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Fries with MZ Special Sauce and Joppie Sauce Finally checked out Martin Zwerts, the No. 1 fries from Netherlands, at Holland Village! We had the Regular Fries ($6.50) and All in One Meal ($16.90), which comes with fried meat balls, prawn fritters, chicken wings, onion rings and fries. There is a grand total of 15 sauces to choose from, and we chose the MZ Special Sauce (Onion Frite & Kerrie) and Joppie Sauce (Dutch sauce) to go with our fries. The fries are chunky, crispy on the outside and fluffy and airy on the inside - they are quite deserving of their fame! I like that the sauces are not one-dimensional and it’s a nice mix of sweet, savoury and tangy flavours. The other fried items are pretty normal but I must say that the fried chicken wings are quite good. They are well seasoned, tender and juicy, with a nice crunch on the outside. Fries-yay!
Fried (3.5/5⭐) Fries ($6, $10 for 2) (I forgot the name 😂 maybe just fries) Their fries is thick-cut type so it's SUPER crispy on the outside and hot and mushy on the inside! The outside is seasoned with salt as well. They have a numerous selection of sauce, I choose the Joppie sauce (dutch sauce) which comes of to me like thousand island mayonaise. I also try the MZ Special sauce which have a heavy onion taste. It's not that good in the first bite for me, but as you keep eating you'll love it and can't stop eating it. It's that kind of fries. I'll try another sauce, maybe then I'll give higher rating. Btw, they have great and fun employee!
Sweet Butter Corn Fries | $6.90 I love the slightly sweet taste to the fries and the fries were freshly fried.
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Yes And Yes Again At an affordable price point, the Butler's Steak ($25+) is a Black Angus Flat Iron cut. I enjoyed it very much, with great flavour on its own (I didn't touch the salt at all) & decent texture. At our happy party table of 6, however, there was 1 plate of steak that was tougher to chew than the rest. I mean, Flat Irons aren't meant to melt in your mouth.. But that plate was very tough. You can add on a small (but sufficient) portion of sauce for $2+ each, but personally I found the steak flavourful on its own & didn't need any sauce. However, if I had to choose, I'd pick the Béarnaise sauce over the Peppercorn one. The Butler's Steak is available in limited quantities daily-- if that runs out, or you just wish to try something else (like I do, the next time I visit), you can opt for the Skirt Steak (slightly cheaper at $22+), which is a 200-day grain-fed Angus slab of beef. Thanks Burpple for the invite, & Butler's Steakbar for hosting! 💕 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🖥 Accepts reservations - Chope 🙋 Service Charge applicable 🚫 No GST charges
Not Flowy But Still Yummy The Chocolate Lava ($8+) is a soft baked chocolate cake, usually served with Vanilla Bean ice cream. Unfortunately, they ran out of the latter that night, & the ice cream used in its place was Salted Caramel. The moist centre of the cake was not oozy like lava, but it was still scrumptious & good golly, I can only imagine how great this would taste with good ol' vanilla ice cream. This wasn't as sweet as the Cookie Bomb, but probably still is a lot for just one person to finish. Thanks Burpple for the invite, & Butler's Steakbar for hosting! 💕 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🖥 Accepts reservations - Chope 🙋 Service Charge applicable 🚫 No GST charges
Cookie On Crack The Cookie Bomb ($8+), a soft baked cookie sundae, is served with Salted Caramel or Vanilla Bean ice cream. Having run out of the latter, we had no choice but to pair this with the former. When they say bomb, they probably mean a BOMB of sugar rush that will keep you bouncing off the walls for the rest of the evening. If you've been to BJ's in the US, this is essentially a Pizookie on crack. The first scoop was good (because you get the soft crust of the cookie), but after that it was just sweet, sweet, & more sweet. Good for those who have a sweet tooth, I guess? But personally not my cup of tea. Thanks Burpple for the invite, & Butler's Steakbar for hosting! 💕 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🖥 Accepts reservations - Chope 🙋 Service Charge applicable 🚫 No GST charges
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Despite the stoppage of operations for several essential services, that did not stop brands such as Milksha from innovating their business model. In partnership with Yum Cha, you can now order Milksha’s handcrafted beverages together with Yum Cha’s Express’ dim sum items via Yum Cha’s delivery website. Now, you can have your piping hot dim sum while sipping on a well-beloved beverage at the comfort of your own home. Available for island-wide delivery, some of the drinks available include their signature Fresh Taro Milk, Brown Sugar Milk with Honey Pearls, Earl Grey Latte and Refreshing Orange Green Tea. The pure joy of being able to chomp down on those Salted Egg Custard Bao and Fish Roe Siew Mai while slurping on the crowd favourite Earl Grey Latte might have just lifted our spirits in this gloomy circuit breaker. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to www.yumchaexpress.com.sg to order up some dim sum and bubble tea. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍Yum Cha Express x Milksha www.yumchaexpress.com.sg
Dim Sum Dinner 😋 Have been craving dim sum for a while now and finally got to have it after work! (Have been working from home the past week so good to be back in office for a bit and eat the good food in town xD) We ordered about 8 dishes (only 6 are featured here).. Highly recommended items: - Coriander prawn dumplings ($4.00++) : these are filled with prawn AND meat! The fillings are super plump and juicy. Must-order! - Meat dumplings in spicy oil ($6.00++) : the sauce is the bomb... The black vinegar + chilli oil coats the silky dumpling extremely well and it just glides down your throat. Mmm 😋 - Crispy Red Bean w Banana ($4.00++) : This is really well made and both ingredients compliments each other well. I think the fact that Yum Cha fry this upon order (it still taste fresh) makes this dish from good to awesome Still okayish items: - Xiao Long Bao ($4.80++) : decent xlb, better than DTF one imo because they used rice wine which give it a bit of a sweeter taste but still pale in comparison to the one at 大上海 - Scallop Pea-Shoot Dumpling ($4.80++): the filling is nice but the skin doesn't really have much taste. The texture of the skin is also a bit off (too gummy/sticky for my liking) - Paper Chicken Wings ($5.00++) : although it's in the fried section, the wings were not fried fried so the skin still remain soft. I found it okay but it seems the bf likes it Give it a miss: - Sesame BBQ Pork Pastry ($4.50++) : this was the first to come and it is cold and hard. The pastry taste very flat (not fragrant) and the BBQ pork is also not sweet/savory enough. - Abalone Siew Mai ($5.80++) : we tried to be bougie and ordered this but the abalone is too fishy 🐟 would recommend to save the few $ and go for their normal Siew Mai instead (it's good! Just that the abalone did nothing for this dish) There is a promotion for 30% dim sum items after 6pm on weekdays so do give this place a try! :)
Baked Mini Egg Tart $3.20 This fares better compared to pamelo Sago with mango. Crunchy pastry with nice eggy center. 😋 💡Tips: go for their weekday dim sum buffet ($26.80 Per px).
