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Bistecca - the new King of steak in Singapore back here for perfectly medium rare 1.1kg Wagyu Fiorentina T bone steak ($188++, serves two). finally. and it tasted even better than the first time. this has officially displaced Cut as my #1 steak in Singapore. thick cut slices of steak grilled with slightly burnt and crispy ends (the burnt taste was akin to wok-hei in a wonderful plate of hokkien mee) which were so tender and flavourful no sauces were needed. 5/5 stars for sure.
Bistecca alla Fiorentina ($158) This wonderful 1.2kg slab of charcoal grilled wagyu T-bone makes me go weak in the knees, mostly because it鈥檚 absolutely delicious but also, it鈥檚 a whole lot of meat for two people (who has had several courses to begin with). I鈥檇 recommend this for at least three to share! The seasoning on the meat itself is subtle, allowing that slightly burnt, charcoal sear to take the front seat. That also means the sides of rosemary salt and (three) sauces will come in handy. Excellent for date nights or when you feel like splurging for special occasions! *This was part of a hosted meal by Bistecca.
Risotto ($30) Roasted wild mushrooms. Asiago cheese. Black truffle. This was a half portion of their risotto that they split between me and my dining partner. Perfectly al dente grains with a smooth, creamy feel in each bite meant that each mouth was a party of flavours and textures. It can be a little bit heavy, so sharing this between two (like we did) was just nice.
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The Ebi Katsu Sandwich Thanks to Instagram, I have had my eye on their 鈥淓bi Katsu Sand鈥 for the longest time. Supposedly limited to two sets a day, the thin patty is created with prawn and fish paste, breaded and deepfried to a nice crunch. It is then arranged with housemade tartar sauce, hardboiled egg, onion, dill and pickles immaculately between slices of cushiony-soft white bread. I did enjoy this as it was surprisingly flavourful for something so restrained in appearance. Not unlike many things to do with the Japanese culture I guess (and I mean that in a most complimentary way). Sorry but I can鈥檛 share how much this cost because no prices are listed on their menu. But to give you a rough gauge, I paid $165 for three drinks (a 鈥淧enicillin鈥 plus two whisky-based cocktails) and this sandwich.
Belated and very, very lavish birthday indulgence at D.Bespoke - essentially a gentlemen's club played through Japanese lenses, with sexy saxophone in the background and so much wood this place has post-drinks clothing removal properties in-built. This is my Amaou strawberry cocktail with white rum and Thi茅not champagne and holy moly, le au naturel fancy Japanese strawberry goodness spilleth.
Beef Katsu-Sandwich. I honestly have no idea how much the food n drinks cost as there isn鈥檛 any price on their menu and bill. 馃槻 But the bar is stunning :) . Taste pretty decent - the sauce reminds me a little of McDonald鈥檚 cheeseburger馃構. . . . . . #beefsandwich #beef #bespokecocktails #sgtapasbar #cocktails #cocktailbar #mixology #sgcocktails #instacocktail #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #burpple #foodporn #singaporeinsiders #whiskeybar #visitsingapore #foodtrending #sgbars #barhopping #drinksphotography
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Mushroom Sundubu $16 Got the Mushroom Sundubu, and it came with 2 clams and a tiny prawn. Chose the Salt & Ginger soup base (which had no discernible ginger taste at all), and the Japan standard spiciness. Was a tasty meal, but pricey for the portion sizes. The bowl of rice that came with the stew was half a bowl at best.
5 Vege Sundubu ($15++) On rainy days don't you just crave for a stew served in hot stone pot? The extensive menu at Tokyo Sundubu offers a wide variety of sundubus from seafood, meat to vegetable. Sundubu is a delicious and nutritious tofu stew, so soft and silky that you can literally slurp up. Choose your flavour on top of the basic stew that already has vegetables, clams, chicken in it. I had the 5 vegetables which are sweet corn, bamboo shoots, lotus roots, cabbage and okra, that enhanced the sweetness of the soup. The bright red colour of the stew, due to the capsaicin from the red pepper seasoning of the soup base, looked intimidating but it definitely was appetizing as it bubbles so vigorous when served. Also it's topped with a raw egg. Capsaicin is actually nutritious as it enhances metabolism. Get to customize the soup base in the way you want it; Japanese miso, non-spicy or salt and ginger, which was the one I had, but I couldn't really taste any ginger flavour, as the seasoning of the soup itself was too strong. You could also choose the level of spiciness, I had the singapore standard at level 3 out of 4, but still rather manageable for someone who doesn't really take spiciness that well. There's also instructions to teach you how to eat it in the correct way with the namuru (side vegetable dish)!
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My 2nd visit within the same week! This is one comfort food that I鈥檒l never get sick of 馃槈 Stirring in the egg & blending the healthy sundubu with the tasty salt & ginger soup base. This time round I ordered the Chicken Sundubu ($14) at level 2 spiciness. The Dak Galbi ($12) was yummy too 馃憤馃徎 #burpple
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Pork Belly Confit So this dish was prepared by special needs people. The pork belly was extremely good cause the meat was tender and the skin was super crispy! The mash potato was very velvety and soft and it melts in the tongue. The price is very standard for a cafe but i support this cafe cause it really gives these special needs people a chance to work in the society. So thumbs up cause it's worth the try!!!
For Western Fare and Cheery Service in the Northeast Set up by the parents of Joan Bo Wen, a young lady with special needs, this social enterprise in Jalan Wangi (Potong Pasir is the nearest MRT station) trains and imparts kitchen skills to youths with special needs, and the cafe is run almost entirely by its team of young staff with special needs. The menu is pretty basic but the food is beautifully plated, generously portioned and delicious 鈥 it can certainly rival any cafe at the same price point! 鈥 and the service is cheerful and heartfelt. Out of our several favourites here, we highly recommend the Chilli Crab Pasta ($18), with a sauce that strikes the perfect balance between sweet, spicy and umami, and the delectable Rosemary Lemon Chicken ($12). For something less heavy, try the Oriental Chicken Salad ($12). Avg price: $20 per person Photo by Burppler Cedric Lim
Pasta Capretto ($18) While the super meaty Chilli Crab Pasta ($18) was my favourite here, this rarer find is worth a try too. We were told that an Italian chef shared the recipe and taught the kitchen staff how to whip this interesting dish up, so you know it's legit. 馃挭馃徏 Capretto translates to the meat of a kid (as in, young goat 馃悙) in Italian, but the waitstaff said that they use lamb here (though their menu online says herb-roasted goat meat so... the jury's still out on that). In any case, the chunks of meat were very tender 鈥 although a tad gamey, esp if it was really lamb. I particularly liked the rich cheesy sauce (enriched with Parmigiano-Reggiano, methinks) that coated the streamers of tagliatelle was an umami party in the mouth. It can get a little too much after a while, so it's best to share this with someone and get another pasta/main to share. 馃崫
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