Unabashedly simple and without frills; just the way it was meant to be.


I've visited both during lunch and dinner and it has always been memorable for the gorgeous views. Manage your expectations about the food though... nothing much I can rave about. Perhaps best described as painstakingly mediocre.


Scroll down for my review! This was a crazy decadent and flavorful otoro coated with what I assume to be some sort of teriyaki sauce type thing. The fattiness of the fish, the melt-in-your-mouth texture and that sweet glaze really just coats your tongue and engulfs your senses in foodie bliss.


Tried the Shoju ($300++) and utterly enjoyed the entire dining experience here. Hardcore sushi enthusiasts might nitpick the rice which was slightly bland or the perplexing temperatures in one or two of the dishes. But really, you kind of forgive them for these little things because they deliver unique impactful flavors, interesting textures and innovative creations. The atmosphere was also much more comfortable and relaxed compared to traditional sushi-yas thanks to our fantastic chef who was patient in explaining and took care to allow us to have our own conversations as well. Although there is room for improvement, it remains an excellent experience altogether. Would also like to give an all-around s/o to the fantastic staff.


Cedele is my go to place every time I feel a need to load up on fresh greens and clean flavors to balance all the munchies going on in my life otherwise. The chicken walnut salad ($16.50) never fails me and you'd probably be satisfied with anything else you order there as well!

This was the corn fritter ($22?) that was really a beautifully seasoned and crispy fried latke with some pieces of corn more than anything. Came with generous slices of bacon, two nicely poached eggs, some cherry tomatoes and spinach. Overall, very satisfactory dish. Also tried the special of the day which was a sweet sticky pork dish ($26) that came with a side of some Vietnamese style glass noodle salads. This was seasoned beautifully with a slight char and smokiness beneath the initial sweetness and me and my friend enjoyed it immensely. Heard from our delightful server that there will be a revamp of the menu next week so be sure to go check it out!

This was the NZ Striploin ($17.90) that came with two sides of your choice. I had the baked potato and sesame spinach salad that were quite impressive. Also ordered a side of calamari ($5.50) which were really fried to perfection. I would recommend throwing in just like an extra few dollars for the NZ Ribeye and for the sides, skip the spinach cream and maybe opt for the crunchy potato salad cause that was absolutely delicious. All in all, a fantastic place for cheap steaks. Will be back to try the poultry!


We tried the SnS ($14) (slices of beautifully marinated beef paired with mushrooms, caramelized onions and emmental cheese), Avo-Baco ($13) (avocado and bacon) and the Spicy Tuna Tataki ($14). Personally loved the SnS and Tuna Tataki more than the Avo-baco just because I felt like they were more exciting in terms of flavor. But still gotta say that i loved all of them and will definitely be coming back for more! :P

Tried both the spicy and non-spicy versions ($13.50++) and it was absolutely delicious. Both the pork and chicken cutlets were fried perfectly with a crunchy and crispy exterior without any icky oiliness. The meat was absolutely tender with flavorful juices intact. 10/10 would recommend!

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Honestly, what really made the meal ($8) fantastic was the perfect combination of springy mee pok, the generous servings of mined pork, pork slices, pork livers, meatballs and dumplings AND the amazing sauce with that splash of vinegar that cuts through the meatiness of the dish. Nevertheless, probably wouldn't come back cause I went 30mins before opening and still ended up queueing for 2hrs.


We tried all the three fishes on offer: Red Grouper ($8), Pomfret ($9) and Mackerel ($5.50). While all three bowls were equally delicious, my personal preference was still the Mackerel bowl. It's value-for-money and it's the only fish with that nice, firm texture that I associate with fish slice soup!


Came here to try the highly raved Chilled Pigs Ear & Cucumber ($10) but left with a stomach full of amazing dishes like the Cabbage and Pork Dumplings ($8-10?), Roasted Eggplant ($2.50), Pork Ribs ($16), Tomato & Egg ($8), Mapo Tofu ($10???) and also tried the Chicken Gizzard Skewers ($1/ea). Would have loved to try more of their BBQ skewers if not for the fact that we underestimated the portion sizes. Be careful tho, every dish comes drenched with oil. Definitely save this for those cheat days.