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For the months of October and November this year, 25 Degrees Singapore rolled out this promotional burger — The Cheesy Mac Attack Burger (S$18.00). As the name suggests, the already yummy beef patty is under attack by two patties of deep fried Mac and Cheese patties (which also looked like croquettes to some).

It’s fragrant. It’s premium comfort food. And it’s definitely cheesy and stomach-bloating. The combination of ingredients does not ruin the taste of all the food I like. And this is perhaps the only time when I have no complaints about soggy buns and crumbling burgers, because it’s totally legit to eat this with knife and fork.

And you’ve guessed it. You can forgo the sides because the burger itself is already uber satiating, but no harm pairing this with a pint of beer. Go for it!

Beef patty, crescenza and gorgonzola cheese, bacon, caramelised onions and Thousand Island sauce. Curly fries available separately.

Totally Devine! For a great price of S$7.90.

27% rebate to my travel fund.

Very well done, Super tender and juicy beef!

27% rebate to my travel fund.

Chef Kang absolutely deserves his One Michelin Star. He is truly a Jedi master in Cantonese comfort food. The dishes may not appear loud and showy, but the force of flavour in them is strong.
Everything we had was done extremely well, starting with the deepfried brinjal with pork floss that was magically grease-free.
Having heard @rubbisheatrubbishgrow and @danielfooddiary rave about Chef Kang's famous vegetable and marble goby or "soon hock" soup, it was imperative that we ordered it too. Of course the soup exceeded all our expectations by revealing extraordinary depths of flavour. We even found ingredients in there that had us playing guessing games ("Is this some sort of a caper?").
Next came the deepfried pork belly that could have easily passed off as crispy chicken skin. Sliced super thin and coloured a hue of maroon red, the pork belly was completely unrecognisable but insolently addictive.
Shortly after, the housemade beancurd braised with small pieces scallop and broccoli, and the stirfried kailan with large Hong Kong style dried prawn arrived. Once again, these dishes were executed on point, and thus brought us blissful satisfaction.
For our closing carb, we chose the "beehoon" simmered in chowder and it was another winner. Its clean, rather pale looks belied the intense umami of the thick stock. Each strand of the noodles was saturated in it, which made the saucers of chilli sambal and green chillies, completely redundant.
As the group of us love coconut, the obvious pick for dessert was the coconut ice-cream and jelly. It was faultless with a scoop of fragrant creamy ice-cream and a light coconut jelly filling the shell. Such a wonderful, fresh finish to our lunch.
In case you're interested to know, our total bill (with only Chinese tea for drinks) came to $300. It's money well spent for sure. We even made a reservation for our next meal and pre-ordered a new soup at the same time. Can't wait.

Thanks to @michele9966 for the great recommendation! 💘 They served 4 different kind of beef burger named Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4 & a Fish Burger! Cute names!! 💕 Burger was quite thick and big for the price of $14! Definitely worth the money!! 1st pic is @phusionade Number 1 Burger, 2nd is mine Number 3 🍔 Beef patty is soooo good! It was thick and juicy!! Totally well cooked, not toughy at all, and we didn’t munch into a single veins which I personally hates! Nothing was left behind on the plates! It was wayyyy too good and we will be back!! Both Onion rings & Truffle curly fries was priced at $5! Great crispy fried sides too! They open till 1am so you can pop by for supper the next time you have burger cravings!! @25degreesinsingapore #25degrees #25degreessingapore #hotelg

Located at Whampoa Drive Market Food Centre, this new hawker stall, run by a very young enterprising couple, serves up birthday meesua which their Henghua grandma used to cook for the entire household. I am always curious to try out traditional family recipe and I am happy that they have taken the bold plunge to share it. The soup is clean and robust, and you can certainly taste the many hours that are put into simmering the bones. One look at the uneven width of the noodles and you can tell that it is handmade. And if you hadn't notice, each bowl comes with a very generous portion of ingredients. I got the $6 bowl which had clams, minced pork, sliced egg, abalones, braised mushrooms and braised pork belly. Felt like my birthday with this bowl of homely, comforting, msg free meesua. Do note that they are only opened during dinner time as it takes a long time to prepare (and young people can't wake up early). Most stalls here open at night and you can also grab some satays and sambal stingrays to go with this!

This was light, refreshing and not overly sweet. I truly enjoyed Chef Kang's cuisine and so happy that we got a chance to meet him. He's a humble man. When asked why doesn't he add more tables or move to a bigger place, he said well this way he can maintain his standards and quality. Truly a Chef who cares about what he serves and takes pride in his cuisine. It just shines through his every dish.

Chef Kang's signature bee hoon may look plain but looks are so deceiving. Simmered, almost braised in an amazing umami broth, each mouthful of this is sheer delight. I have already got my eye on the Hor Fun! Next visit!

Full of wok hei, the kailan was still crunchy and the dried prawns which were XL sized just took it up a few notches. Yummy! At this juncture, I realised that I need to come back soon and thankfully my fellow foodies were equally game. So we went to the reservations book and Chope-ed our next slot. Can't wait! This tells you how much I love Chef Kang's cooking.

They were deep fried pork bellies, so well marinated and sliced so thin that they fooled me! So yummy and addictive. Be careful once you start there is no stopping.