Thai Food

Thai Food

Featuring Soi Thai Soi Nice (Jem), Flying Pig (Golden Mile Complex), The Original Boat Noodle (Bugis Junction), Kin Kao Young ([email protected]), Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap (Holland Village), Tha Chang Noodle Bar (Golden Mile Complex), Shuang Bao Thai Street Food, Nana Original Thai Food, 18 Clementi Road, YAK Kin Noodle (321 Clementi)
Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

Found this hole in the wall outlet in Bedok Center selling Hat Yai Thai food instead of your run of the mill Pad Thai. It was helmed by two Thai ladies so this must be authentic Thai food. With that thought, I bought their Fried Chicken Rice ($4.80) and Fried Chicken Skin ($3.60).

The chicken rice is not like any other types of chicken rice in Singapore. Visually it looked like the version you can get in Bangkok from Bib Gourmand winner Polo Fried Chicken. But unfortunately taste wise, it is nowhere near. The rice was basically soya sauce, lemon grass and some other spices. No taste of chicken. The fried chicken, which came topped with fried shallots, was dry like tree bark. I assure you that you can get better ones from pasar malam. The saving grace was the sweet and tangy chilli sauce which caused me to salivate more and perhaps made swallowing easier.

The fried chicken skin was biscuit like crispy. But it had some strange funky taste like unwashed meat. I gave up at the third piece and threw away the rest.

Won’t be returning. By the way I discovered that they charged me 20cents more for food container even though I dined in.

Found this gem accidentally. It’s hidden on the second floor of 321 Clementi, a cineplex. Ordered their beef stew noodles lunch set and added a green Thai milk tea and serving of chicken wings.

The noodles were every bit as good as what you can get in Thailand, on par with the likes of Wattana Panich. Broth was very flavourful and the noodles they used were slightly chewy.

Since they have quite a number of Thai dishes, I guess this will be my go to place to get my Thai cuisine fix for the next few months. Can’t wait to try their Ratna and Pad Thai.

To be fair, up front they already told me that they are understaffed and my order will take longer than usual to be served. But one hour later, after my boat noodles, my moo ping were served, I asked for my crab egg bomb and oops! we forgot your order. Rushing it immediately took another 20 minutes.

And it was disappointing. It looked nothing like the one in the pictures, fat round cylinder of egg filled with crab meat. It was flat, salty and oily.

I’ll wait 6 months and then come back again, only because the moo ping and the boat noodles were good, so they deserve a second chance.

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The only similarity to the original boat noodles from Bangkok is the size of the portions. Taste wise, the beef Pathumtani noodles, the tom yum noodles and Ayutthaya noodles are very different from what you get in Bangkok.

Their milk teas, both the original and the green version, taste a little too much like bubble tea, especially if you order the less sweet version. Mango sticky rice was served with very ripe very fibrous mango and the coconut milk sauce states like it came from a Tetra Pak.

The fried chicken skin was a tad too salty but otherwise acceptable for its crispy bite. Crab meat omelette rice was served with a very flat omelette with a few chucks of crab meat. None too impressive.

Overall, if you want a quick meal, sure. Do not come with expectations of authentic Thai Boat Noodles.

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Very authentic Thai food, even the servers are Thai. Located near NUS, hordes of students go their for their spice fix.

We ordered the Steamed Seabass with Chilli and Lime ($33), Deep Fried Prawn Cakes ($13), Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork ($12) and Seafood Tom Yam Soup ($13). Not exactly cheap but definitely worth the money in terms of authenticity and the large portions you get.

Word of advise for the spice novices, choose less spicy. Their chilli packs a wallop so less is more than enough for the average person. And please be prepared to wait if you go during meal times. With safe distancing, only 9 tables inside and a couple outdoors.

Certainly coming back again.

Imagine local Kway Chap but the Kway is rolled up into tiny curls and soaked in a peppery broth instead of being braised. Yes this is Thai Kway Chap.

A serving of the Kway is $3 and you can order separately roast pork, fried tofu, deep fried pork intestines, fish meat Lap Cheong, vegetables all between $6 to $10. Quite pricy.

Their milk tea, both the original and the green milk tea are very legit Thai style so be sure to order.

I still prefer the local version of Kway Chap but don’t mind trying this again but in Bangkok when travel resumes.

Very authentic Thai dishes like Thai style steamed sea bass, fried kai lan with crispy pork, mango sticky rice. Bit pricey with drinks but worth the money and the queue.

Extensive menu so I’ll be back to try their Tom Yam Soup and Pork Trotters.

Arrived 15 mins before opening time at 12pm but already a long queue in front of us. We managed to snag a table but a couple of groups behind us had to wait for the next round. Ordered the house specialty which is the Crab Meat Omelette Fried Rice, Beef Noodles and two Moo Ping skewers.

The crab meat in the omelette fried rice were in the form of large pieces and very fresh. The fried rice could do with some more wok heat though. The beef noodles was pretty legit Thai style beef noodles and the moo ping skewers were grilled just nice. The pork had been well marinated in honey, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil.

I’ll be back to try the other items including fresh cockles!

Authentic Thai food. Ordered Pork Trotters Rice, Pas Thai, Tom Yam Soup. The pork was very tender and Tom Yam was spicy and sour.

I’ll be back to try the rest.

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