Seafood, Tzi Char, Zi Char, Cze Char, Czi Char

Seafood, Tzi Char, Zi Char, Cze Char, Czi Char

Discovering new seafood/ tzi char places to bring my parents or future in-grace (in-laws).
Dixon Chan
Dixon Chan

Anything salted egg-ed taste good! This is a good choice to complete your zi char meal with.

Though small in size, it's meaty and fresh. The chili sauce is hot and palate enticing. $40 for 2 Sri Lankan crabs. By my estimation, it'll weigh about a kg. If you're caught complaining about its size, then you definitely need a 2 hour Thai massage. Flanked by those fluffy man tous, this has got to feel like an easy 3-0 Leicester home win. Punching well above its weight and job well done. Thanks @burpple for the recommendation!

The grilled lobster is my favorite dish of the night. Enjoyed the sweetness and succulence of the meat. Definitely get this when you are here!


Signature dish of this place. Juices all wrapped up together with the tender chicken. Worth the try.


Like the dry texture and the flavor wasn't too intense. I always prefer pork ribs served with meat and bones still intact. Get this the next time you're here!


This place serves zichar with very good wok hei. If you're here, you'll need to order this and the prawn paste chicken.


Fresh, flavorful and pipping hot, this got to be one of the most delicious porridge I had. I can foresee this place becoming the next hipster traditional restaurant serving the two chefs/ new ubin seafood crowd. What a hidden gem!


While having Chao Tar Bee Hoon at Jalan Besar (opp Wanderlust hotel), spotted a stall selling Yakitori! Yah, in a corner of a coffee shop. It actually tastes not bad, I just think they opened at a wrong place.


What a great find! Meat was supple and fresh, while the bee hoon was thick with flavor without feeling the lard being dragged down your throat. All this for $29.90! Definitely will be back again.

Let's face it. Every "zhi char" dish is measured by its "wok hei" strength. It shows the chef's cooking skill because acquiring that smokey perfume in food is tricky. Only with the very high heat of open fires, and a deft hand attached to very strong arm muscles, is that achieved. I liken it to something straight out of Harry Potter - the magical art of conjuring fiery fragrance :)
Anyway, this $6.50 plate of "Chun Kee Hor Fun" (essentially broad rice noodles stir-fried with lots of sliced fish, spring onions and beansprouts) packed plenty of "wok hei". I wolfed it down quickly enough as it was delicious. Admittedly though, in terms of aesthetics, I wish the noodles were less white. I know it's weird to say this but somehow to me, brown noodles tend to look more appetising than plain ol' white.

Determined to serve dishes that are unique and reasonably priced, Siang Hee doesn't fail to please. After relocating from its famous Zion Road premises to Serangoon Gardens, the standard is still high, attracting locals by the dozen. Order the signature Tempura Prawns in Spicy Pumpkin Cream, and the super crispy Pork Knuckles that are first pressure-cooked then deep fried..


Not only do they serve standard zi char items, New Ubin also dabbles in Angus steak and German pork trotters. The famous steak (reasonable at $10 per 100g) comes with potato wedges, caramalized onions and amazing, heart-stopping fried rice cooked in the beef fat. Their standout zi char dishes include the Salted Egg Squid, Har Cheong Gai, and of course, crab!


Brews coffee at Burpple. Secret ambition: to sell Burpple coffee for £1 in a neon pink paper cup.

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