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This also came in a pack of 2 so one bun is $1. Again, the filling was too little so it was a disappointment :( kaya was good tho!

Bought this from the Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery. They sell this in a pack of 2, so one pack is $2! Bread is nice & fluffy, but we were abit disappointed bc the filling was just too little. Not as good as some of the other bakeries out there which is a shame bc prior to buying this, we read the reviews & most of the reviews were pretty good 😟

No need for any fancy sourdough or $20.80 red wine longan bread. Just give me some freshly baked old school buns from this humble bakery at Serangoon Garden Market for about $1.10 each.

Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery (01-45) is a crowd favourite and it opens from 7.30am till about 1pm each day or till it sells out. The buns are so soft and fluffy and the filling is generous. Some of the flavours available include red bean, yam, curry, ham and cheese, sausage, coconut and luncheon meat. They also sell cream puffs and banana cakes but it was sold out when I visited the stall.

Managed to grab my hand on a few of their buns and it seems like every item is popular. I was very impressed and it certainly lived up to its hype. Simplicity at its finest.

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used beyond 1-1 at fat boy’s for their main dish! overall was pleasant! except for the patty of the cheese burger was slightly too salty for my liking

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There’s many choices of old school buns/pastries

Bought 2 x luncheon meat buns, peanut bun, yam bun, hae bee hiam bun, butter bun, banana cake 🍌 and butter cake (he said it’s tiny so he gave me 1 more) for $8 only!

Other flavours include coconut, otah, cheese, kaya, tuna, cheese ham, red bean, chicken sausage, cream puffs and hot cross buns

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$10.50 for 2 pax - peanuts 🥜 咸菜, tau kwa, fishcake, tau pok and 大肠

The kway chap is as thin as tissue paper! Super smooth. No wonder most people ordered the big bowls, I’ll do that next time too. The 大肠 are very clean and cooked to perfection. Other ingredients are up to standard too. Worth my time queuing 👍🏻