Seared Foie Gras on Toasted Brioche, with Foie Gras-Espresso Mousse peeping from behind the crisps. The presentation of this dish was different from recent reviews I've seen, but still a pleasant dish overall.

Oddly enough, I favoured the mousse more than the its counterpart because I personally thought the flavour pairing of butter foie gras and espresso was different but SO good. It was pleasant and still got the natural richness coming through, but the espresso just accentuated the foie gras a lift that got me thinking of it long after the meal.
With that said, the pan seared foie gras was also well cooked, with all components coming together harmoniously.

The popularity of this dish has kept it off the (dinner) menu.

I usually associate bright flavours with tuna tartare but the dressing on this one has an almost deep, complex flavour that just as well compliments the fish - almost smokey, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It was difficult to tell if it was coming from the dressing or the sesame cone but either way, it was different and outstanding in all of the tuna tartare's I've had thus far.
Definitely a signature worth trying, at least once if anyone were to go to the beautiful space of Spago.

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served with Lychee Puree, Olive, and Rose.

Truly appreciate the cook on the foie gras since they did justice to the generous portion they serve, and it's well worth the money - beautiful sear and a bold caramelised colour on the outside while keeping the inside true to the buttery, lustrous texture usually associated to foie gras.
The tartness of the lychee puree offered the dish a refreshing and sweet note that is much needed with the generous portion of foie gras on this dish. (Albeit, thinking the amount of puree on our plate was a lot more than what we needed since there was also some slices of lychee fruit.)
The slices of lychee fruit also had some olive slices that introduced a complex saltiness to the dish that also helped cut through the richness of the fatty foie gras. The crispy toast slice was also a nice touch for adding a different texture to the dish that's filled with smooth richness coming from the other components.

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Fried chicken sitting on a bed of creamed corn accompanied by a buttery hot sauce.
While the whole dish may sound simple, all components were well done and complimented each other wonderfully.
The chicken was cooked well and not dry, and well seasoned by itself. The hot sauce accompanying it also presented a pleasant kick with a slight sweetness that went well with the chicken and accentuated the flavour of the corn. It was the batter that personally brought this home for me, since it was light and got me savouring every bite til the end.
A simple dish well done, would definitely go back to the beautiful space of COMO Dempsey for this dish, as well as to try their other pizzas.

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Well cooked, beautifully seasoned chicken that didn't even need the sauce.

All parts of the chicken were moist (yes!! Even the white meat), while retaining a slight crisp to the skin. One could almost tell how much truffle butter was used in cooking the chicken as each bite had a wonderful mouthfeel that most chicken dishes lack. The seasoning was well done too - seeing as the whole chicken was served head and all, I gave the neck meat a try and even that followed through with the standard. Personally, I thought the sauce served to us was burnt as it left an aftertaste that anyone could do without.

If anyone still considered chicken a boring protein, this would be the perfect dish to break such presumptions as it made the meat shine so good.

Substantial serving of goose liver served with a perfectly caramelised slice of bread, and blackberries.

At first, I was skeptical of the colour on the foie gras because I thought it was too dark but it didn't taste burnt at all. The accompaniments were different from what the menu stated (no green apple and I couldn't tell if the sauce was umeboshi) but no complaints because I felt that it all complemented the fatty liver well. The pain perdu (french toast) offered the dish a sweetness that didn't overpower the flavour of the foie gras, as well as a change of texture. The blackberries were tarte and not overwhelmingly so.

Overall, a satisfying dish done well - definitely worth the price point, even compared to other places that may serve the same portion size.

Classic Churros were a win for me - what with the superb cook and the sufficient coating of cinnamon sugar. The tiramisu foam may be too sweet for some people but is great for anyone who's craving for an uber creamy, sugary fix to go with the already indulgent churros.

Pera al Vino or local pear poached in red wine topped with vanilla ice cream could be given a miss: It was cooked just before the point of disintegrating and the presentation of it being thinly sliced didn't help the texture (or lack thereof).

The eggs weren't the typical scrambled eggs - the whites and yolks were just barely mixed together and topped with some iberico ham.

While I personally enjoyed this atypical version, my friend felt super let down because he was expecting the usual fluffy eggs. Would recommend for anyone to give this a try for something lighter but still just as tasty way to enjoy eggs!!

Thin layers of potatoes stacked, fried until crispy on the outside but still fluffy on the inside - topped with spicy salsa bravas and aioli.

Each bite was worth whatever calories these had, but I also enjoyed it a tad bit more when I mixed the salsa with the aioli. Considered coming back to FOC just for these!

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On top their signature marinated diced seafood, this don also had spicy lobster meat and spicy salmon tartare.

I had this thinking the quantity was gonna be more manageable than the upsized chirashi don, but it's definitely just as generous with the toppings - easily a portion that two people can share if they're not looking to be filled to the brim. The rice, similar to the upsized chirashi don, was clumpy albeit seasoned sufficiently. However, I'd recommend the spicy triple chirashi don only for those that prefer stronger flavours and seasoning: I personally felt that the natural flavour of salmon and lobster meat was lost in the sauce/marinate that they were in.
But again, this is good for those with looking to eat their fill and would wanna have something other than the more familiar marinated diced seafood.

The portion was so generous with the seasoned seafood and rice, I daresay it's easily enough for two people. I did notice that because of this generosity, the rice was clumpy and did not have the best seasoning. Similarly, I personally found that some of the cubes was seasoned stronger than others - the freshness was slightly questionable too as I felt that the tuna had a grainy feel that I wasn't so used to.

With all that said, I still stand by this being very easily worth its price point for the quantity given - albeit with quality slightly compromised.

I don't know if it's the same in other outlets of Acai Affair but I was pleasantly surprised that they let us get two different flavours. I decided to try my luck after reading Burpple reviews saying that's how it was.

I decided to get almond butter instead of my usual cookie butter to go with my Coco Glow - and no regrets!! Almond butter was a lot less sweet, which made it go together with the already sweet coconut sorbet and Affair's acai. The only qualms about it was how much less creamy almond butter was compared to peanut or cookie, but nothing out the ordinary for almond butter.