Sooo delicious. This is so rich in every ingredient you'll wish for in a maocai, we chose beef - tender slices and pairs well with the generous amount of veggie. Definitely get their homemade tea to match with the spicy maocai. (Good for 2-3 pax, ~$40)

For japanese fast food. How they manage to whip out delicious and quality dons at pocket friendly priced, and how they keep growing in Singapore is much appreciated. Love the spring onion beef don especially. So yummy when mixed with the egg. (~$8)

Soft, jelly-ish tender chicken was the signature, and we can't find any faults with it! Perfect for sharing with family.

Family and I love this place. Unique dishes all well executed.

Vermicilli with prawns (M serving is huge, it's fragrantly stir fried with a bit of char taste, and kept warm in claypot)

Duck with strawberry marmalade made us think back to the Peking ducks we had in Beijing. Such crisp skin and tender meat throughout. Lovely.

Sichuan fish and soup, soooo creamy. Reminiscent of bak ku teh and we couldn't have enough of this with the rice

Scallop and asparagus with black truffle is also an indulgent treat.

Lovely ($130+)

What a lovely steak with a nice crusty sear enveloping the consistently tender and juicy meat at all the right places. It is paired well with the creamy spinach that cuts the taste of the meat. Just overall lovely ambience.

Ps. The fluffy breads with sundried tomatoes starter is amazing too

It's so crumbly and stuffed with caramelized bananas. We bought this at 12pm+ and it was almost sold out. Best when toasted warm, makes for great teabreak ($3.50 per slice 🍰)

Slightly taken aback at how long food takes to get served, don't expect too much service and while it serves a mean Thai dish, it's not too practical to dine here on a work day. Tomyum spice was nice, comes with prawns but not squid. ($20+)

A non-descript place where you're unlikely to find unless guided by familiar folks to a basement dungeon, which is cheerily lit up with Christmas lights - the signature dishes here are their local fares, and I enjoyed the sirloin beef horfun ordered. Well charred. They're know for their signature beehoon and hokkien meet too, but definitely on the pricier side ($20+)

Love this gem of a dish, the beef rib soup is so rich tasting and filled with lots of vermicelli and beef ribs! (Many places usually miss on the taste of this, so I'm glad to find Yun Ga which has nailed it). Plus, it comes with all the banchan and ice barley tea, which is amazing. Highly recommend the lunch deals here (~$18)

Horfun is imported from ipoh and it's slurp worthy and coated generously with the char and sauce. Plus that flowy egg just mixes well to make the already rich taste, abit richer. (~$6)

The spice tinge marries well with the sweet coconut broth to deliver this classic laksa, comes with cockles and prawns and ultimately a feast of flavours ($6.50)

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A classic teahouse with a true diverse spread of dimsum, each of them packed generously with flavours. Highlights are the jumbo spring roll that comes with chunky prawns and crab bits, as well as the crispy cheecheongfun with youtiao. Everything hit a sweet spot. (~$35 per pax)

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