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Group Executive Chef @juanjocarrillochef of FOC Restaurants wants us to be acquainted with other Spanish rice dishes besides Paella. Enter the NEW “Juicy Rice” or “Arroz Caldoso” of Catalunya.
Shown above is a stunning rendition starring a Boston Lobster ($68++). There’s no denying it is a showstopper. Due to a rich broth derived from lobster heads and sofritto (simmered mixed vegetables), it is immensely flavourful. I love that the grains of rice stay pretty much al dente and aren’t reduced to a mush.
As for how many people this pan can feed, well, it depends on the number of other items ordered. I reckon it is suitable for two substantial servings or four tasting portions. You can also pay to add extra lobster if you like.


Swapped out the quinoa salad for a refreshing gazpacho (only item that came in individual portion from the set). Good way to start the meal with this cold soup full of ripe, summery flavors!

Next dish was the Spanish broken omelette, creamy scrambled eggs with Spanish chorizo sausage and manchego cheese with juicy burst from the cherry tomatoes.

The crispy skin barramundi was well cooked and moist. Paired well with grilled vegetables with an added touch of sweetness from the piquillo aioli.

What stole the show that night was the valenciana paella which came with the perfect socarrat, delicious chicken chunks and a dollop of garlic aioli.

Next, we had the grilled Spanish pork, which was a little tough. It came with green salad and lentil stew.

We ended the meal with chestnut mousse tart topped with chocolate ganache and vanilla cream.

Good value despite some hits and misses! I definitely had a better experience with their ala carte menu.

@purabrasa.singapore serves a varied offering of Josper-grilled Spanish has specially curated a new weekend brunch menu for diners with all-time favourite Spanish dishes.
Available every weekend from 12pm to 4pm, Each set comes with 4 tapas, 2 main courses and 1 dessert ($79.90++ for 2 pax).
▪️Tuna Salad on Toast.
▪️Homemade Spanish Corquette.
▪️Josper Grilled Chicken wings.
▪️Fried Calamari Andalusia Style.
▪️Charcoal Seafood Patella.
▪️Josper Grilled Spanish Pork ribs
▪️Churros with chocolate sauce.
Diners can also enjoy the great weekend with 2-hour free-flow tipples of Cava, wines and beers for just $39.90++.
Location : @purabrasa.singapore
5 Wallich Street #01-16, Guoco Tower, Singapore
#purabrasasg #burpple #burpplesg

Well seasoned Steak! 1for1
Friendly and attentive service.

Burrata with basil, tomato and sourdough. Quite forgettable, flavor profile was not memorable. Would have been better with some punchy basil oil or toasted pine nuts, or even pesto

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This humble vegetable dish was truly amazing. Roasting cauliflower transforms it from dull to delicious with an earthy and sweet flavor. The natural sugars caramelize and produce a subtle nuttiness. The Umami rich garlic miso sauce brought out the best in the deeply browned florets, along with the sesame and furikake

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Grilled pork jowl that threatened to disintegrate when consumed. Incredibly fatty, rich and flavorful! Lovely touch of sweetness to balance all that richness from the roasted carrots, carrot purée and pickled raisins.

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Who would have thought a chicken dish could be such a show stopper? Loved the delicious gremolata which gave the chicken a deep, herbaceous flavor. Goes well with the spinach and maitaki mushroom!


The Australian striploin (250g) that tasted as good as it looks. Served with salsa verde butter and roasted peppers.

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A staple tapas in most Spanish restaurants, the Gambas was a surprise hit for us ($25). The prawns are fresh and well seasoned, cloaked in garlic oil and paprika. Can we just talk about how velvety and creamy the potato puree was? So addictingly good along with the sauce that we swept it up with loaves of warm bread. 🤣🍤⠀

The Pulpo ($28) was highly recommended by the server, and it definitely tickled my palate. Nicely grilled with a smoky flavour, the octopus had a crunchy exterior and a tender & juicy centre. The combination of black olive tapenade and light hummus gave the overall dish more depth and a nice savory touch, making it all the more tenta-lising.🐙

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💸: $32++ if you dine in

Touted as one of the best burnt cheesecakes in SG..the taste didn’t disappoint, indeed. Definitely lived up to the hype 😋 Fans of cheesecakes or blue cheese will definitely love this..

However, the restaurant doesn’t allow dining for desserts only. You will need to order an alcoholic drink or side dish to go along with the dessert which means that you end up paying a hefty amount just for a slice of cheesecake..in my case, $32++..Was it worth it? At that kind of price, I dont know..but at least, I have finally tried it and can cross it off my list now 😌