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Mission imPASTAble: Set to find the best 🍝 in Singapore.
Forever Hungry
Forever Hungry

🍝 Seafood Mentaiko Pasta ($18): Loved how generous they are with the ingredients. The pasta was cooked al dente and it was well-coated with the sauce — every mouthful brimmed with an explosion of umami flavours and creamy richness. 😋
🌟 We had the Main & Drink 1-for-1 Burpple Deal which is SUPER VALUE-FOR-MONEY. We had 2 mains & 2 alcoholic beverages (Seafood Mentaiko Pasta + Truffle Scallop Somen + 1 glass of Sauvignon Blanc + 1 bottle of Apple Cider) for $28.6 in total. WOOORTH.

🦐🍝 Cereal Prawn Pasta ($21.4): Spicy Aglio Olio with a local twist to it— featuring their “Hawker-style Cereal Butter Prawn”.

This plate of pasta had the perfect flavour mashup, nailing the sweet and savoury balance. They’re pretty generous with their ingredients as well & everything was well-coated with the aromatic blend of garlic, chilli, butter and cereal — truly an explosion of flavours.💥

I’ve been here a couple of times and I’m glad to say that this place never disappoints. I wouldn’t say that their stuff is mind-blowingly good, but they’re all fail-safe brunch staples. Definitely my go-to place for a satisfying brunch in Serangoon. 🥳

🍄🐖🍝 Their Mushroom Bacon Carbonara ($20.9) is reeeeally creamy & comforting. And as usual, I love how they don’t skimp on their ingredients. 👍🏼

🍝 We had the Carbonara Chitarra ($24++). The thick and flavourful sauce consisted of: truffle cream (YUM), sous vide egg, parmesan and prosciutto crumble. It was simple yet delectable and it wasn’t as jelak as we thought it would be.

🤬 HOWEVER, there were only 3 miserably tiny (and I mean REEEALLY tiny— like barely the size of a pea kinda tiny LOL) pieces of “prosciutto crumble”. I’m sorry, prosciutto, who? 🧐🔍

For $24, that’s really pathetic. It was basically pasta + 3 pea-sized pieces of prosciutto crumble. (Okay, we used the Burpple Beyond deal, but we still paid an average of $17 per plate of pasta) So... 🥵 not cool man. I suspect that if you use Burpple Beyond, it’s actually reflected on the chef’s order chit, hence the portioning.

🍝 We had the Beef Short Rib Fettuccine ($29++). The al dente pasta had a nice bite to it and was well-coated with the flavourful sauce. I also liked how generous they were with their ingredients, although it did get a tad too cloying & salty towards the end (might have been the cheese 🧀).

Overall, this was a pretty damn good plate of pasta. HOWEVER, for $29++ (~$34), the portion is really small... 🥵 But with Burpple Beyond it was still okay I guess (~$17 for each plate after GST & service charge).

🍝Mad About Pasta Tasting Menu ($32++)🍝
(1 Appetiser + 3 Pastas + 1 Dessert)

• Rigatoni Oxtail in Tiger beer and Black Pepper sauce, Arugula •

This was definitely the star of the show, the pièce de résistance! 🏆🌟 (Okay, I’m being overly dramatic.) But if you LOOOVE beef tendon/ oxtail stews as much I do, this amazing bowl of pasta is right up your alley.
The sauce is rich, flavourful and THICCC AF, I couldn’t get enough of it! And the oxtail is so deliciously tender, it just MELTS. IN. YOUR. MOUTH. 🤤
Well, this is it. This IS the dish I’m going back to LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar for. 😋
P.S. This is the tasting portion (50g). The full size pasta is available for $19.5++

🍝Mad About Pasta Tasting Menu ($32++)🍝
(1 Appetiser + 3 Pastas + 1 Dessert)

• Penne, spicy tomato sauce, pancetta, Italian sausage •

Not a fan of tomato-based pastas (so I won’t comment much), but this was decent and I polished off my plate. 😋 — So... I guess that says a lot!

🍝 Their Truffle Bacon Mushroom Farfelle ($17) was hearty and comforting. I loved the texture of the Farfelle and they’re really generous with their ingredients! 👍🏼
🍖 The Honey BBQ Babyback Ribs ($22) was great too! Fall-off-the-bone: CHECK✔️ Fork-tender: CHECK✔️ Well-seasoned: CHECK✔️
Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we paid 22 NETT in total for two mains. 🤩 So. Worth. It.
I’ll definitely come back to try the other mains! 🤗

🍝Mad About Pasta Tasting Menu ($32++)🍝
(1 Appetiser + 3 Pastas + 1 Dessert)

• Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Yuzu, Salted Seaweed and Ikura •
So let me start by saying: I really DO NOT like yuzu, what more in an item that’s supposed to be savoury. So I was pleasantly surprised by how they were able to incorporate the yuzu into the pasta without making it overwhelmingly tart and citrusy. 🍊
Honestly, the seaweed didn’t do much for me (except for a little of contrast in colours cos ~aesthetics~). BUT the ikura were like little flavour bombs, giving the Angel hair pasta a nice ocean-y taste 🌊

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