[CLOSED] Noodle Cafe - Thai Boat Noodle (Sim Lim Square)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Noodle Cafe is the 1st authentic thai boat noodle in Singapore since 2014, from the famous thai boat noodle

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Overall, I felt this was an alright pass at Thai Beef Noodles boat noodle style. The soup was very rich, thick and satisfying but had an acidic aftertaste, which isn't bad to be because I like sour-y foods. The noodles were chewy with a nice bite. But I did have issue with the beef. I felt the quality and portion of the beef was "meh" - didn't feel fresh and tasty to me.

This bowl costs $5.50.


Usually my first choice at boat noodle joints. I love kha moo, so much better than Singapore's version. This was also quite a big portion.

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Looks simple but the broth is really tasty. The price is pretty reasonable as well.

The outlet at Golden Mile is usually the one I frequent, but I would say that the standards between both shops are pretty consistent.

The soup seems to be lighter and less spicy now (it used to really pack a punch which I loved!!) but the noodles are still amazingly soft and chewy. On every table sits a tray of various condiments, so you'd be able to concoct a combination of flavours to your liking. And just like any Thai food, the play between sweet, sour and spicy always delights my palate.

**Default here is: glass noodles+special soup (which is what you'll usually get in BKK). I really liked their duck noodles the last time I had it too, and I always struggle choosing between that and the special soup.


📍Singapore. Thai boat noodles at Noodle Cafe for $1.90 (Small) and $5.90 (Big). Two outlets, one at Sim Lim Square and another at Goldenmiles complex. Definitely worth trying, customise your own taste with different soups, level of spiciness, type of meat and the size of the bowl👏🏻


Chanced upon this gem while shopping at Sim Lim Square. Operated by a friendly and polite family. Got the big pork bowl ($5), which is really just regular size for 1, and chose the tom yum soup base w rice noodles. Soup was a perfect blend of sweet + hot + acidic, and you get the nutty, lemongrass lingering in your mouth, just like the ones I've had in Thailand! Also ordered the pork crackling as side dish, and it was 💯! Crispy (but not tough), fragrant and slightly seasoned (dip in the homemade chili sauce for a satisfying kick)