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From the Burpple community

[Avocado and mango yuzu snowskin mooncake]
A fruity and refreshing treat with mango tinged with yuzu oozing out from within a white chocolate ball. The avocado taste is very light.

and [Champagne truffle snowskin mooncake]
One of my favourite flavours because it goes so well together! The champagne is slightly bittersweet and when mixed with the truffle white chocolate is just heavenly

(~$78 for a box of 8)

$54.40 (AFTER 20% discount, only at chevron house). Used to buy this every year, almost 10 years ago, until they increased price and the champagne taste just wasn't quite as strong anymore. So this year we decided to give them a try again finally but NOPE nothing changed. while it was not bad, it doesn't seem $54.40-worth (imagine if I had bought it at $68 from the hotel?!?!?!) . The snow skin was sooooo soft and barely champagne taste, slightttttly on the sweet side. I'll just stick to Home's Favourite.

Love the Mooncake from here and will purchase every year!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻😋😋

probably the only mooncake i'll eat hahaa

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Interesting combination


Worth the money and excellent sunday brunch