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Who says you can't crack open a good bottle of Californian red with your Mission-style, beast of a burrito? At Muchachos, the burritos are so ridiculously reasonable (and humungous!) at $12 a pop, you'll have spare change to spend on a $40 bottle of wine to complete your dinner date. Customize your burrito by selecting your favourite meat, toppings and salsa. You can even choose the smaller "burritino" for the "womenfolk" as they say at Muchachos ;) Tasty food, good wine, and the chic, industrial feel of this Keong Saik eatery is just what a date needs.
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22 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089129

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(+$1 for guac I think)
Skip the shrimp and beef tacos, the shrimp was weirdly rubbery and the beef was dry (could be because I went during their anniversary so the kitchen was overworked and they were just struggling to rush out the orders) The battered fish was crispy and well marinated, so the fish taco was definitely my favourite of the three 🐟

I went to Muchachos lately when they celebrated their anniversary and had their wonderful 1 for 1 promotion. I haven't eaten much Mexican food in my life before, but this burrito is definitely 100% worth it, even at regular price! They're incredibly generous with all their ingredients, particularly the guacamole and the chicken, which was so well seasoned and tender. I was super pleased while eating this and remarked that it was so heavy that the way I was holding it felt like I was holding a baby and my friend agreed haha! What a great meal. Will definitely go back for more!!

These fries were truly amazing. Some other places charge this much for just plain fries with some variation of truffle oil or mentaiko mayo (with more mayo if anything), but these fries were truly worth $15. The fries are crisp and coated with a mild seasoning which seems to be a little of paparika to me. It's topped decadently with guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and the star- steak! Nothing has felt more sinful, yet worth it!

That explains why you’re salivating uncontrollably now. The people at Muchachos have certainly capitalised on this and are not shy about showing off their best ingredients… look at that heap of guac! 😍
The Cal-Mex joint along Keong Saik Road is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a festive bang. Remember this date: 29 September, because that’s when you’ll be heading down with your friends to get their ultimate promotion of All Day 1-for-1 from the ENTIRE MENU. Super Nachos, burritos, quesadillas, anything you want, they’re gonna give you 2x for price of 1! Yes, that includes drinks too oooooh.
If stuffing burritos down your own throat is your thing, why not try to get some cash out of that unusual talent? The person who devours the most number of burritos in 5 minutes will salsa away with $200 cash. You now have 10 days left to train. Otherwise, just watch competitive-eater Zermatt Neo attempt to stuff a 5lb/2.27kg burrito under 5 minutes into his pockets of abs…
Thanks @burpple for the invite, and Jun and Cindy representing for hosting us with the generous amount of carbs! #Burpple

Bust your gut not your wallet with Muchachos' ginormous burritos. Their soft and supple steamed tortillas are stuffed to the seams with heapfuls of tender chunks of well-marinated grilled chicken, seasoned rice grains, beans, creamy guacamole and cheese.
And holy Hermanos! Come Friday 29th Sep, Muchachos will be celebrating their fourth anniversary with an insane ALL DAY 1-for-1 on their entire menu, including drinks too!

If you have the cojones, sign up to bury as many burritos in your belly as you can in 5 minutes and the winner gets to take home some cold, hard plata to the tune of $200. Not up for that admittingly delicious sounding challenge? You can always watch by the sidelines as competitive eater Zermatt Neo attempts to inhale a 2.27kg burrito in 5 minutes. Schadenfreude and burritos? I'd be down for that.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5

The perfect 4:20pm mid-afternoon snack – fully loaded straight-cut fries straining under the weight of grilled beef, sour cream and velvety gaucamole made from Californian Hass avocados. Fully sick mate.

Taste: 3.5/5

Nachos can do no wrong 😋

I have to say this is a pretty large sized plate of nachos! Consists of tortilla chips, chilli con carne, cheese, guacamole and salsa. Comes with 2 sauces too, which taste citrus-sy and another one similar to salsa.

Price: $13.50

The burrito and the rice bowl were delicious. The carne Asada was roasted so tenderly. Expect to spend $15 per person.

A delicious combination of tortilla chips, chili con carne, melted cheese, sour cream, salsas and guacamole. 🥑

This Northern Mexican snack is a great platter to share among friends, and it's packed with flavour and freshness. I really enjoy the sweetness of the tomatoes and buttery guacamole. Best eaten immediately after being served, to avoid any soggy nachos on the bottom. 👎🏻

Also try their California Burrito, filled with fries, steak, cheese and sour cream, wrapped in a tortilla shell, if you aren't a fan of the usual beans and rice like me. 🌯

Shrimp Quesadilla | S$14, crisp on the outside and large crunchy prawns inside!!

Fish burrito bowl | S$13, so worth it in terms of portion and flavour and the battered fish is just da bomb

Love the California burrito and breakfast burrito here! California burrito has super generous servings of beef steak inside with cheese and fries while the breakfast burrito literally taste like McDonald's breakfast all wrapped up (egg, sausage, bacon, hash brown). This also comes with maple syrup. Their flavored sodas are really good too!

A humongous bowl of tortilla chips, smothered in guacamole, sour cream, salsa and tasty minced beef ($13.50)!! It's so yummy but also HUGE so do order a small main if you are planning to stuff your face with this. Also, eat fast because the generous amount of guac makes the chips go soggy quite quickly.

Fish burrito $13.90 | packed a punch, so filling and the battered fish was generous in portion and bold in flavour!!

Huge burrito with juicy cubes of grilled steak!! The spice rub for the steak is amazing, and the meat is grilled just right - very succulent. 🌯

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