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Mrs Pho (VivoCity)

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Mrs Pho is a tribute to all the Vietnamese mothers, grandmothers and aunties we affectionately crown best cook in the family, best cook in the neighbourhood, best cook. We built our restaurant to be a place where we feed you like family.


From the Burpple community

5 stars for the refreshing and healthy salad! Shredded onions and carrots, beef slices, on top of it is herbs, fried onions, chilli and smashed peanuts. The sause is at the bottom at the bowl, while you can also add additional homemade chilli sause. Great appetiser!

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Vietnamese coffee is famous for its strong and flavourful taste. It might have been introduced by French colonists but soon it developed a style of its own. Normally the type of coffee bean Vietnamese coffee is Robusta, which is bitter than other beans. The condensed milk and ice cubes provide balance and to dilute the bitter taste. I feel it's still much stronger than my usual choice flatwhite......

Mrs Pho Cockles ($8.90)
Do not underestimate this simple looking bowl of cockles @mrspho . The cockles is prepared with a sticky sweet glaze that will leave one smacking the lips and and copious amount of lard that has been caramelized together with the sauce. The star may be the cockles but it’s a mouthful of everything that will taste like heaven.


- Meatball had a slightly sweet sauce covering it, yums

- Pork strips were grilled well, juicy n tender with some chew to it (my meal bud liked it a lot)

- Love this kind of noodles! Went well with the sauce, which was very mildly spicy & sweet. I tasted the sauce and was immediately sold so I poured it over my noodles hahah

- Veg provided a fresh balance. Mix it w the noods for differing textures in each slurp~

- Fried thing is v nice!! V crisp

I feel like I’m going to order this every time I come here in future!! I like it alottt

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Yup just the spicy beef noodle will do. Tried the cockles, toooo tiny, and some were smelly. But the sauce for the cockles were good, cos got pork lard. Beef sticks also nothing special. Will only go back for the noodles only next time.

My usual at Mrs Pho, I’m soooo glad they’re now open at Vivocity! My recommendation is to add some of their intense housemade chilli into the accompanying sauce before mixing it all in. Spicy, funky and the grilled pork chop and meatballs are a delight.