FOOD PARADISE! Finally back in Penang after all these years and it hasn't been disappointing thus far - gan chao guo tiao (NOT char kuay teow), yi mee and penang's traditional fruit, amblah in juice form 😋😋😋 #igfood #food #igpenang #burrple #burrplesg #penang #vsco #vscocam #igeats #tslmakan


Unlike most wanton mees I've had that have dark sauce as their sauce base, Kai Kee uses the traditional Chinese wine to compliment the wantons. What I like most is their generous portion, alongside with their handmade noodles which is softer than usual but still done al dente. The char siew was a little dry, but Kai Kee is definitely a bang for one's buck. #tslmakan #sghawker #igfood #sgfood #burrplesg #burrplesghawkerfare #sgeats #igeats #vsco #vscocam

Overall, it was quite underwhelming as there was not a single hint of tiramisu, more like vanilla ice cream with cocoa powder. The mascarpone cheese at the bottom also tasted like a milk curd without any cheese flavour. Maybe it was the first day of opening so they are still trying to get the formula right? If so, they have to do it quick because charging a premium for such a dessert will lose many customers especially if it doesn't taste anything like the actual product description at all.

Nonetheless, the more important part to me was that @monkeyz86 and @chavisa_2811 took time off their busy schedule to bring me here, thank you!

Kiss The Tiramisu - Classic Tiramisu and Ice Cream
Address: Siam Square, Soi 3, Pathuwan, Bangkok, Thailand

Braved the sweltering heat yesterday for this plate of BBQ and roast pork rice ($5) 😋 Do not be fooled by its less than appetising appearance - what they lack in in plating, they make up for in flavour. My personal favourite is their roast pork, which is almost always done to a crisp while leaving the layer of fatty goodness underneath the skin melting in my mouth. To top it all off, the meat and rice are bathed in sweet sauce that brings this whole dish to a whole nother level. Good news to fans of soups - diners can order a bowl of soup for just $1.50 with every order of rice. I highly recommend the salted veg and duck soup! #igsg #sgeats #sgfood #igeats #igfood #burrplesg #burpplesghawkerfare #vsco #vscoeats #tslmakan

Wagyu beef don ($24.80) - Hidden within Jubilee Square in AMK, Haru Haru serves affordable Japanese cuisine without the premium price like most places in town do. For my main, I decided on the Wagyu beef don (they also serve regular beef don for $15.80). The dish could definitely do with a bigger portion of wagyu, but it was cooked fairly decently and retained the wagyu melt-in-your-mouth-ness. The onsen egg came separate in another bowl, but I prefer my rice to be drenched in glorious runny yolk and so topped it off onto my rice. The overall combination of yolk, sauce, garlic chips and Wagyu was delectable and I wolfed this down in <10min! #igsg #sgeats #igeats #sgfood #sgfoodies #igfood #vsco #vscocam #wagyu #japanese


This $8 (M size portion) baby lives up to all its hype on social media. Nestled in a coffeeshop in the heartlands of Toa Payoh, 139 Hong Kong St delivers a pot full of local goodness that's jam packed with flavour. Not only is the mee tai mak chewy and tender, it's loaded with egg, minced pork, veggie and chye poh! The veg stems were added and diced up in small pieces for the extra crunch. As for the sauce... Oh my that glorious sauce! 😱 We slurped up every drop of liquid gold.

This was definitely the star dish as the other dishes ordered (salted egg pork and 3 egg veg) paled in comparison (and also cost more). #igsg #igeats #sgeats #sgfood #vscocam #vsco #singapore #sgplaces


Good steak with a fuss-free experience.

@braseiro_sg is a simple Brazilian-French influenced restaurant without the over-the-top, fancy decor. It's just a place that focuses on giving patrons a good meal.

I had a great medium-rare flame grilled ribeye steak (S$19.90/24.90/29.90 for 200/300/400g respectively). It's one of the few places that get the doneness spot on. The meat can get a bit chewy but overall very tender. However, for that price, I have zero complaints!

The restaurant also serves beef skewers and roasted chicken as its signature meats. With any order of its signature meats, it comes along with free flow lettuce and the oh-so-addictive handmade fries.

The hand cut fries had the skins still on and went so well with the various dips and sauces available. I could have stayed all night just munching down the fries.

From soft cheeses to pungent blues, jams, fruit compotes, crackers, and bagels (not forgetting boozy cocktails), they've got you covered.
That Hop Scotch Ale cheddar reigning as one of my favourites. Also their house-whipped herb chive cream cheese together with the salted paprika crackers had me going: oohhhhh sweet cheesus 😎 [Special thankyou to @burpple and the lovely Andreana @andythebanshee, Chef Nicolas of @manhattan_sg for organizing this brunch.]
Sundays only, between 1130hrs-1530hrs

#burpple #burpplesg

A true test of the Singapore spirit at being kanchiong - daily limited set lunch for a sweet, sweet price of $12. Look at this spread! Rakuzen set lunches give a generous portion of sashimi sushi and cucumber maki, along with fried karage chicken that's done to perfection. It also comes with sides of chawanmushi and yakiniku jelly and fruits for dessert! Definitely worth the hustle during cbd lunch. #igsg #igeats #sgeats #sgfood #japanese #rakuzen #lunch

What a beauty 😍 Truffle Wagyu short rib bowl, topped with yolky goodness and garlic flakes. Garlic flakes were abit too overwhelming to savour the full flava of the beef (which was pretty melt-in-your-mouth), but overall a delightful, affordable treat that leaves me wanting more! #igsg #sgeats #igeats #vsco #vscocam #pasarbella