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Pretty Disappointed. Good Service But Subpar Food. Have been wanting to try this place out for almost a year now and we finally got the push we needed when we saw that they were on Burpple Beyond! They specialise in hearty British fare such as fish and chips, pastas etc. Got the Bangers & Mash ($17.90) and Carbonara Duck ($18.90) and sadly, we were quite disappointed. The Bangers & Mash were average and we found the sausage a tad bit too salty for our liking. The mash was all right and had a good creaminess to it, but if you don’t like lumpy mash, this isn’t for you. The duck pasta in our opinion, even after the Burpple 1-for-1 deal, was completely not worth it. You can easily make a plate of this at home yourself for less than $7. The pasta sauce tasted like it came from a jar and the pasta wasn’t cooked to a nice al dente. The duck slices were okay but they honestly didn’t add much value to the dish. Went back later on to read the reviews and realised we weren’t the only disappointed patrons and they seemed to be consistently pushing out subpar plates of food. What a waste. The staff, however, were very friendly and nice, which is pretty much the only plus point of the experience. We hope they buck up soon and the food quality will improve if we ever come back!
1-for-1 Mains (~$17.90) + Butterbeer Ordered Tandoori Fish, Hunky Dory Aglio Olio (+ prawns and onsen egg) and Butterbeer (separate order). The sauce for the Tandoori Fish was packed with spices and flavours however the fish is really small and consists of two small pieces. Doesn’t feel very worthy of the $17.90 pricetag. Hunky Dory Aglio Olio (not shown in pic) is pretty good, addition of the prawns and onsen egg is a superb choice! However do note that the addition of prawns & onsen egg (~$5.80) is not covered within the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Mains promotion, which we were quite dismayed to find out as the staff failed to convey this to us prior to ordering. The pasta by itself cost $10.90, wouldn’t say it’s very worth to obtain that as the free item since the free item is redeemed for the item of lower value. Butterbeer ($8) is good, worth a try as you don’t see this beverage commonly sold outside! Overall the cafe is quite aesthetically themed, might be a bit warm during the afternoon as there’s not much air-conditioning.
What A Masterpiece! We ordered the Pesto Cream Dory Fish and it was such a colorful masterpiece. The ingredients used were fresh. The pesto wasn’t overbearing and allowed the flavor of the dory fish to shine. The dory fish was silky, soft and decadent. It had a crispy layer of fish skin, which gave a nice change in texture to the velvety fish. The mashed potato ain’t your regular mashed potatoes. It was so smooth and buttery, and it absorbed all the essence of the dory fish and the pesto sauce. The dish was light on the palette yet so satisfactory. We also ordered the Butter beer (Homemade butterscotch soda, $8) excluded from the 1-for-1 deal and it was totally worth it. The soda wasn’t as sweet, with a hint of bitterness and was fragrant. The foam was sweet, smooth and flavorful, which blended harmoniously with the soda. However, it gets sweeter as you drink because of the foam. Overall, it was truly a unique experience with great ambience. Definitely coming back again!
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Medium Hitsumabushi ($29.50++) Came with very high expectations given how highly raved man man is, but expectations were disappointingly not met. The unagi was relatively well done and soft, but I felt like it was a tad bit overcooked. The exterior wasn’t crispy as I anticipated given the mass reviews I see raving the skin. The taste wasn’t as smokey as I’d like, the inner part of the unagi was rather plain. It’s still a decent unagi, but it definitely didn’t meet the man-man expectations I had. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t a queue at the Duo outlet. I was pleasantly taken aback by the soup, which was infused with yuzu. The light citrusy taste adds depth to the soup, which made it very delicious and special. The wasabi was freshly grated, and went well with the rice and unagi. Overall a decent meal, definitely will head to the original outlet for a comparison :”)
Unagi & Liver Don We decided to give this a try since we’re innard fans, but this was a little too funky even for us. The seafood flavour off the liver is quite intense, though adding the sweet sauce and wasabi does help. Only order if you can handle it!
Medium Hitsumabushi ($29.50) Finally popped my Man Man cherry! Added on an onsen egg for $1.50 and I can see why they’re so popular. The unagi is the best I’ve had in SG; tender, thick and with a nice crisp on the top. Loved having it the ochazuke style by pouring in the dashi stock provided. It ain’t cheap, but if I’ve got an unagi craving again, I know where I’m headed!
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