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1 Kim Seng Promenade
#01-66/67 Great World City
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Reviews at Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro

Reviews of good food at Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro

I had been wanting to try Pepper Steakhouse for a long time, and finally did for a Friday date night. We made a reservation though really, we didn't have to as there were many empty tables. At the entrance I was greeted by the back of a signboard which I gather they put outside the restaurant during their lunch promo. Why they put it, back facing at the entrance is a mystery. The menu looked like something designed on Microsoft Word. Still, reviews told us the food here is unexpectedly good. We ordered the 300g ribeye ($44) and porterhouse steak ($48), medium rare and rare, and just 2 glasses of water, thinking we'd order wine if the steaks were good. The food was served quickly but it smelled like a stale grill. The fat on the steak was rancid. My ribeye had a bad meaty smell. You get better quality meat if you got it from Cold Storage. My own worst steak is better. The meat was dry, tasteless yet smelly. Same for the porterhouse. Everything about the place screamed no, and everything about the steaks screamed frozen. We called for the bill with more than half our steaks and sides left on the plate. The poor staff didn't even dare to ask why. Of course this made the experience even worse, a whopping $108 for 2 steaks, no starters, drinks or dessert, signed over plates that were still full. This is definitely the worst steak I've had in a long time, even Aston's or Hot Tomato does better. The cooking was passable but the meat used was just the cheapest and worst prepared ever. We finished our date at McDonald's.

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Pepper steakhouse has weekday lunch deals at $16.80++ for quality sirloin, pasta or chicken, soup/salad and a dessert (ice cream or a brownie). The baked little chunks of potatoes which came with the sirloin we ordered were unarguably stellar.
They also have Angus beef at $34 for a 200g rib eye and free flow fries!! I'm glad to say that the food really here lives up to the good reviews I've read online. The starter and dessert weren't great but for a lunch deal, this is definitely a bang for your buck.

This was really yummy. Served at a perfect temperature, with the lava oozing out as you cut into it. I hate it when restaurants state 'lava cake' when it's just a chocolate cake with some chocolate sauce in the middle.

Not sure what spring vegetables are haha. Love this place! Will blog about this later :) (with @grouchypickle and @lillychews)

Chef's favourite classic Italian tiramisu. Layers of sponge fingers, Marsala cream and chocolate shavings.


More from the buffet spread. They even have Christmas pudding!


Prawn and truffle linguine. Butter poached prawns and truffle linguine, rocket and Parmesan crisp.

In case you are not craving for steak or other mains (like my mum and sis), Pepper also offers a buffet at $18. Spread is not very big but quality is there.

Australia grass fed Sondella Angus beef 200gm ribeye medium. Sondella is grown in the prime areas of central and northern Queensland by the renowned Angus family. The cattle are grass fed on their own 12-15 acres finishing the last two months on energy grains.

There is venison chop, sausages and tenderloin. The gamely taste is just right and the tenderloin is the best done of all three meats. The chop is a bit dry but dip in the chef made sauce and its great. The sausages are really interesting as they tasted like satay meat. Must try.

Big breakfast for the rainy Sunday.. #instadaily #iphonesia #food

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