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Chicken itself was really smooth and tender. However what sets them apart is their sauce, which tastes v diff from the normal chicken rice soya Sauce. It's reminiscent of oyster sauce, and its savouriness was something i enjoyed, though my dining partner(a self proclaimed purist) didnt like it as much. Their chili is good too, as it's more sour than spicy in a very refreshing way. The soup had such a depth of flavour that i tot there's definitely some root veggies involved. Instead, the chef told me that it's just a very generous amount of chicken bones, with blue ginger (? If i remember correctly)

This one's really good as well. I didnt expect chicken to be this flavourful, but it was and the jalapenos added some considerable heat which made things interesting. Honestly this place performed way beyond expectations and is definitely worth the walk from the nearest station despite its relatively hidden location

Pretty dang satisfying. The bread was crispy but had an almost-crumbly texture that's really nice to bite into, and it's Thin enough too so that the ratio is good. The beef was really tender and goes well with the Cheese And the sauce. Comfort food done right. Highly recommended

Quite liked this. Idk how they get the flavour but it's really true to lychee, unlike the usual kind of syrup

Honestly i felt it was not bad, but maybe not for its price lol

lasellacafella sem rating as last timE cox ordered same ting but dis time w drinGk honestly i think thAt aliciu’s meal p worth so mayb next time can trY d rice bowls instead of D brunch menus ~~

omG yeet didn’t know burpple had 1-1 here LMAOZ rice bowls here made cheaper with butpple and also near the mrt so conveniENT! ~~ we got d brunch muffin and the surf n turf which was p yumZ! xdxd good study spot!

Ordered the Pesto Chicken and Burrata Parma. Shared among 3 and we were full. Great pizzas.

Ordered the 1 for 1 Cubano set. The cheesesteak is my favourite. I've added mushrooms too. The salsa cheese chips is so good! Huge portions too! Will definitely come back!

Mummy-in-law has a refined palate - from fine cuisines down to the traditional old-school tarts. Here’s the famed beancurd tarts she got from LE cafe. When she raves about sth, you know it’s bound to be pretty legit. A bite into it affirmed my trust in her taste once again - the light fragrance of soybean turned a lil’ more pronounced with each bite. The soft, curdly texture was incredibly silky and smooth. Despite feeling so “soft” and delicate. They do not fall off the tart with each bite - I love it when it’s not a challenge against time to finish my tarts. The crust was extremely sturdy - firm and buttery; a nice complement to the beancurd fillings 😋

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Im gonna say it. As of 2025 reviews, this is the best pizza Ive had.

Crust was astounding as it was crispy and light, as well as well charred all around, particularly at the Base of the pizza. Burrata tasted really fresh and so creamy, given that it was served slightly chilled on the hot pizza. Each component was amazing and the gestalt was outstanding. Burrata portion was really generous too

P. S. It's been a while since i burnt my tongue and this is the reason why

P.P.S. Chef has 20years of experience in italian cuisine and it really shows. Not everyone can appreciate though, some people need meat on their pizza haha

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Buttery fragrant crust encasing soft wobbly soya custard that isn’t too sweet! Absolutely love these soya tarts that we bought 2 boxes of 8 at one shot! Have been eating these since I was young and the same comforting taste has never changed ☺️ Next time, I’m gonna pre-order to try the grass jelly/red bean flavours!