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Top 10 in Rochor

Top 10 places in Rochor, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Rochor

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Rochor, Singapore.

While Steakville specialises in steak, I didn鈥檛 regret ordering the Brown Buttered Chicken ($15). The chicken breast was slow-cooked in butter with cloves of garlic and herbs for a mouthwatering aroma. Unlike some tough and dry breast meat out there, the chicken was tender and succulent. To my surprise, the butter wasn鈥檛 too 鈥渏elak鈥, but then again, the slab of chicken was sitting in the pool of butter (definitely normal) which was slightly unnerving as I feared the calories 馃槀 It was delicious nonetheless.

We ordered: Beef Bolognese, Alfredo and Iced Latte, Sprite

While looking for a cafe nearby with free wifi, I chanced upon Lowercase. The atmosphere is homey and cosy, with warm lights in the room.

The area has a wide glass window on the first storey, blessing it with much natural light. The cafe is filled with comfy sofas and plenty of proper sitting chairs for those who鈥檇 like to mug for exams. There is a bookshelf of books and a mini stage which looked like it was formerly used for gig nights - it is now filled with tables and chairs on it too.

The staffs are friendly, and there are a variety of options for diners. The pastas were priced at an average of $16 which was relatively pricey, given that they were mostly vegetarian - making the takeaway rice bowls that are super affordable at $6.50. Limited options available for rice bowls though. We topped up $2 to get coffee for the lunch set as well, making the total bill $18.

The beef bolognese got a little boring for my tastebuds after a few mouthfuls. The portion is just fine. The Alfredo tasted better, without the 鈥渏elat鈥 feeling that my friend was dreading!

Latte was a little too astringent for my liking, but adding the sugar syrup helped. The staffs were friendly and warm :)

They accept Favepay as well! #cashback 馃構

Overall, I love the ambience. It鈥檚 perfect for chilling on a lazy afternoon or mugging with friends, but couples may find it intrusive as the tables are placed quite close to each other. I figured the noise may become too loud for some people during peak hours since it鈥檚 an enclosed area.

Price-wise, I wouldn鈥檛 pay that money to have that kind of food. I鈥檇 rather have some Chinese food outside the cafe before popping by to do some work or reading!

Naan & Tandoori Chicken.

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Had always wanted to try out this new establishment serving up Thai cuisine at Sim Lim Square. Quite impressed with this particular item especially; coming with just minced meat and noodles (opted for egg noodles, but there are six types to choose from), the creamy Tom Yum was utterly flavourful 鈥 that tangy flavour with a punch of spiciness that鈥檚 all fiery, at just the right richness for the broth, paired with springy noodles and minced meat for a bit of bite and meatiness. Simple, comforting and shiok; no doubt loads of sweat for this one, but all鈥檚 worth it and something I would order again!

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No pic because *burp*
Fab thin crusted pizza with quality ingredients

The chicken was crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. The chilli padi added a spicy kick, which may be a tad too spicy for some, but it complemented the creamy salted egg yolk sauce extremely well.聽

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This is legit. I love it.

Slight sweetness from seafood, softness of Tofu and spiciness from the soup. As good as wong daebak actually but cheaper at $10.

Choice or rice or hand cut noodles.

I liked how their tom yum soup is a lot spicier than it is sour.



The beef was nicely seasoned though. There was also a slice of pineapple in between the buns that i felt was rather redundant as it was just drowned amidst the sauce that drenched the burger. The burger also came with a side of thick-cut unseasoned fries that were unfortunately not the slightest bit crisp 馃檨
For the quality served, the price is rather steep so I'm glad for #entertainerapp which made the meal more affordable.

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However, I preferred the chendol panda cotta with coconut ice cream and coconut sorbet, probably cause of my love for chendol. .
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