First time trying this Filipino dish which is similar to our ice kacang. Do away with all the food colourings, condensed milk and add flavourful ingredients like coloured jelly cubes, red bean, attap chee, corn, papaya cubes, caramel flan and fragrant yam ice cream, and you will get this yum dessert. To eat it, you pretty much have to stir everything together which proves to be challenging, given how much ingredients this dessert contains. I definitely enjoyed it more than our ice kacang. There wasn’t a single moment of gelatness and I enjoyed the experience of finding new ingredients within the icy and beautiful mess and savouring each mouthful of goodness.
This might or might not be the best halo-halo in town, but to me this first experience was amazing.

Feasting on a Taiwanese style pork chop with handmade ban mian noodles. Unlike the usual taste of pork chop, this masterpiece is more on the sweet side. Well not sweet sweet, more of umami kind of sweet:) The batter is not thick at all and it has a great, addictive crunch to it. The Chef is really good at whenever he is serving! Love the soy sauce that is drizzled over the noodles. As usual, it is full of homeliness with a taste that I can’t really pinpoint any specific seasoning ingredient to. It just doesn’t taste like the usual pork chop noodles served at banmian stall or Chinese noodles stall! Do try it to immerse yourself in that 家🏡的感觉😊


One of the stalls that warrants a visit every time you visit Ghim Moh because of its ability to maintain its standard and also, the taste of traditional HK noodles. For $3, you get to choose spinach noodles and get thick slices of tender chicken. While waiting in the queue, you can get to witness how the Uncle skilfully cooks his very springy noodles in a huge strainer. Even if there are few balls of spinach noodles and normal noodles on the strainer, he never fails to keep the different coloured noodles apart. With a light hit on the strainer, he can effortlessly send each bundle of beautifully cooked noodles onto the serving plate. Definitely witnessing the works of an experienced Chef, probably retired from a major restaurant kitchen.
However this visit revealed how decades of work had taken a toll on him. Frozen shoulder seemed to have affected his dorminant hand as he could no longer raise his right hand above chest. But somehow, he still managed to deliver his springy noodles. Then it dawned on me that this business might be seeing its last soon, if there is no one to take over:(
Hopefully many will come to try it soon before that time comes. Definitely left the visit with a heavier heart.

Correction: This stall is located at Ghim Moh Food Center, not Holland.

Tried this National Day SouperChef specials instead as Chicken Wild Rice Lo Mai Kai was not available:(
This recipe was inspired by the traditional Peranakan sayur lodeh. Creativity juices had pineapple chunks added for a dose of tang, cheddar and cream cheese for a taste of umami and a silky texture. Instead of ketupat, Korean rice cake was used to thicken up the broth for a more filling meal.
Personally, i found the taste of the soup a little underwhelming as there was no coconut aroma which was pretty much a must in any curry or Peranakan dish. Not too sure whether coconut cream was part of the recipe as there was no hint of it and yet, it was an ingredient mentioned.
As for the Korean rice cake, i wasn’t the biggest fan of it as having it semi melted in the soup and hence, no bite to it was a miss for me.
However, I enjoyed my flatbread of masala chicken with aioli very much and I guess that it was the only saving grace for the meal:(


Didn't have any impressionable experience with this kway teow previously as it has been a long standing stall holder in the food center for years. Decided to give it another try after its recent attainment of Michelin Award. Regrettably, it's still as underwhelming as I could recall, with the lack of adequate dark black sauce and wok hey aroma:( The price tag of $8 for three normal sized prawns and few sotong rings was not very justifiable as well.


Finally the chance to try this ytf near my workplace! Chose 11 decently sized ingredients, 2 rolls of chee cheong fun ($0.70 each) and meat sauce ($2). It tasted awesome with all the crunch and savoury meaty sauce over the soft chee cheong fun, but definitely an over order for one person. Actually queued for 1 hour to get to choose the ingredient and another 1/2 hour to get the food during lunch peak hour. Hence, the verdict is to go again during off peak hours to get a less-rushed meal, since it is really not bad:)


Being a lover of crustaceans, me rushing to try this new Michelin awarded ramen, renowned to have harmonising flavours from the clams and pork bones used in producing its broth.
True enough, the broth was not as creamy and rich as the usual tonkatsu broth. However it was really light and aromatic (from the truffle oil, porcini flakes and bacon bits), hence making it challenging to stop slurping it. For me, the tonkatsu broth in my bowl is usually left at the half way mark as I often find it too jelat to finish. But, it's definitely not the case for this broth.
Enjoyed the clam rice appetizer too, where most of the flavour came from the Hamaguri clam, rather than the bland rice. The sous vide char siu was really soft and tender but I preferred the thick belly char siu for the aroma from its caramelised fat:)

With the drizzle of some oil at the sides, one could easily scrap some crispy rice off the pot. To darken it with some dark soya sauce to increase its savouriness, while achieving a more authentic clay pot rice presentation.
It was a simple yet fulfilling treat to enjoy mouthfuls of rice (be it normal soft or slightly charred crispy bits) with an intense smoky charcoal fragrance. It's pity that the chicken chunks and chinese sausage given were highly limited, hence limiting the level of satisfaction one could derive from the treat. Well, we forgot to top for more chicken and chicken sausage you see, so do remember to top up to enhance the experience. HOWEVER, most importantly, remember to call to order the pot in advance or suffer from the agony of endless waiting for hours. Worse still, you might have to go home without your pot of heaven.

Beautifully buttered buns sandwiching truffled mushrooms and onions atop a medium rare beef patty. The beef patty was moist and lightly seasoned. Loved how the provolone cheese binded everything together with the addition of a cheesy pull effect! Simply one of the best shrooms burgers I have ever had!


Was torn between this and caramelised apples initially as they seemed to be the best sellers for the day! Eventually settled for this because I wasn't sure if caramelised apples would be a Lil too sweet for my liking. This turned out to be my wisest decision for the day! Ordered 4 pancakes only as dinner was just an hour away😛 Loved how fluffy and soft pancakes were and how they were full of egginess, both in flavour and scent. The cream was light with subtle sweetness to complement the citrussy from the berries. Enjoyed the drizzle of chocolate sauce that added another layer of flavours to the pancakes. Though it got really messy halfway, it was a lovely mess:)


A small shop front selling a very extensive range of food ranging from burgers to tonkatsu and even curry rice! I believe maybe the small shop is housing several cafes under the same roof?

Had the demiglazed roasted beef with omurice. Although the omu wasnt the kind that allowed you to slice it in the middle to reveal flowy goodness, it was really silky and smooth, hence making it a great complement to the demiglaze sauce and tomato fried rice under it! The tomato fried rice tasted rather bland but the demi glaze which carried hints of smokiness saved the day.
However, the star of the dish had got to be the roasted beef. Cut to a satisfying thickness, each nicely marbled slice coupled with silky omu delivered into the mouth also delivered intense gratification instantly.

Would return to try the highly raved ox tongue the next time!

Fluffy, airy and really soft pancakes at a hawker center! Sauces to choose from include caramel, chocolate and strawberry. However there was a very overpowering metallic taste in the batter which I attempted to cover with copious amounts of chocolate and caramel sauce to make it more edible. Though it is really affordable, it may not be a place I will return to for a pancake fix.
Other than the pancakes, you can also find puddings (matcha, chocolate) and lemon cheesecake there!