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#L1-CA1 Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996

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The other thing is their sweet potato fries coated in a thick mentaiko mayo sauce. I love mentaiko anything and this was no exception. Granted, its not the healthiest thing around but then again, if I was looking for healthy, I’d be having a salad.

Been longing for another brunch date hence here we are. Nothing more satisfying then ordering my favourite usual: Smoked salmon, poached eggs on sourdough. The Pulled Pork Benedict was a slight miss for me though, personally found it too sweet for my liking probably because of the Apple cider hollandaise! Nevertheless, lovely and quiet ambience tucked away in Bukit Timah Plaza, with both indoor and al-fresco dining options available!

Bacon, mushroom, dried sakura shrimp, 63°C egg, grana padano cheese
(Delivered by @Uber_SING #UberEATS; use 'eats-uberbryandmlee' for $5 off your first order!)

Used the hungrygowhere deal 141 at 20+

Was eating properly with "pasta form" and decorum until I tasted this and I couldn't help but start slurping down this amazing dish. Rather different from the usual Tom yum, not mentioning it's superbly creamy, but you can definitely tell the elements used in a Tom yum e.g. the lemongrass. However if your execution is this stellar any innovation is forgiven even if it doesn't stay true to its name. Certainly helps that the seafood was incredibly fresh you can tell immediately, be it the prawns or the mussels. The mushrooms were also a perfect compliment and is good enough to be served on its own. Combine that with cherry tomatoes and you're set for a mindblowing fusion pasta dish

Oh yeah ofc the pasta was al dente you can't expect them to mess that up right when everything else is great

Mmmmm. The temperature control is really excellent here where the ice cream is not too cold and the date pudding is just warm enough to provide the contrast without being too hard on your teeth.

Anyways each bite was just magical where the smooth dense moist sticky date pudding combines with the vanilla bean ice cream, enlivened by the saltiness of the salted caramel drizzle which was just sweet enough

Other dish I ordered using the hungrygowhere deal

First off again it doesn't really stay true so what normal chili crab taste like, but sometimes I feel it's about adapting the recipe to suit the medium you're presenting the flavours through, not just slathering good chili crab sauce on pasta. Anyways again if your end product is this impressive there's no reason to say no to the tweaking of Orthodox recipes
The dish feels very light though it doesn't means the flavour is compromised at all, possible due to the sauce thats milder in spice and tomato based. What takes it to the next level is the quality of the crab used. U can taste the freshness and esp the natural sweetness of the chunky crab pieces. The final touch can only be called unfair. The sauce and crab and the al dente pasta is already so irresistible, and on top of that u add fried shallots? Ofc thats gonna be the bomb

First time trying and love it. Both are yummy and will come again. Nice place too..

Anyway Rise&Grind makes really good poached eggs which were the perfect amount of runny, and I think they use free range or organic eggs because their egg yolks always had that deep golden colour.

Actually wanted to eat at Xie Kee Hokkien mee but forever not open!!!!!!! Also went to cafe hopping in a box and they're closed for an event. It also started pouring. 😥😥 I spotted this on my way out! I was like 'why not' and there's not much people inside as well. Nothing special about the breakfast set though. Lol

Linguine allo scoglio (can you tell that I love my seafood and linguine?), a classic seafood pasta tossed in a spicy tomato sauce with grana padano cheese. The spicy tomato sauce was not spicy at all, but it was rich and full of flavours of the sea. The cheese also added depth to the sauce, and the pasta was truly al dente. There is also a tom yum version of this which may possibly be more spicy.

💨Today's vibe... i need lots of coffee ☕️... maybe some matcha latte 🍵 too?

Tried the avo-ca-dukkah ($15) and the pulled pork Benedict ($15). Glad to say both were absolutely delicious with perfectly poached eggs that spewed over our toasted sourdoughs like a beautiful volcanic eruption. The pulled pork was definitely well marinated and accompanied by Apple slaw that cut through the sweetness. The avocado toasts were a little on the salty side tho. Still, perfect bench spot!

Was a big portion with 2 poached eggs, 2 pieces of bacons, 2 pieces of sourdough bread, a large chicken sausage & many tomatoes & mushrooms which made it perfect for equal sharing with a friend. Everything was fresh & cooked well to make an overall tasty (& filling) dish. It is quite a classic brunch-kinda dish though so nothing spectacular/ unique ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
📍@riseandgrindco, Bukit Timah Plaza #L1-CA1, S588996

🍴A value-for-money brunch option as the dish included a surprisingly generous serving of deliciously cooked scrambled eggs & 4 (!) big pieces of smoked salmon. Paired with a crispy and buttery croissant & mesclun salad, the inexpensive dish deserves a 👍🏼 ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
📍@riseandgrindco, Bukit Timah Plaza #L1-CA1, S588996
#brunchsg #croissant #riseandgrindcoffeeco

Smoked salmon with egg benedict and many more for $17 excluding GST ! Overall satisfying dish 😁 would definitely visit again!

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