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$23. Hmmm I expected a bit more given the price :-/ taste was good and ham was thick but no side salad or anything... The bread below also tasted like scones so that could be a plus or minus depending on whether you like scones hahahah.

$23 but we got it on 1 for 1 (if not I feel is a bit too out of budget haha)!! The taste of the burger was good, but the coleslaw was a bit funky. Fries were nice also.

$6.2. Ok i don’t really know how to judge matcha lattes but i felt this was quite good haha like did not taste powdery and matcha taste was strong enough. Also was nice to drink sth warm bc it was q cold HAHAH

We had the lunch set at $39++. Everything was average, nothing was remarkable. If i had to choose, the desserts were more memorable.

Very fluffy n gorgeous 😍 Loved the addition of the toppings which went pretty well with the thick pancake, only gripe was that I could barely taste the rum in the rum sauce. Other than that alls good, heads up it’s pretty filling u rly must share w a friend if not u might die

SO. GOOD. Not exaggerating but honestly one of the better renditions of capellini, full of umami n prawn flavour mm 😍 Sugarloaf cabbage was drenched in a savoury seaweed sauce and sprinkled w nuts dang it was gr8. Full marks for both dishes wow

Great flavours - salted butterscotch and matchaya’s matcha. Really enjoyed the pinch of salt in the ice-cream and smoky matcha taste. Savoured every bit of.

Worth the price and the beef was really really good. Generous amounts of beef was given which went really well with the peppery rice underneath!! Service was pretty slow because they were short of staff but worth the wait!

Again, diluted and not sweet enough. Small cup too, for its price. But fared slightly better than the strawberry one

Steak was q juicy and smoky, but slightly chewy as well. Rather tender tho, and goes well with the sauce. Pretty worth if youre using beyond

Lamb was juicy and full of its unique umami. Spicy sauce was q sweet and not rlly spicy at all, but it really goes well with rice.


Smoothie isnt excluded from the deal. Not good though and rlly ex. Not sweet enough and too diluted