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From the Burpple community

Cheap yet good! Always a long queue at peak hours because its the most yummy food at the Deck. Couples with the non diluted ice milo, it makes my day a lil better from the endless lectures & tutorials

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The chicken rice stall is my second favourite stall at The Deck (the first being MALAAA).

Was impressed with it the first time I ate it! I love how firm and fragrant the rice is. Plus the chicken is really well-marinated as well! The roasted pork is really good and crispy too 😻 The char siew is nothing special though. I also like the soup (although it's probably just MSG LOL), it tastes better than all the other chicken rice soup outside!!!

The queue is long but service is fast. So try this the next time you come to The Deck! Imho it's better than the YTF πŸ˜‚


Always satisfying the laksa YTF craving ~ affordable and so rich in tastes. The liao runs out real fast though, glad to eat this one last time before πŸŽ“


The Muslim food here (b1 of the deck) deserve a mention, with its generous serving of tender beef rendang. Also the kentang ball is yums too. All for $3.50. Nice that I get to practice some of my bahasa indo while ordering too!

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Favourite favourite Mala. The spice and ingredients just hit the right spot :-) weekly indulgence! Love how they price it by per plate of ingredients at v reasonable prices.


IT WILL BE THE CLAYPOT DELIGHTS. Seriously this stall serves one of the best meals in NUS cos where else can you get 2 legit chicken drumsticks (and 2 whole fish on a separate occasion) at less than $4 ?!?!!?? Their vege dishes are a good complement to the meats too, so so satisfied every single time πŸ˜‹