Victor's Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza)

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We serve Hong Kong style dimsum and the best custard buns in Singapore at Sunshine Plaza on Bencoolen Street.

91 Bencoolen Street
#01-49 Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652

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10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 09:00pm

10:30am - 09:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Visited Victor’s Kitchen on a Saturday night for dinner and it was quite packed but we didn’t have to queue for seats. Was rather excited to try their HK milk tea (the unsweetened version) but these days, they serve them with sugar only as they are pre-made. While it still retains the tea fragrance characteristic of HK milk tea, I wish they would offer patrons a no sugar version instead.

For our dim sum, we had a bowl of fish with century egg porridge. It came in a larger than normal bowl and was pretty filling for two people to share when you’re ordering other dim sum dishes as well. They gave a few big chunks of century egg and fish slices as well. On top of that, ginger and spring onion strips were also added, likely to neutralize the fishiness of the porridge dish. It’s definitely comforting for the tummy but nothing exceptional.

The fried prawn dumpling was the first dish served to us and as the plate used was big, the dumplings appeared really small in comparison. That said, served alongside tartar sauce, the prawn dumplings did concern a substantial amount of prawn meat and the skin did offer a nice crunchy texture after being fried to a nice golden brown color.

Was personally most excited for the chee cheong fun - with a fried youtiao encasing prawn meat being stuffed between layers of the silky rice roll. It’s a really nice combination of soft and crunchy textures, with the soft cheong fun contrasting with the crunchy youtiao before you reach the innermost layer of fresh juicy prawn meat. At the side, the usual sweet sauce was given but it wasn’t a sauce that would complement well with the cheong fun in our opinion.

We also had a bowl of their XO sauce with steamed carrot cake, which featured strips of radish and lup cheong cubes embraced by soft carrot cake in a bowl. It’s rather unique compared to the usual fried carrot cake pieces at dim sum places. What we liked best about this dish was the XO sauce that came in a metal saucer that we also enjoyed with other dim sum (like the chee cheong fun).

Not pictured, we also ordered their glutinous rice that my partner found a bit too soft for his liking but I personally thought the pillowy soft rice grains were quite enjoyable when eating with tougher chicken meat served in the dish.

While prices are on the higher side, the quality is worth paying for and most dishes are quite authentic. As a bonus, you probably wouldn’t have to wait as long for a table compared to swee choon but the trade off is that you do have fewer options here.


At $2.35 per piece, we were expecting something that of taicheong's quality but we think that this is a miss. The egg filling was rather jiggly in the inside but there was a rough "film layer" at the top. Perhaps they have been left out for quite a while, even though it was still quite hot when it was served to us. The cookie crust was on the soft side and perhaps a bit under-baked as it was not crumbly/ 脆 enough. Perhaps the saving grace is that the butter is just at the right amount.

Having tried most of the recommended dimsum at Victor's Kitchen, we decided to try something else on the menu today - the xiaolongbao! We felt that the xiaolongbao at Victor's Kitchen were slightly bigger than those at many other dimsum restaurants, and the skin was thicker and more floury as well! One upside of the larger size is that the serving of minced pork in each piece is relatively generous as well! 😁

However, we were a little disappointed because the three pieces of xiaolongbao were stuck to each other and they burst when we tried to pull them apart! 😭😭😭 Hence, we did not get to try the fragrant broth that each piece of xiaolongbao is supposed to contain. Hopefully, this will not happen if we ever order the xiaolongbao again.

Victors kitchen is quite popular especially for meals on a weekend. Hence, do be prepared to queue especially if you are coming in a big group! Also, you may wish to note that the restaurant accepts cash only (not even NETS), so it might be worthwhile to pay a visit to the ATM machine before you head to Victor's Kitchen!

Was scrolling through Oddle Eats for some food to bring back home near the office over the weekend, and chanced upon these egg tarts which had been recently introduced on Victor’s Kitchen menu. While the original egg tarts have been available on Victor’s Kitchen menu for quite a while, they have also released new variants like the Egg White, Matcha and D24 Durian — all of which available as an ala-carte item of 2pcs, or in the form of the Egg Tarts Extravaganza that sees all four flavours in one box.

Having them on the same night after self pick-up at their Sunshine Plaza outlet in the evening, the egg tarts seemed to have survived the journey rather well — the egg tarts here come with a cookie-crust that held up the fillings pretty well, though it was on the softer, slightly crumbly side. The top two picks for me would have been easily the Japanese Matcha and D24 Durian; the former being a rather interesting fusion that gives the classic egg tart a modern, Japanese twist that would gel well with hipsters who loves all-things Matcha. For one, I was surprised how the matcha-infused egg curd was nothing too sweet nor eggy; choosing to emphasise on the bitter undertones of the Japanese tea that gave it a different sort of appeal that I appreciated — some pretty quality Matcha that went it there. The D24 Durian featured fibrous durian flesh hidden within the middle of the egg curd — carried the pungency of the king of fruits with creamy and smooth durian flesh hidden amidst the jiggly and aptly sweet egg curd; an additional touch to their standard egg tart. In comparison, the Egg White Tart comes with a lower level of sweetness — have initially expected it to come pretty close to Le Cafe’s Soya Beancurd tarts but this was almost akin to having egg white meringue in egg curd form with a more manageable level of sweetness; preferred this over the standard egg tart that the box also came with.

If I can only pick one flavour out of the four to have, the Japanese Matcha Tart is the one I will go for again — I liked how they didn’t butcher this one and went for a flavour that focuses on the umami, bitter undertones of the Japanese tea; totally something that hits my taste buds for sure!

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Soft, gooey and mushy. Add soya and XO sauce to give more taste else this dish is a meh.😐 Not enough dried shrimp taste.


Delicate lava flow, addicting, each bite need to be careful as it will splash and will dirty your hand.