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$4 for a Masala Thosei!!! But that gravy is LOVEEEE😃

(SO MUCH TREASURE!!!) Couldn't help keep smelling the banana fragrant over and over again 😂 the cake part was moist but the crust was slightly burnt kinda bitter but still pretty good especially it's $2 for a whole chunk 😂

But some Hiap Joo banana cake for me please 🙋🍌🍞


Used to be my favorite drink when I was a kid.

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It may be difficult to find the way up to the rooftop restaurant without asking the direction to security guards. I never imagined there would be such a big restaurant somewhere in Mustafa Centre! No, I didn't even know there was level 7 in this 24-hour shopping centre.  I dined in with two friends and all of us felt lost by a wide variety of their menu, so we ordered a lot of dishes to give a try to as many kinds of foods as possible. The staff were very friendly and well-trained: every time we asked about the menu and dishes, they provided kind and professional suggestions. The butter chicken curry was a perfect match with the garlic naan. Can't remember the name of the menu but the green-coloured curry is for a vegetarian with cheese. It was unexpectedly good too! And the BBQ grilled sea bass (or another kind of fish, sorry I can't remember :P) and the samosa (Indian snack that is a fried dish with a savoury filling) were just another joy that were surprisingly nice. Maybe I was so satisfied with their food that night because I seldom try those unfamiliar Indian or Pakstan cusine. Anyway it was a happy night-out!

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