[CLOSED] Rochor Thai (Novena)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Rochor Thai returns at Novena!

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From the Burpple community

The phad Thai is delicious. The taste was just right. Wished there were more prawns. Didn't quite feel satisfied enough.

Clear tom yam soup was damn spicy. 👍👍💪🏻💪🏻

Overall a nice place, will bring the Mrs here the next time.

Price is steep though.

Phad Thai : $14
Clear tom yam soup : $ 15
Thai iced tea : $4.80


The only meh dish of the meal. Think the coconut ice cream was homemade as the coconut taste couldnt be detected apart from by 1 person from the table. Everyone remarked it tasted more like vanilla ice cream. The peanut and sticky rice were rather innovative

Is it just me to do they seem to do everything a little differently here? The coconut milk was light and fragrant while not losing out in flavour(not sure what they did to it haha) while the red ruby had a superb balance of chew and crunch. Better than certain fine dining establishments

Rather interesting dessert. Fruity, sour and sweet makes for a refreshing palate cleanser. They claim to be the only one in singapore and i havent tasted this before

Prawn wasn't as considerable as some of the other phad thais ive tried lately but it definitely still makes the cut. Rather interesting omelette cover i believe, but it didnt do much for the flavour at all. Phad thai itself was really well done and it leans towards the saucy variety, and the dried prawn bits added bits of umami that were irresistable. Really appreciated the small slice of lime (so that little is wasted)

Seems like a rather normal dish but the flavours were phenomenal. Umami and sticky sauce really coated the kailan and the roast pork well, and even the fried egg didnt seem out of place. Roast pork was slightly crispy even after being tossed in the sauce, and the chili in the sauce made it all the more addictive. Wouldn't share this dish if i had my way :p