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A nice change from the done-to-death lychee mousse cakes that I have tried elsewhere, the 'Koide' ($10.50) delivers a fragrant, citrus-y touch with the addition of Blood Peach, Grapefruit and Mint. ‘Refreshing’ being the word that comes to mind, this fruity number combines the gentle tartness of the grapefruit with the sweetness of lychee and peach completed by the brightness of the mint sponge at the very bottom. The ideal palate cleanser and for those seeking something light over tea.

Note that in an effort to reduce food wastage and produce a comfortable dining experience, Kki Sweets currently operates under a reservation-only system. 

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Impressed by their creativity, I would recommend all to try “J” ($13.50) as well - a beautiful marriage among the all familiar trio of Black Sesame, Yuzu, and Matcha. The earthy goma kantan-jelly based exterior well-matched by the equally creamy and vibrant yuzu cremeux hidden in the middle. Loving the crunch from the matcha rice puffs and chocolate soil, I am particularly fond of the varying textures that made up the edible planter and how the individually distinct elements were able to come together so nicely.

Note that in an effort to reduce food wastage and produce a comfortable dining experience, Kki Sweets currently operates under a reservation-only system.

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From the design of their menu to the very table that we dined on, Kki Sweets’ latest incarnation at 3 Seah Street offers a whole new model that just spells thoughtfulness.

Prepared a la minute, each exquisite cake requires a prior reservation so food wastage is kept to a minimum, and quality is ensured. The experience was also made comfortable due to the reservation-only system. And looking at the items that we tried, they were all simply works of art.

Having the ‘Teh’ ($9.50), we found it to be the unanimous favourite with the perfect union of Earl Grey, Pear, and Hazelnut. The shards of nutty, caramelised and crisp tuiles providing a textural contrast to the soft, mellow tea-flavoured mousse. Inside was layered with a thin hazelnut sponge with a slightly sharp pear compote right at the center. Adorned with pretty wisps of cornflowers, the tear-shaped cake was delectable and none too sweet.

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Had one of the best cafe experience over at Curious Palette this evening
• very friendly staff guided us to our desired seats when it was available and remembers our orders well
• was very impressed by their cold brews - Matcha and Sea Salt Chocolate. The taste was very rich and on point. Will definitely be back to try other cold brews or order the same ones. Worth the try!!
• Tried the Mentaiko and Truffles Pasta as well. Really like the pasta texture and how flavourful and distinct each dish is
• also like how the menu is accessible by the qr code found on the table, it is so handy and save the earth 🌎

Spent total of $42 (with Entertainer 1-for-1 deal)

1-for-1 main dish

Ordered ribeye steaks and added a set meal with soft drink, mushroom soup and upgraded mashed potato to truffle fries.

Steaks was served with brown sauce and black pepper sauce. The mushroom sauce was really good and nothing like I’ve ever tasted. Not your ordinary mushroom sauce. The steak itself was well seasoned with black pepper but there were quite a few rubbery bits through the steak.

Truffle fries was good. The truffle oil was evenly distributed to each fry and felt as if their oil base for this was truly truffle oil itself.

Mushroom soup was good too. There’s a special twist to the ordinary creamy mushroom soup. Some special ingredient I was unable to pinpoint. It was towards a buttery creamy taste.

Total Bill: $41.70

The Peranakan high tea set came with 2 drinks which was great.

The crostini had blue cheese which i dislike. But other savory items were quite nice. Sweet items were average, i liked the pandan mousse cake best. Scones were abit dry but the spreads (jam, gula melaka kaya) were really good.

Place was spacious which was a welcomed thing. Service was attentive which made the experience more enjoyable. But the chairs and table were not the most ergonomic if i am picky!

Both of the dishes were great and delicious! Strongly recommended to go under reservation! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Wow this was so good!!!! Crispy on the outside, sweet on the inside. Was still crispy when I continued eating it after finishing my main. So good that I started craving for this the next day! 🤤

Very flavourful and tasteful dish with generous amount of crab meat! Tasted really refreshing with the squeeze of lime juice. I really enjoyed this pasta but it was a little dry, wished that it was oilier though. Also, must remember to mix the pasta well, I didn’t and had a lot of crab meat left towards the end that made the last few mouths extremely salty.

Very worth it with Burpple 1 for 1!

Looks beautiful in photos but tasted pretty average. Patty was a little dry but luckily there were scrambled eggs to pair it with. Nevertheless, still worth it as I used Burpple 1 for 1 for this dish.