Initially felt that it was too pricey for burger and fries but when it came portions were huge enough to feed 2. Came with 2 drinks as well thus would say really good enough to feed 2

Tucked away in the ulu building of somerset 111, this place was nice and quiet for a afternoon meal despite lunch times.

Had the beef cheek. Taste and seasoning was on point. However felt that the cut of meat used wasn’t the best (same as the fish dish, felt that it wasnt fresh) however the flavors was good enough to make me finish everything

Food was average but worth it for 1-1. My dining companion had the rosti with smoked salmon but felt that it was too salty by the time she finished her meal

Used the burpple 1-1. Definitely cheaper and more worth it as compared to buying without the app but feels like not much savings tbh. Nevertheless, ramen was good and karaage was nice and juicy

Underrated tonkatsu shop. Pork is very tender and crumb coating not too oily

Food was great, value for money with 1-1 but wished they allowed us to change the coffee to another drink. Would be willing to top up extra cash if needed

No fried chicken has beaten yard bird so far but this one is a comfortable 2nd. The fried chicken was better compared to the oven fried one in my opinion

Taste great with the filling inside the tamago egg roll

Decided to finally give it a try. Dont really know how this can be branded as healthy as has alot of sugar content but tastes amazing. Would have this anytime in replacement of ice cream

Ordered the $2.50 white and black carrot cake. No regrets queueing 30mins for this