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🍰 Explosion Taro Lava Salted Egg Floss Cake
📍Sherry’s Cake
📌 Bencoolen MRT Station
💰 $14

All my favourite things in one (pricey) cake! For anyone who didnt know, theres a hidden bakery in Bencoolen MRT Station, with chinese desserts akin to those from Xiao Gege Snowball Mochi and KS Baking. The stuff is pretty expensive but where else can you find these kinds of desserts?

The salted egg is pretty strong though theres not really enough to warrant it a “lava” cake. Taro is smooth and natural too and the floss adds a nice savoury flavour overall.

$14 for a small cake is pretty steep but if you can afford it, its worth a try!

⭐ Rating: 8.3/10
🤑 worth the price: ehh
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: i would date for at least 3 months

New on En Yakiniku's menu is the Wagyu Ochazuke, where hot green tea 🍵 is poured over thinly sliced Wagyu beef 🐄 served on a bed of steamed rice 🍚. The perfect comfort food on a rainy day, or in fact, any day!

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Be sure to catch En Yakiniku's Sake Tengoku 🤩, a first in Singapore! Using superior broth & sake 🍶 to steam prawns 🦐 & clams 🦪 on the first layer, & garlicky giant scallops 🌟 on the second layer, the highlight for me in this special steamer over charcoal 🔥 is in the last layer.
The essence of the steam transforms into a mouthwatering Japanese congee 🍚 at the bottom, which we elevate with a serving of Wagyu shabu shabu 🥩. Owing to the umami seafood broth, this was so sweet & comforting! 🤤

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I’ve always enjoyed their Off the Bone crepe. A pity that the egg white wasn’t fully cooked this time unfortunately. The fig & camembert crepe was well done - soft, moist and it came with plenty of fruits and fig jam.

honestly i enjoyed both despite the reviews! the crust of both were rlly buttery. just that i wished the butter was inside the bolo bun😂

Authentic Korean fare in Fortune Centre? That’s right, The Asia 2019 Korean Food exists, and it’s run by an elderly couple in their sixties. Expect all the Korean staples like kimchi ramen and kimchi stew along with some other slightly less Korean dishes, like curry rice & udon. Their main calling seems to be grilled meat on a hotplate, and I got the Pork Belly Set ($15 nett).⠀

A decent portion of thinly sliced pork belly is stir fried with thinly sliced onions & leeks, served on a sizzling hotplate with the sauce served separately. The banchan (side dishes) are pretty decent, encompassing kimchi, beansprouts, pickled ginger and a fluffy omelette roll, and the set is completed with a bowl of white rice & soup. The pork & onions are competently caramelised, but the sauce on the side was the one that provided most of the flavour.⠀

The sauce was an interesting cross between black bean sauce and gochujang, resulting in a deeply savoury flavour, but had a touch of unpleasant bitterness. I can’t fathom why The Asia 2019 didn’t just stir fry the pork, leeks & onions in that superb sauce, as it would’ve resulted in much better flavour assimilation into the meat & veg, plus the bitter edge of the sauce would’ve been cooked out.⠀

The banchan was pretty decent, with the omelette roll being notably airy & bouncy. Although I’m not entirely convinced that this Pork Belly Set was fully worth fifteen bucks, my belly & hunger were fully satisfied.


@wildfireburgers.sg has been around for quite a while, and their burgers have consistently been in the elite tier of the burger rankings. I can’t even remember the last time I had Wildfire, and after devouring their Triple Bacon Cheeseburger ($24++ for double patties, making this a Triple Double) I’m wondering why I’ve been robbing myself of the pleasure. ⠀

Wildfire gets its name from the flames that leap out of the Binchotan charcoal fired INKA grill, and if you peer into the kitchen you’ll get to see a fire show every few minutes or so. The intense heat sears the patty in a jiffy, locking all the meaty moisture of the beef within the patties, while still putting a charming char on the patties. Speaking of the patties, these thick, juicy beef patties are crafted out of fine Aussie grain fed Angus ground beef topped with cheddar cheese. That combo delivers a brilliant balance of fat that brings flavour and beef that delivers satisfying meatiness blanketed by creamy, delicious, salty melted cheese.⠀

Perfect patties aside, the triple in the Triple Bacon Burger comes from the trifecta of crispy bacon bits, baconnaise (bacon mayonnaise) and bacon jam. The crispy bacon bits did well, but could’ve fared way better if they came as strips instead to maximise the crunch. The bacon jam & baconnaise, on the other hand, were absolutely awesome. The smokiness & savouriness of the bacon infused every morsel of burger with its porky smokiness, and every meaty mouthful was marvellous.⠀

The brioche burger buns were flawless, being delightfully doughy yet airy and bouncy. However, since they had been toasted with butter on, this Triple Double of mine got too cloying too quickly. Perhaps Wildfire should look into providing a fresh contrast to all the meaty madness in the burger by way of a few crisp leaves of lettuce, or maybe even a few pickles. Still, this Triple Double Bacon Cheeseburger is putting up GOAT tier performances that earn it a spot in the hall of fame.

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veg and prawn filling. tasted v fresh! but i found the skin too sticky and thick

not that great honestly there’s barely any meat :( it’s mostly bones

A spot that often comes to mind when I think of getting some solid and unique gelato flavours with an Asian spin, Tom's Palette’s offerings were as good as I remember. At $5.20 for a single (small) cup, I had the Taiwanese Sesame Brittle and Kueh Bangkit.

Fragrant and nutty, the black sesame gelato was spot on with the lingering toasty flavour. The texture was also rich and smooth. Love that added crunch as well as aromatics from the studded black and white sesame brittle. A little milder in flavour but just as lovely, the Kueh Bangkit was right up my alley. The churned Thai coconut cream, pandan and tapioca flour combo tasted like the real deal. A more melty version of the CNY snack. The delicate coconut flavour was surprisingly refreshing - none too decadent or cloying but deliciously creamy.

Fortune Center has a whole slew of vegetarian diners, but @enseeds_healthyfood stands out from amongst them by being the only protein & grain bowl place. Choose from a Vegan Bowl, a Power Protein set that has chicken as the protein, or select the Seabass Set like I did for $13.80 nett.⠀

For $13.80, I got a sizeable slab of seabass slathered in a tangy herb cream sauce that was rather addictive. The fish was fresh, firm & still moist, making it a healthy yet hearty bulking option. Besides the sterling seabass, I was entitled to three side dishes and a carb option. I elected to take baked pumpkin, Shuka Shuka (basically just shakshuka without the egg) and Ol Reliable, steamed broccoli.⠀

The baked pumpkin was oven roasted till soft, and the pumpkin was superbly sweet. It definitely needed a sprinkle of coarse sea salt to really make it pop, but it was still sufficiently tasty enough. The Shuka Shuka, however, was tremendously tasty. I am an eggplant hater, but I quite enjoyed this grilled eggplant & capsicum in tomato paste. Sure, I’m still not a fan of the mushy texture of eggplant, but the tangy, heartwarming sapidity of the tomato paste that the eggplant was in won me over.⠀

I never expected an old place like Fortune Center to house such a modern grain/protein bowl concept, but I’m certainly grateful that EN Seeds is going strong this close to my office.

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