*Currently in the process of Halal certification

930 Yishun Avenue 2
#B1-192/193 Northpoint City South Wing
Singapore 769098

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm



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Reviews at Pizza Maru (Northpoint City)

Reviews of good food at Pizza Maru (Northpoint City)

Cheesy Maru Oppa (S$16.80++/ 9”)
Maru spiced chicken 🐓 , chicken 🐓 ham, onion, mushroom 🍄, broccoli 🥦, cherry tomato 🍅, alfredo sauce, BBQ sauce, sour cream, mozzarella cheese
Topup S$3.20++ for Gold Edge where a combination of sweet potato 🍠 mousse and 2 types of cheese 🧀 to form the crispy perfect k-style trio.
Onion Tartar (S$16.80++/ 6 pieces)
Served with pickles and tartar sauce.
Daeyang Pasta (S$13.80++) Shrimp 🦐, mussels, squid 🦑 , onion, cabbage,red pepper.,
Available at @pizzamarusg in @northpointsg
Thin crispy base, topped with sweet creamy sweet potato 🍠. The pasta looked creamy and rich and tasted of chilli padi remarked by mom. The fried chicken 🐓 was light and crispy but the pieces were way too small.
Pizza Maru
Address 🏠 : 1 Northpoint Drive, # B1-182/193 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 019
Tel ☎️ : 6254 4307
Open 🕔 : 11.30am - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)


Definitely a hit for cheese lovers, probably a little too much cheese if you ain't a die hard fan of cheese. Served on a patented black rice dough stuffed with mozzarella and cream cheese mousse is a bed of diced chicken, mushrooms and potatoes. To intensify the cheesy experience, the pizza is baked with a blanket of double mozzarella cheese and string cheeseee. BBQ sauce is a must for the pizza as it can neutralise some of the possible jelatness from the cheese. However the honey drizzle can be missed if you don't have a sweet tooth.

Creamy and spicy, who knew carbonara sauce would go so well with toppokki? Had korean vermicelli in this beautiful bowl too that soaked up the sauce nicely. Definitely recommended!

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Loved this. Crispy skin and tender meat & umami garlic sauce. What's not to love?

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Flavourful, topped with robust bbq sauce, mayo streaks and beef this was not too bad. Wished there was a thin crust version though.

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This had a chef hat next to it on the menu, plus it had korean style beef, shrimp and chili powder. All the things I like combined in a pizza. The server suggested the double cheese twist when i asked for recommendation. I thot the crust contained too little cheese but one bite proved me wrong. Well worth the additional $3.20.

This pizza was strong on flavors and had lots of liao. Very juicy too. The ingredients and sauces came together well. Final bill was abt $27. A bit expensive but I enjoyed it.

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[Tasting, Pending Halal Cert] Before the fries chicken and the deep-dish pizza, we started off the tasting at Pizza Maru with their Bibimbap Spam Tower.

This is a glorious mess of savoury, comfort food flavours. There are elements that make it such, like chicken luncheon meat, the unmistakable layer of kimchi and an meandering drizzle of what I believe is sriracha mayo. You’re supposed to cut this like one of those burgers that are too thick to properly bite.

Nothing too groundbreaking or beguiling about the flavours, really - it’s just good ol’ deliciousness. I think it made for a surprisingly appetising starter! (7.5/10)


[Tasting, Pending Halal Cert] Probably the cheesiest pizza I’ve ever had, so much so that I daresay they’re to die for. Pizza Maru’s 9” Real Chicago has double portion of mozzarella cheese (or 600g), some of which are stuffed into the middle of two pizza doughs.

This is made with black rice dough, with the extensively delectable toppings - pepperoni, plenty of mozzarella, string and parmesan cheese, maru tomato sauce, basil and even a dusting of icing sugar.

This is served in a pizza pan that is hovering above a lit candle to ensure it stays warm and melty for as long as indefinite. This was so shiok and mind-blowingly decadent. Not everybody could bring themselves to love it, but all of us were definitely thrilled to be reminded of the feeling of indulgence. Personally, I enjoyed it very much. It also reminded me of a classic deep-dish pizza from Chicago, albeit with a few differences. (7.9/10)

ordered the kimchi bay with cheese crust which had no kimchi. only found that out after asking the staff. taste was still good. calamari was good. can give the fried chicken a miss though. 22 per pax. #pizzamaru #fs0401 #burpple #sgfood

Sweet-spicy Mango Ocean - comes with shrimp, scallop, squid, onion, mushroom, black olive, broccoli, mozzarella cheese, mango, pilaf sauce, and spicy budak sauce assembled on a green tea dough.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/northpoint-city/

Got to try 4 out of the 5 bingsu on the menu - Mudcrack ($9.90), Rainbow Paradise ($11.90), Nok Cha ($11.90) and My Only Sunshine ($11.90), each of which comes served with a cup of condensed milk. Found the sugar level in these pretty high and out of them all, think I preferred the lighter My Only Sunshine - mango purée, vanilla ice cream and corn flakes.


Northpoint City @northpointsg the largest mall in the Northern part of Singapore, has opened with over 100 international dining concepts including a specialty food street.

Yes, more than 100.
The new food places include Pizza Maru - South Korea’s Most Iconic Pizza Brand; PatBingSoo Korean Dining House; and Japanese Gyoza Specialist Gyoza-ya.
Check out all the food choices here!
http://danielfooddiary.com/2018/01/25/northpointcity/ (Video by @stormscape) #DFDSP

Managed to beat their dinner Q and have a hearty meal after a lonnggg day at work.

The spam tower ($12.80) is a creative rendition of the typical bibimbap. Not a fan of bibimbap but this fish managed to win me over!

Not one who likes to combine sweet and savoury flavours in a dish but the Honey Butter Coat fried chicken from Pizza Maru was pretty addictive. Might be slightly sweet for some, but the tender and juicy chicken would still leave you wanting more. I preferred the Garlic Soy flavour, and was surprised that it wasn’t as salty as some other establishments.

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I especially liked the Honey Butter Coated one as it was a sweet version, but spice lovers should go for their Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong!
Honey Butter Coat at S$16.80 for 6 pieces or S$29.80 for 12 pieces.
Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong at S$16.80 for 6 pieces or S$29.80 for 12 pieces.
Read on foodgem.sg/food/korean/pizza-maru
Thanks wafflenessa for the review .
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Pizza Maru
1 Northpoint Drive, unit B1-192/193, Northpoint City (South Wing), Singapore 768019


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