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Barramundi was ok with the sweet tomatoes but the fish was not the most fresh. only worth with burpple 1f1!

Ingredients were not exactly fresh, flavours was great. The iberico Pork was rather tough, the sauce and raisins were perfect pairing with the meat!

Thick, flavorful & creamy chowder with pieces of potatoes & clam; tad too creamy..

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8 pieces of small, fresh & crunchy prawn swimming in garlic infused olive oil & paprika, not spicy; with garlic slices & dried chilli inside; toast at the side is lightly grilled, soft & fluffy, good for dipping in the olive oil..

Big piece of steak well-cooked to medium rare; meat is lightly salted, tender & succulent with strong smoky taste; no beefy stench; with fresh crunchy greens & grilled potato..

Meat is tender & succulent with smoky taste; garlic sauce is flavorful with mild garlic taste, complement the meat well; mashed potatoes at the side is very smooth, flavorful & not dry; with juicy sweet corn, crunchy & refreshing coleslaw at the side..

Thick piece of meat with bone at edge; lightly salted, tender with strong smoky taste; taste good on its own without the need for sauces at the side; slightly pink at the centre near the bone area; no porky stench; minimal amount of fats; with fresh crunchy greens salad that is appetizing & aids in reducing the meatiness feel; grilled potato is soft with light smoky taste..

Got the Ribeye steak (medium rare), Tater Tots as well as the mushroom soup.
The Ribeye steak had a really good texture and it had a grill taste which tasted really flavourful.
The mushroom soup had a very strong mushroom taste which was not really to my liking.
The tater tots had a really tough outer layer so it tasted quite hard.

We hv repeated this very popular restaurant twice in a month, each visit chef never fail to surprise us with new creations. This time is the Pork Jowl, Spanish Suckling Pig & their Basque Cheese Cake. We are equally happy to repeat some of their dishes like the Smoked Burrata & French Foie Gras Always walk out with a happy belly 😋 ☺

We ordered Squid Ink Paella.it’a really tasty.
The rice grains in the middle are tender but have some bites while the bottom has a crisp layer, burst with different textures and flavour, served with mussels, clams and squid.
💰$38 (2-3 pax) / $62 (3-4 pax).
Waiting time 20 mins for the paella.
87 Amoy Street

Gooey, rich creamy cheesecake, with thin crumble based, served with sorbet.
87 Amoy Street

Ordered Pork Jowl and Roast Barramundi using Burpple Beyond app.

The pork jowl was so special! I’m not sure if it is just fats or pork skin but I would highly recommend to give it a try! More of an appetizer than a main course imo.