Traditional Snaccs

Traditional Snaccs

(Chinese) snacks that we grew up eating :)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was average, it was thick and chewy but I would prefer if it was just a tad softer. Fillings were pretty standard, coco was juicy and peanut was crunchy. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing if I happened to walk past, but if I’m in the area I would rather go to Hong Lim / Chinatown Complex.

The sweet tsp filling was very soft, they lightly sweetened the green bean so it’s not too sweet. The salty filling was quite melt-in-the-mouth, pretty savoury and flavourful; my friend and I liked it! Would repurchase :)

Crust was meh. Better when reheated, but still not great. For the filling its much much firmer than hangheung’s lpb, there's some crunchy thing? Also it has the banana soft roll taste. I wouldn’t repurchase.

Got both the sweet and salty ones. It was kinda floury, slightly crunchy but the pastry part was not v nice. The salty one is nicer, sweet one is ok only. Don’t think I’ll repurchase.

I will stick to the sweet bean filling one as the peanut filling is a bit too dense, like a dry-ish paste. The skin is nice as usual but it would help if their peanut filling is more flowy. That said, flavour-wise it was not bad, a good balance of sweet & savoury.

I love jixiang, it’s my fav place for akk! The skin is not too thick, the sweet bean filling is well balanced. Have eaten this since young so of course I’m biased towards it. I find this better compared to poh cheu, but if you prefer a big variety of flavours you might be better off at poh cheu. Their skin is thicker tho. I like sweet bean-filled akk best so it’s always jixiang for me :)

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Pastry was crisp and flaky, black sesame filling was earthy with sweetness that was just nice - not too little such that it tastes bland, and not too much such that it is overly sweet. I’ve walked past many many times without getting anything, so thank you to my friend for gifting it to me! Will return to try other traditional Chinese snacks :)

Second time having Galicier's kuehs! My favs are the kueh dardar ($0.80/piece) - really soft chewy skin wrapped around joosy coconut shreds (you can really feel the juice oozing out as you bite into it); and kueh kosui ($0.80) - super soft and kinda melt in your mouth, with a nice coffee flavour. Kueh salat ($1.10) was decent but I've had better, while the tapioca cake ($0.70) was a bit too firm/coarse for my liking. Tried kueh ambon/honeycomb cake ($1.40) for the first time, and while it was interesting it wouldn't be my first choice of kuehs to buy. It has a subtle lemongrass(?) taste and wasn't very sweet, but kinda oily. Nice honeycomb structure tho!


Love this!! Have been eating this since young. Best sar kei ma in Singapore and maybe even Malaysia - I haven’t found another place that makes it so crunchy and sticky. Most of the meh ones taste a bit laohong, I don’t bother with those. This is pretty sweet because it’s fried flour stirred in maltose, so I eat tiny morsels at a time but still my fav :)

The crust is so meh :( Okay they’re quite generous with the filling, and even though I can taste the salted bean flavour, there was not much fragrance. It’s good that it’s not too salty tho, since they give a lot of filling. Tasted nicer towards the end but my initial thought was okay I’m never getting this again. My dad told me today that he liked it?? Maybe because it’s pretty light in flavour, doesn’t taste too sinful

One of my favourite places for minjiangkueh as I love how chewy theirs are!

Salted bean had a slight roasty taste, rather interesting. I think they’re the only ones doing salted bean mjk. Pandan paste had a prominent pandan taste, and the red bean one was of an average sweetness. Both pastes were rather smooth. Found the black sesame a little too heavy for my liking.

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Was gifted a box of these goodies! Was so happy receiving them :)

- Lao po bing: my favourite since I was a kid! I maintain that they have the best laopobings. The wintermelon filling is very soft and chewy, mildly sweet and goes so well with the flaky pastry!
- Pineapple pastry: first time trying this and was pleasantly surprised. It’s similar to a laopobing, but with a pineapple fragrance. Could see the pineapple fibres, so I don’t think flavouring was used. My family enjoyed this a lot!
- Red bean pastry: quite a dense paste, different from what you’ll find in breads. Decent but not my fav.
- Salted bean pastry: the filling was a smooth paste, unlike tausarpiah filling which is crumbly. Not bad!
- Century egg & salted egg: these two pastries are the most average ones in the box. They paired the egg with sweet bean paste, and while it’s decent it’s just not my cup of tea (we generally don’t eat century egg / salted egg).

Tldr - must buys: laopobing, pineapple pastry. Their flaky pastry isn’t oily or buttery, so it doesn’t feel too heavy, great for a light snack :)

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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