Featuring Riders Café, The Bravery, Korio, Pasta & Co. (Fortune Centre), Eggslut (Scotts Square), Miznon, Latteria Mozzarella Bar, Carrotsticks & Cravings (Dempsey), Tipo Strada (Royal Square at Novena), Five Guys
Jolie 🥑
Jolie 🥑

For a sucker punch to the senses, head down to this smoky, casual open-air pita joint along Telok Ayer, where they blare loud music and ring a bell by the countertop every time food is ready to serve. I've been told this is not "authentic" Israeli food and it's catered to local tastes, but it's not like I know the difference.

Pita Candy Brisket ($24+) -- a very prominently charred strip of brisket alongside tahini and a couple pickle strips that you might hesitate on at first but they actually complement the meat really well?! So much oomp and so much depth.

Fish 'n Chips Pita -- kind of flops compared to the ostentatious brisket but it'll do. The barramundi is nice and fresh but otherwise not memorable.

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Classic avo toast but requested the sourdough be switched to brioche. The egg scramble is massive, covering the entire wingspan of the airy brioche, served at the right amount of done-ness. Hefty portion for a comparatively sweet price but the taste is mediocre.

Psst! If you get these exact combo of ingredients to build your own plate it's $15 but the preselected combo is $14... tastes like opportunity.

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If you like your lunch/dinner at weird hours, Tipo is perfect for you, 'cuz their peak hour seating is always booked out at least 3 weeks in advance. Strada at Novena is somehow even tinier than their Bugis outlet, but the food lives up to the same standard nonetheless! P.S. Do NOT get the arugula; it does not work with anything on the DIY menu.

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This store looks unassuming and even a tad fishy, it's easily one of the non-vegetarian winners coming out of Fortune Centre 🏆 Run by a Turkish dude who really does not skimp on the toppings. We're talking fresh and crunchy vegetables, zingy chili sauce and THICK cuts of juicy, crisp-skin chicken meat straight from the shawarma grill. Starts at $8.50 for the chicken kebab. I'm sold!

A little al fresco joint overlooking the Saddle Club's lush greenery and (literal) horseplay, only with the occasional smell of manure if you sit at the balcony. Fluffy toast and caramelised burnt banana served warm, topped with a sinful salted caramel & walnut ice cream to boot. Good stuff.

What threw me off was that the handmade pasta toes the line between al dente and undercooked. Staff were especially brusque and it's rather pricey.

That aside, the sauces are fairly enjoyable. Their mentaiko recipe is not what you would expect + those plump, fresh scallops are hard to ignore. The tomato-based lamb merguez and pasta alla vodka are tangy, creamy yet not overly surfeit, but you've gotta pick the right pasta type to go with it.

Very limited seating, good to put in a reservation. Probably wouldn't visit if not for Burpple 1-for-1.

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Last group dine-in before Phase I've-Lost-Track, so naturally we had to queue for 30mins and wait to get the food for another 30mins despite coming at 8.30. Staff were prompt and accommodating despite the bustle. Food - worth a try, okayish price, but would not go out of my way to have it. Here's the lowdown:

🥪 FAIRFAX: Indulgent, cheesy, creamy soft scramble, total melt-in-your-mouth along with the buttery brioche. The star among the sandwiches and rightfully so. If you can only have one thing, it has to be this!
🥪 BACON/SAUSAGE, EGG AND CHEESE: The ones to get if you want a gorgeous orange yolk porn. Also the ketchup in the B.E.C is quite something else.
🥪EGG SALAD: Served cold if that's your thing (it's not mine unfortunately). The egg mayo pairs well with the generous heaping of arugula but is slightly dry.
🍳SLUT: Potato and egg on buttered sourdough, and just that. Lacking dimensonality and I got bored of it really quickly. $11 is a tad steep too.
🧃OJ: $5.50 for what tastes like Minute Maid. Still paid for it because I just had to wash down the food.

Grown-up kids food in a charming Duxton shophouse. The fusilli is delightfully al dente, baked in a creamy, mild cheese blend with none of that off-putting smell. Served in a deceivingly small pumpkin - scrape some of that base for a sweetness that cuts through the rich pasta. Great for sharing!

Treated myself to this overflowing sandwich from Korio after crushing a particularly intense morning meeting. I want to say I love it, I really do, but it was just way too excessive. I waited 30 minutes, which is way too long for this simple combo of egg mayo + scallion + spam + cheese, even if it's made to order. While the flavours worked well together, I could only finish half of the sandwich before it got too overwhelming and greasy. Not too impressed by the service or the food. I ended up feeling worse after eating it. Go to one of the bagel places instead, they execute the concept far better.


Hiked up to the outskirts of Dempsey to try this al fresco, family-friendly, western home-style type brunch spot. Had the Green Shakshouka ($18 + $6 goat cheese), which was served in a soup bowl of spinach, kale, pesto and cream base, garnished with goat cheese and pumpkin seeds. It looks weird but it’s absolutely worth a try. Hearty, nutritious, comforting. Portion is good. Sourdough for dipping is impeccable. Ambience is a bright, pastel, flowery farmhouse that's all around feel-good. I will be back to try the rest of the menu!!

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Pro-tip: Instead of a cheeseburger, get the grilled cheese ($8) + patty ($2) + whatever add-ons you like (FOC). You're basically getting a cheeseburger for ~$5 cheaper.

Messy, no-frills, grubby - it's an unrefined type of delicious. Pretty value too because of how highly customisable it is. Milkshake and fries were good but nothing to rave about, but this burger, all things considered, beats even the likes of Shake Shack/A&W. Though I did have to wait about 15 minutes because they had trouble fitting the toppings I wanted into the small grilled cheese. 😬

Pulled pork burger with coleslaw ($13.90).

This place is very much a typical western/fusion cafe (burgers, baked rice, pasta etc.) with a humble, unassuming old-school charm - coke bottles line the walls and you sit at board game tables that you can play on. Staff are nice. Empty on a Wednesday evening.

The sesame bun is thick and fluffy, and the easy-to-chew pork is generously soaked in a tasty BBQ sauce. This place doesn't skimp on fresh lettuce either. For this price? It's alright, but I personally would rather splurge on a quality burger to feel more satisfied.

This place is a good option if you're in the area and hankering for western fare. Otherwise, probably not worth a trip.

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