Gu Thai Noodle House; Tom Yum noodles ($7.50). I have a thing for Tom Yum Noodles. And this seriously kick me in the stomach, I asked for the normal spicy level, and my stomach is laced with heat that lasted through the night and morning. So you have been warned. The onsen egg, is done perfectly well, that breaks at the poke of my fork. Generous portion of minced pork and chopped peanuts, makes this bowl as wholesome and fiery as it possibly can.

If you’re ever in Haji Lane, in search for good food and drinks, you have to be there. Fresh, and sourced daily from local farms, you will be sure that the seafood is of top-notched quality.
Take this plate of sea bass pate, smoked mixed with cream cheese, this buttery pate, is smooth like a baby bottom. Light, but distinct, certainly go well with the toasted baguette, or on it own. The tobiko, adds a nice pop to every bite, perfect for sharing with a nice cocktail to boot.


Shio Ramen (small: $11.50); I’m loving the thick creamy pork broth, drizzled with roasted white sesame, and everything in between. A tad on the oily side, but I’m not complaining. The noodles are chewy. And the slice of pork is well seasoned and grilled to perfection. The ratio of meat and fats is great, bringing out the best in texture, taste, and flavour.


Orchid Live Seafood, needs no introduction. They are famed for the lobster dishes and yes, this was definitely my family favourite. Fresh lobsters halved and top with tons minced garlic and egg white, before being steamed to perfection. Each bite of the firm white flesh, screamed fresh and light, without that overwhelming garlicky mouthful of flavour. While the lobsters are on the “small-medium” size, it is definitely more than enough to go around.


Having a bloody good hummus kawerma ($9.90), smooth hummus topped with roasted pine nuts and minced beef. Paired with toasty pita bread, making it a bloody good appetiser. While the hummus, is light, the beef add depth into the flavour, savoury and earthy. Well-balanced and definitely addictive to have before the start of the course.

Well-coated, sweet, tangy and absolutely generous with their serving. This plate of fried baby squids is my family favourite dish. The sweet and sour sauce is thin, but packs a lot of good flavour, without drowning or being overpowering. The balance is great, and very addictive!


Breakfast in a good old fashioned way. Super QQ, bouncy fishball to die for, and extremely dense but bouncy Teochew fishball makes anyone a happy person. Very generous with the mee tai mak, and even more generous with its chilli, spicy without the overdose, well balanced.


[Riverside Good Food]-Hokkien Mee
Lard after lard, and spoonful of sweet chilli, this plate is set to make you salivate. Colourfully dotted with the greens and yellow, and white, this Hokkien Mee is wet type, stir fried with good amount of wok hei, to bring everything together like a symphony playing Kitri act III, fiery, intense and flavourful.

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For what it is worth, the bowl do serve generosity. Fresh salmon slices, topped with a huge dollop of mentai, torches just a notch to bring out the flavours. And finally sprinkled with dried rice seasoning, and voila, a don that satisfy the masses with its price point and its appeal to the masses.
Great for people who needs a quick meal, because you can’t really linger around, the minute you’re done.m as the owner would chase you out (and totally understandable, the stall is small).


Fresh seafood, great sauce base, generous portion, and definitely very hearty, totally perfect for a big group to share and have a good meal with.
For $158++, you get a huge tray of 2 flower crab, gong gong, scallops with vermicelli,, lala, oyster season with minced garlic and chilli, medium sized prawns, crawfish, a small grouper. Definitely fit for 4-6pax, and will leave you full and wanting more. Each seafood is individually cooked (take the crawfish, cooked in mala before being placed into the tray), and placed on top of cabbage and it’s original soy sauce/broth.
Colourful as it is, the seafood is honestly crunchy and fresh. Definitely worth the trip down to Serangoon. What’s more once you’re done, you can cross the road, and have some durian mousse dessert at Dessert Bowl.


I can’t get enough of these 5 thick slabs of salmon belly. So smooth, melty and absolutely divine. Priced at $16/plate, I think it’s really value for money for what I’m getting. (Basically popping 2-3 slices into your mouth from other restaurants).


Disclaimer: have to private location cause app is kinda down.

Address: 〒059-0551 Hokkaidō, Noboribetsu-shi, Noboribetsuonsenchō, 30 そば処 福庵

Hello for Noboribetsu, Hokkaido. Having a ball of a time making snowman, and soaking in onsen and having my powder white Christmas.
Tempura prawn don and small hot soba is thing to have, when you are done with the -8 degrees hike around the valley and more.
The portion is big, the don is with made with love, and patience with each tempura fried individually. So crisp but yet nice and moist on the inside, these huge babies are laid on top of white fluffy rice, dousing with their sweet, savoury sauce. That hot soba, practically just so yummy to slurp and basically doing the Japanese mannerism proud. Swimming in hot soba soup, you have to top it with their spring onions and yuzu slices, to bring the soup out and make it a partner rather than a sideline.
For what it is worth, at 980¥ ($11.60), definitely there is a reason why it is so popular with the locals.