[CLOSED] Yomoda Soba

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * There's little wonder why the YOMODA soba stand draws long queues daily in Tokyo. The first in line at their first ever outlet in Singapore


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This set comes with a Kitsune Soba (that is slightly smaller than what you get normally), a potato salad (which is delicious) and hot green tea for a beverage. The soup tasted refreshing and the taste was further enhanced with added Sansho Pepper. I would definetely come back here again

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Definitely not the best soba noodles I've had, but I love that the stall prides itself on the quality of the ingredients and the fact that the noodles were handmade. This whole set was a nice, light Japanese meal and considering the location, I found the pricing to be very reasonable. There was quite a variety of side dishes to choose from as well, like fried eggplants/octopus etc.
If you're bringing a bigger appetite, definitely go for their soba+rice bowl set! If my memory serves me right, portions were generous and prices starts from $12.90 for it.


SOBAAAA 😍I had intense soba cravings yesterday so imagine my excitement when I found specialising in soba noodles and priding themselves in an msg-free broth. I ordered the simple chicken and leek hot soba ($15.80) which was also the chef recommended option, to experience the taste as it is. The shoyu-based broth had hints of yuzu and it was really flavourful despite being no-msg. The noodles were done nicely too, with a good bite and texture to them. Very satisfied with my dinner and a really perfect dish when you are wanting something warm on a cold day!


One of the most authentic soba places in Singapore. There's so many dipping sauces to choose from and all of them are delicious. Here's the indian curry which is more like a stew cos it's mixed with the dipping soba soy sauce. Noodles were soft and yummy.


Pick up a thick piece of katsu. It holds together well with its golden brown batter. A slight tough, chewing into it reveals an interesting texture of the locally sourced pork as the flavour of peppered soft egg mixes in. Specially selected rice pairs well with the sweet-salty sauce and juicy onions. It's a hearty, warm bowl but that's not the end of it!
Pull up slippery buckwheat soba with its fragrant seaweed toppings. Dip the light and smooth noodles into cold soup, nicely salty and refreshing to enjoy the springy bite. The Kanto (east Japan) style soup mixes dark soy sauce with dashi stock from bonito and kelp. It pairs with three cold, pickled appetizers — tart tsukemono (pickles), lightly seasoned beansprouts with a piece of fried beancurd and mixed veggies. Negi (onions), considerately on the side, offers fragrance, together with invigorating wasabi and tempura bits!
My set was the best of both worlds — rice and noodles, hearty and light, hot and cold. With their portions, it's practically a meal for two in one!
Appreciate the invited tasting! @jpassportsg @yomoda_soba_singapore
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Full review: http://bit.do/herecomesgin-yomoda-soba

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I had a Tempura Kake Soba (a slight change from the pre-set menu) because I was craving for something hot and soupy, and yes, it didn't disappoint.
Using a mixture of buckwheat flour imported from Yamanashi, Tochigi and Hokkaido, the soba here is made daily at the shop. It had a good texture, though I would have preferred a slightly (even) firmer bite, and it was surprisingly light on the palate. The Kansai-style MSG-free dashi broth was also another highlight of the dish with its smooth yet bold flavour. There were also some orange peels on top that gave a good refreshing addition to the broth.
The tempura itself was pretty good with my favourite being the juicy chicken and pumpkin. I found the oyster mushroom tempura to be rather "annoying" for it was quite difficult to find the right way to bite it. But aside of that trivial complaint of mine, the tempura was enjoyable with very very little trace of oil and I really enjoyed dipping the tempura into the dashi broth as well.
I would definitely love to try their other dishes here and I think, they have set quite a high standard for other soba shops in town.