The chicken thigh was tender and moist and the gravy was just finger licking good without being overly spicy. The side of achar lent a good amount of citrusy and hence making the dish very well balanced on the palate as a whole.
Cannot wait to try the curry chicken set the next time we visit. On a side note, this stall is located directly opposite 天天hainanese chicken rice.

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Delectably chewy yet cripsy naan was prepared from scratch by the lady boss. Kneading, rolling and flipping of dough to baking it in the oven. The sides of vegetable curries were good as well and went well with the naan. Definitely a super filling meal if you are looking for something vegetarian with an empty stomach.

📍#01-25 North & South Authentic Indian Cuisine

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Both were so fantastic that they were wolfed down within minutes. Be sure to order not the small, but the regular portions as the former will definitely not be sufficient for your ultimate enjoyment.

Dad introduced us to this new place for lunch today. Thinking that it is located within the industrial estate, we might be saved from queueing. Boy were we wrong, this stall literally had the longest queue in the huge coffee shop, with an average of 20people in line every minute during lunch hours.
We were convinced by its popularity when we were met with the thickest sliced fish I have ever come across in singapore. The soup was very clear yet revealed the hard work of cooking fish bones for hours. The aroma was enhanced with the addition of sole fish.
To have an all rounded fish experience, you can add fish maw, fish oil and even fish roe. Though it opens at 11am daily, be sure to arrive before 1pm as they sell out really fast.

📍Soon Lee Fish Porridge. Seafood Soup

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Have long heard about the chimney cones from Prague that boast of sugary cones and creamy soft serve with less fat and sugar. Hence when this arrived in town, we just had to try it. Instead of something sweet (I.e. Chimney king), we decided to go for something nutty. The pretty cone was dusted with a layer of crushed pistachio and sugar crystals. However, it was a lil disappointing as it was neither soft or flaky. It just tasted like a stale hard bread going in swirls. The chocolate soft serve was not too bad. Overall, I am not too sure if this chimney cone is a good representative of those in Prague.

📍Good Food Coffee and Bakery @ Vivocity

Our first try of pita and it was a great one! For a beyond deal of fill free sandwich, you can get a pocket pita with crispy falafel balls, crunchy salad and tahini. The falafel balls were just amazing. The whole pocket pita tasted really light and comforting, yet filling. Instead of the usual hummus, we tried babaganoush which was actually made of eggplant. I must say that we enjoyed it more as it was creamier and richer in flavour.

Adventurous me decided to satisfy the curiosity of how yuzu and chilli oil could come together. Unfortunately, the cat was killed in my case as I thought that tangy-bitterness of the yuzu did not complement the spicy chilli oil that well. It was a pretty confusing experience for my taste buds during the savouring process. For a more authentic experience with yuzu ramen, Yuzu Tsukemen fared better in my opinion, with a refreshing yuzu dashi and shoyu dip.
All the ramen dishes come with a slice of char siew, ajitama egg, bamboo shoots, mizuna leaves and seaweed.

📍Afuri Ramen at Funan (not sure why but my geo tag is not working)

Springy hakata-styled noodles tossed in chilli oil and topped with their signature char siew was the choice that day after having to try their soup version all the time. Their char siew still melts in the mouth and the noodles were still cooked perfectly. Unfortunately the dish tasted pretty bland, next to kajiken mazesoba, making it a little unsatisfying.

📍Uma Uma Ramen Millenia Walk

Undoubtedly a hit for me, huge fan of mushrooms and truffle. It is an immense sense of satisfaction to be able to dive into a mountain of mushrooms that delivers satisfying bouts of truffle aroma as you savour it. On top of the all dente noodles, the woodear and nai bai/milk cabbage lend a good crunch to the dish.

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A pretty cool hawker that sells spinach soup as the main dish. This spinach soup tastes exactly like the vegetable dish of spinach with three kinds of eggs that you can find in restaurants and zichar stalls. You can either order this soup on its own, with yong tau foo pieces or with seafood. You can also top up to add noodles. The portion is really generous and filling. Definitely tastes like home!

My mom and I enjoy eating the black carrot cake from this stall a lot more than the popular Ghim Moh Carrot Cake which usually forms a longer queue. The black sauce used here really coats each piece of carrot cake well and theres definitely an additonal umami flavour from all the dancing on the wok, unlike the version from the competitor. Its definitely less oily too.

📍Hock Soon Carrot Cake @ Ghim Moh Market & Food Center


Living true to its reputation, the cornflake chicken was super tender and crunchy as the talented chef managed to strike a beautiful balance between the crunch in goreng pisang and the lightness of British fish and chips batter. On top of that, it was huge and well seasoned, making every cent worth with every bite. Please do try their sarawak black pepper sauce as the taste profile is very robust, as one can not only taste the spiciness but also sweetness in the black peppers. As for the buttered rice it tasted similar to chicken rice. The sirloin steak was very juicy and tender on a bed of nicely fried fries with rich mentaiko sauce. Definitely a must to order!

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