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Who says you can't crack open a good bottle of Californian red with your Mission-style, beast of a burrito? At Muchachos, the burritos are so ridiculously reasonable (and humungous!) at $12 a pop, you'll have spare change to spend on a $40 bottle of wine to complete your dinner date. Customize your burrito by selecting your favourite meat, toppings and salsa. You can even choose the smaller "burritino" for the "womenfolk" as they say at Muchachos ;) Tasty food, good wine, and the chic, industrial feel of this Keong Saik eatery is just what a date needs.
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22 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089129

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Mexican Delight

The burrito and the rice bowl were delicious. The carne Asada was roasted so tenderly. Expect to spend $15 per person.

Muchachos - Super Nachos ($13.50)

A delicious combination of tortilla chips, chili con carne, melted cheese, sour cream, salsas and guacamole. πŸ₯‘
This Northern Mexican snack is a great platter to share among friends, and it's packed with flavour and freshness. I really enjoy the sweetness of the tomatoes and buttery guacamole. Best eaten immediately after being served, to avoid any soggy nachos on the bottom. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
Also try their California Burrito, filled with fries, steak, cheese and sour cream, wrapped in a tortilla shell, if you aren't a fan of the usual beans and rice like me. 🌯

Shrimp Quesadilla

Shrimp Quesadilla | S$14, crisp on the outside and large crunchy prawns inside!!

Mexican Luv

Fish burrito bowl | S$13, so worth it in terms of portion and flavour and the battered fish is just da bomb

Awesome Burritos

Love the California burrito and breakfast burrito here! California burrito has super generous servings of beef steak inside with cheese and fries while the breakfast burrito literally taste like McDonald's breakfast all wrapped up (egg, sausage, bacon, hash brown). This also comes with maple syrup. Their flavored sodas are really good too!

Super Nachos

A humongous bowl of tortilla chips, smothered in guacamole, sour cream, salsa and tasty minced beef ($13.50)!! It's so yummy but also HUGE so do order a small main if you are planning to stuff your face with this. Also, eat fast because the generous amount of guac makes the chips go soggy quite quickly.

Mexican Oomph

Fish burrito $13.90 | packed a punch, so filling and the battered fish was generous in portion and bold in flavour!!

Steak Burrito

Huge burrito with juicy cubes of grilled steak!! The spice rub for the steak is amazing, and the meat is grilled just right - very succulent. 🌯

Pescado Taco, Pollo Asado Taco ($5.50 each, Add $1 for Guac)

Basically pork tacos and fried fish tacos (other choices include chicken, steak and vegetarian). Definitely a fulfilling Mexican meal, given the affordable prices and super generous fillings (it was hard to even eat the tacos because it was exploding). Had tacos because I wasn't that hungry, but go for the burritos if you are β€” get the Breakfast Burrito ($13.50, with fries, steak, and cheese) because the steak filling. Is. The. Best. Or in the words of my bf, "tastes like the real American burger".

Chicken Burrito Bowl With A Side Of Guac

Great Mexican food! Generous portions were given and the side of guacamole made it even tastier!

Pork Quesadilla

In love with this huge messy wrap, that is filled lovely with pulled pork that is seasoned well. Generous with their fillings, of cheese and salsa , that you simply just have to get down and dirty with this exploding quesadilla. Use your hands, and don't bother with the plastic utensils, for they are just completely useless. Add another $2 for guacamole, and it will send you up to heaven. Have their house watermelon, which I suggest bringing your own vodka, or rum to spice the drink up, to make that perfect tropical drink. Or order their Mexican beer, and finished the meal with their national hat dance, Jarabe for sure as hell, you will simmer your shoulders out of their lovely joint!

Think "suuuuupermassive burrito" with Muse's raspy voices

Cause it's that huge and sexy. Stuffed full with rice, beans, salsa, and a choice of protein, I couldn't get through half of it! At S$12-15 it's very worth the buck compared to the usual less generous cafΓ© fare.

We tried the pork and steak, both of which were good. I preferred the latter for it's great spice rub which really added to the flavours of the whole burrito. If they could heat the burritos up a wee more to have it steaming hot, this would be perfect.

Rlly good burritos!!

Pork butt cooked on its own lard?!?! How sinful can that be? The burritos were delicious and goes well with Mexican coke

looking for mexican food near CBD?

nestled along keong saik road, muchachos serves decent and affordable burritos and quesadillas.


My favorite is this chicken quesadilla! Very crispy skin and packed with so much ingredients and flavor! SUPER YUMZZZ! 😍

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