only get this if you’re craving something floral and not if you want to satiate any earl grey cravings.

rose + matcha macarons // $3 each // the flavors were very intense for both macarons, which was great but the biscuit shells were a bit too crunchy for my liking as i prefer my macarons to be more chewy in the center. may be better to have your macarons elsewhere

hojicha tea // $4.50 // expensive for a single cup of tea, but with such precision in brewing and authentic roasted green tea taste, i guess it was worth it

overall, i’d come back to matchaya but maybe next time i’d stick with their ice creams instead.

$2 // also pictured (coconut tart & chicken pie, both were amazing) // saw the deep green color of this *FRESHLY BAKED* egg tart and was instantly attracted and tempted to try it so i did! think silky smooth pandan flavored egg custard paired with a short crust, buttery pastry and you’d get this delightful treat!! rly enjoyed it and wished it was bigger lolz.
recommended: have it when it’s warmed up for the fresh out of the oven feel

$3.90 // what is a low carb diet when such beautiful carbs exist in the world !!!! overlapping matcha and white chocolate layers comprising of soft, fluffy bread with a respective matcha/white chocolate paste, that is enveloped by a pastry crust. earthy matcha tones complements the white chocolate flavor perfectly to ensure that this isn’t too sweet and still palatable. overall, a very enjoyable experience, especially with the all white and spacious setting of this cafe

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$7 and probably 700 calories, but this brownie is well worth all your money and the extra calories you’d gain from it!! with the exact balance of fudgy and cakey, this dark chocolate brownie ticks off all the criterias of an ideal brownie and when paired with the sweet peanut butter frosting, it will make all your dessert dreams (if that was a thing) come true

bev c

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count your blessings, not calories 💫

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