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Earnest Restaurant
Singapore 208953

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Reviews at People Park Hakka Yong Tau Fu

Reviews of good food at People Park Hakka Yong Tau Fu

Decent bowl of ytf with hakka noodles at above average price, will try the laksa next time!

Choose from huge pieces of yong tau fu before selecting the style that you prefer. I went with the laksa soup and Hakka noodle combination which worked out well in the end!

This Yong tau foo wins hands-down for variety of liao. Otah also have, pork belly also have. Wouldnt recommend coming here just for the laksa soup as its abit on the bland-sweet side. No minimum pieces of liao apparently, that's a plus! This bowl u see cost around $8-9.

Pick your favourite pieces from a large assortment of hand made yong tau fu, before enjoying it in your classic soup style, with hakka noodles, or the curry laksa that I chose. There's only one person working one bowl at a time, so bear that in mind if you see a queue.

Yong tau fu on steroids! 😂 Each piece of their yong tau fu is twice the size of what you normally get elsewhere. Price is also more expensive though. I got 4 pieces with thick bee hoon and it costs $4.90. The laksa is really nice. I would say worth a try! Went there for lunch on a weekday and there is only one auntie at the stall so it was quite a wait. Not sure about weekend though.

Love the Yong Tau Foo here. The items here are as if they're on steroids. Everything is bigger than the norm. Good quality as well. The laksa broth and hakka noodles are the stars of the show here. (8/10)

One of our favorite supper joint!

The stall displays a wide variety of selection of ingredients that are handmade and fresh. It is served to you in piping hot soup that is surprisingly sweet and delicious, and everything went perfectly well with a bowl of thin egg noodles topped with minced pork. Not forgetting their sauces that are extremely good to eat with too! Although it is very pricey compared to other Yong Tau Foo stalls, but it is really worth paying for their good food!

Manned by a single elderly uncle or aunty, this Yong tau foo stall is known to us as the "expensive YTF". However this is really a good deal, and what my colleagues and I don't mind paying extra for. The noodles given were generous, ingredients and add ons huge. The selection that it offers ranges from laksa to Hakka minced pork noodles. Definitely a place that I will remember for some crazy awesome YTF during internship! #hawkerpedia

Finally had the ba cuo noodle with only 4 piece ytf

Although incredibly pricey for the Yong tau foo category, the food was really good! Big handmade fishballs, handmade ngoh hiongs, meatballs. The noodles were so good that it could really stand out as a dish on its own! The sauces were above average and the soup was in the acceptable sweet range! Don't say I never warn, use a $10 note to pay in case of a nasty surprise!

Amazing! Eating this again. (7.8/10)

A close up shot of my laksa Yong Tau foo!

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