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I'm a huge fan of eggs and toast ($9++), no matter if it's ang moh version or kopitiam version.

Anyway Rise&Grind makes really good poached eggs which were the perfect amount of runny, and I think they use free range or organic eggs because their egg yolks always had that deep golden colour.

Rise and grind coffee co.

Actually wanted to eat at Xie Kee Hokkien mee but forever not open!!!!!!! Also went to cafe hopping in a box and they're closed for an event. It also started pouring. 😥😥 I spotted this on my way out! I was like 'why not' and there's not much people inside as well. Nothing special about the breakfast set though. Lol

Felt like I haven't posted western food in a while.

Linguine allo scoglio (can you tell that I love my seafood and linguine?), a classic seafood pasta tossed in a spicy tomato sauce with grana padano cheese. The spicy tomato sauce was not spicy at all, but it was rich and full of flavours of the sea. The cheese also added depth to the sauce, and the pasta was truly al dente. There is also a tom yum version of this which may possibly be more spicy.

Rise & Grind Coffee Co.

💨Today's vibe... i need lots of coffee ☕️... maybe some matcha latte 🍵 too?

Filling And Delicious!

Tried the avo-ca-dukkah ($15) and the pulled pork Benedict ($15). Glad to say both were absolutely delicious with perfectly poached eggs that spewed over our toasted sourdoughs like a beautiful volcanic eruption. The pulled pork was definitely well marinated and accompanied by Apple slaw that cut through the sweetness. The avocado toasts were a little on the salty side tho. Still, perfect bench spot!

Hangover Cure ($18) 🥓🍄🍳🍴Didn't have any hangover but the yummy dish cured any hunger pangs & work-related stress 🤗.

Was a big portion with 2 poached eggs, 2 pieces of bacons, 2 pieces of sourdough bread, a large chicken sausage & many tomatoes & mushrooms which made it perfect for equal sharing with a friend. Everything was fresh & cooked well to make an overall tasty (& filling) dish. It is quite a classic brunch-kinda dish though so nothing spectacular/ unique ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
[email protected], Bukit Timah Plaza #L1-CA1, S588996

Croissant w scrambled egg + add smoked salmon ($13) 🥐🍳

🍴A value-for-money brunch option as the dish included a surprisingly generous serving of deliciously cooked scrambled eggs & 4 (!) big pieces of smoked salmon. Paired with a crispy and buttery croissant & mesclun salad, the inexpensive dish deserves a 👍🏼 ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
[email protected], Bukit Timah Plaza #L1-CA1, S588996
#brunchsg #croissant #riseandgrindcoffeeco

Ocean Thirteen

Smoked salmon with egg benedict and many more for $17 excluding GST ! Overall satisfying dish 😁 would definitely visit again!

The Gold Standard Burger

Beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic & chive aioli, arugula leaves, brioche bun with fries
(Delivered by @Deliveroo_SG; sign up at for $10 off your first order!)

flat white @ rise & grind coffee co

weekend already?? time seems to flash at quicksilver's pace of late. so need coffee to prevent whiplash.

[SGP] sweet potato fries with mentaiko dressing.

This came out hot from the fryer and the liberal amount of tangy salty dressing was cause for great joy. The health conscious should order this to share because its so good you'll probably finish this before you can even say #eatclean

Matcha latte ($6), one of my favourite cafe drinks.

Can't wait for the weekends again. Though going to be a busy one!

Want to wake up to this, errday 🍵

On the sweeter side but nice hint of bitterness and floral fragrance.

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta

I don't usually settle for pasta especially in cafes, but this dish had been consistently mentioned by friends so often I thought I might as well try it as a treat before entering the exam hall (oh excuses ...). Pasta was al-dente and the seafood was actually rather fresh especially the prawns — the pasta was laced in this Tom Yum sauce with bright, tangy flavours that dances on the tongue that is lightly spicy but very alluring. It's actually quite near perfection — if only the sauce is less watery and thicker in consistency so it laces around the strands of linguine better; would really agree to this dish in a heartbeat!

Pulled Pork Benedict

One of the better pulled pork I've had in a long time, topped with crunchy strips of apple and add in two perfect poached eggs into the picture?! YAS!

Juicy and tender, Rise & Grind Coffee Co’s slow cooked pork shoulder just falls apart in your mouth ($15). The decadent brunch item is then made more so, slathered with apple cider hollandaise. Not a fan of hollandaise, I found their rendition to be surprisingly light with a hint of acidity and paired nicely with the flavourful shredded pork. Of course, how can I forget the flowy eggs that coated the dish with luscious-rich yolk. Perhaps on the sweeter side, they may need to amp up the savoury flavours but in all the two sourdough toasts were able to balance the sweet and tangy barbecue sauce as well as soak up all the goodness.

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