More Reviews at Starbucks (Compass One)

More Reviews of good food at Starbucks (Compass One)

Peach Cloud with Jelly (Grande - $7.80) look not that bad 😋 and a bit sweet aftertaste (peach flavour) :") But I felt that it was quite milky taste for the cloud (milk based) I didn't requested for huge straw to eat jelly from the drink. I literally use two straws lol and its hard to drink for getting pearls from the drink.

It was quite a nice drink (although they used mango syrup) that came with mango pudding and mango bits! But we thought it was slightly too ex at $8.80 for the smallest cup! #burpple #burpplesg

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I like the irish cream coffee pudding! But found the matcha earl grey jelly a little too sweet for me..

Granola Dark Mocha ☕️
Had this during the 1-for-1 (otherwise you won't find me loitering near Starbucks). Hands down prefer the Irish cream one. Coffee pudding was really nice and refreshing. Would order it less sweet the next time round, the amount of sugar is just too much.
Expected the dark mocha granola to be more chocolatey, but instead was greeted with more cereal taste.

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A delightful union of Starbucks signature Green Tea Frappuccino and freeze-dried strawberry bits that sit between two fluffy layers of strawberry whipped cream. The drink is then topped off with green tea powder and more freeze-dried strawberry goodness 》$7.60/Tall

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🍴 Drink: Cotton Candy Frappe
🍺 Size: Grande
💸 Price: 7.6

FAV FAV FAV starbucks drink, not only is the colour super pretty (my fav colour is pink so it puts me in a good mood all the time), but it tastes amazing as well (at least for me) 😛. A zero-caffeine drink hence if you're going for coffee-based, do not order this.


Try the chocolate peanut butter cake if you enjoy the peanut butter and chocolate. It's a good dessert when you have it with a tea. $6.50. You can request to heat up if you want to. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Enjoy a cup of simply Green Tea @ Starbucks at $4.90 with TWO teabags! It's worth it and moreover hot water is refillable. The staffs are friendly, but it's always crowded. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ristretto Bianco is something similar like Latte where only selected countries in Starbucks have this; Europe, South Korea, etc. If you enjoy Latte, I'm sure you will love this. Cost $7.90 for Venti (largest) size. It looks like a heart shape for their latte art, didn't know if the barista did it on purpose or not... Enjoy it anyway! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Asked for a $6.30 Venti and gulps down in a single shot! Lemony, refreshing, chilling... nothing stops, not even the raindrops from the angry clouds! I'd wanted a Cool Lime refresher but it was out-of-stock: 😖


20 May’19, Mon⛅️⁣
- Flat White☕️⁣

Ordered a cuppa, studying...🤓⁣

Damage: $5.10

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