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The ground beef filling is already rich with bechamel and deep frying them made them a tad too greasy. The piquillo pepper also seemed to have shriveled in the heat, when I would really love to taste its alluring smokey sweetness. The previous Serenity Spanish Bar served up a non-fried version with tuna filling which was really enjoyable but this pales in comparison even though the filling is more indulgent.
Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/02/tapas-club-vivocity-beyond-repertoire.html
Tapas Club
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 62844680
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront (CC Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12pm - 10pm
Sat-Sun, PH: 1130am - 1030pm


Or get it as a main as part of the 3 course set lunch at $12.90. Superb value for money given its location in a mall (overlooking Sentosa no less). Best option off the set lunch with yummy baby squids in a lovely crispy batter.

They're whipping up Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine that presents the dishes to another level. Specialised in their amazing Meze board ($26), a traditional dish meant to be shared and savoured with a selection of small bites that truly make you feel like you're having tapas in the Mediterranean. Also their fusion selections of Small & Big Plates like Lamb Kofta ($28), flavour bursting Roasted Cauliflower ($15) and Super savoury Tuna Tartare ($17). Delicious food to distribute among friends or for date nights!
LUNCH: MON–FRI, 11.30AM - 2.30PM
DINNER: MON-SAT, 6.00PM - 10.30PM
And Now serves BRUNCH on Saturdays from 11.30AM - 2.30PM
A full review of the food will be on my official website in my description!

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Newly opened at Frasers Tower, which is just a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, is Cuba Libre Café & Bar! ❤ Helmed by Executive Chef Alex hailing from Cuba, @cubalibre.sg serves contemporary Latin American cuisine. With a strong belief & dedication to using fresh ingredients & cooking only upon orders to ensure 100% freshness, it is not hard to see Chef plucking lime or fresh mint leaves to concoct your jug of mojito or picking herbs for your plate of olives. 🤩🤩🤩
Honoured to join @Burpple’s March eat-up where Chef thoughtfully created wine & food pairings for us! If you don’t trust me, trust Chef Alex! 😉
Started the night with a glass of CastellBlanc Cava Brut, which looked like champagne but tasted very crisp, even more so than sparkling wine. 😋 As someone who seldom drinks & can’t appreciate hard liquor, this one from Catalonia, Spain carried a pleasant light sweetness of the grapes, which appealed to me coupled with those fine bubbles. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Pairing this glass with their Mixed Seasoned Olives (launching soon) is simply perfect. 💕 Seasoned with fine herbs & honey balsamic dressing, these plump olives were soft & bursting with flavours after absorbing the essence from herbs like thyme, rosemary & olive oil, which complimented its innate soft creamy mouthfeel. 😍😍😍 Super addictive & I couldn’t help but keep poppin’ more of them into my mouth! Wash down any tartness with the wine & u’ll be ready to start again! 👌🏻
Whet your appetite with their Shrimp Skewers (5 for $10) - a must-try! 💯 Featuring springy sautéed shrimp brochettes glazed with white wine served with lemon & red chilli sauce, this was indeed a HOT favourite among the Burpplers! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The outstanding creole sauce was reminiscent of nonya otah (or otak-otak), perhaps attributing to similar spices used, but 1 thing is for sure - it has a fiery kick so remember your glass in hand! 🔥🔥🔥So good that we wiped the sauce clean with some toasted bread like Singaporeans do our chilli crab sauce with mantous. 😂
A perfect start to the night & other good food that awaits us! ✌🏻

Went there because of burpple 1 for 1. Apparently it's either the one for one mains or tapas. So it's not one for one mains and tapas. The T and C weren't so clear about this. We only realised when we went there. Tried the pork belly. It was OK. However we tried a hot tapas which was the prawn dish and it was really good. But it was without the discount so it was $18 for about 5 prawns 😂😂 our bill amounted to around $60 and we only had 3 dishes.
Overall :

Taste: 6/10
Value for money 2/10

Glasshouse by DHM (Deliciae Hospitality Management) is a multi-concept two-storey terrace with four restaurants encompassing various cuisines and menus that customers can indulge in at the same time. Nestled comfortably in the side of Robinsons The Heeren, the mainly alfresco dining experience gives customers the option of ordering from the menus of four eponymous restaurants in DHM’s namesake grasp, from handcrafted juicy burgers hailing from &Made to communal tapas and Spanish classics delectably created by Sabio. A weekend lunch over a fortnight ago gave me the opportunity to try a single dish from one of their concepts, the L’Entrecôte Steak & Fries Bistro. Of course, eponymous to their restaurant and being in fact, the only main course served in their menu (the only other exception being a singular XXL upsized version of the same dish) is their Trimmed Entrecôte Steak ($34.90++). Served with their self-proclaimed legendary sauce, a generous portion of straight cut fries and a green walnut salad, the experience was sadly rather lacklustre. Entrecôte (French for “between the ribs”) is essentially just a ribeye steak that is prepared and served off the bone, conclusively being a rather thin boneless ribeye steak. The entrecôte steak served at L’Entrecôte at the Glasshouse was rather tough for my liking, and chewing became a bore by the fourth inconclusive bite. The only redeeming factor of the dish was in fact, the delightful mustard-forward sauce that paired wonderfully with the crisp and simply seasoned straight-cut fries.

Sweet, succulent prawns bathing in a melange of garlic oil and their own juices is my idea of a good time. Don’t stop until you’ve sucked the heads dry and mopped all the sauce up with an extra order of pan con tomate. Easily one of the best and most value for money dishes at FOC Sentosa.

Taste: 4/5


Delicious blend of shredded beef cheek, chicken thigh & foie gras wrapped in a thin layer of crepe then finished with Parmesan cream, beef jus and parsley oil. Yum!!

Ps: only half of the portion pictured, they split it nicely for us ☺️

Homemade anything always catches my eye on a menu and I must say this dessert certainly did not disappoint! So this cheesecake features a beautifully brûléed top with the jelly-like centre that just barely holds together, its velvety smoothness reminiscent of the most decadent custard or crème mousseline.

This is lighter and fluffier than most cheesecakes and has more of a savory cheese flavor (from the blue cheese!), it also does not that cloying sweetness and over-the-top creaminess that tends to be overwhelming.

As usual great choice on the 1 for 1 burpple beyond menu, had their entrecote steak this time.. Plenty of fries w salad as the appetizer.. Also ordered their awesome choux..

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This lovely lobster roll is no doubt a piece of art, and not just visually. It is delicate and well composed with all the elements that worked together harmoniously.

I then found out that this roll is a tribute to the one from the former Catalunya restaurant. Love how it’s on a lighter side (no bread!!) compared to most versions of lobster rolls out there.

The lobster meat is encased within thinly sliced avocado and served with a rich crustacean stock made from the head of the lobster then topped with caviar and ikura.


Named after one of the co founder and chef Alain’s (ex chef of Catalunya) 9 year old daughter, Olivia is a new eatery along the bustling Keong Saik road which strives to bring Barcelona’s dining culture to Singapore.

The menu at Olivia Restaurant & Lounge presents an extensive contemporary take on traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern renditions of familiar classics.

One of the highlights of our meal is this succulent Wagyu striploin with truffle sauce and confit piquillo peppers (served separately). Juicy, tender and succulent striploin with a desirable amount of marbling served in beef jus and truffle sauce. We were told to have some of the beef with the piquillo peppers. The peppers had minimal or no heat, very well seasoned, love the mild sweetness it adds to the robust flavors from the beef.