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With burpple 2 for 2, $16 for 4 artisanal eclair is a steal. The flavours were great and ingredients used are of good quality. A pity that the choux puff was soggy as these eclairs have to be prepared beforehand. Nevertheless worth it!

Casual place for dimsum during tea time. Would say not too impressed with the food. 生煎包 was slightly soggy and not juicy enough. The selection of tea is great. Would highly recommend the glutinous rice pu er which was $20 for a pot.
Would recommend having a pot of tea as the main with some dim sum as sides instead.

Stays true to what they preach. But for $5.90 have to say that Im very impressed with the amount. Noodles were not overly soggy and charsiew was tender enough. Great for a fuss free simple meal.

nice ambience and great service. Do try the whole seabass here! The fish is fresh with lots of sauce to go with. Would give the chicken pop a miss, was supposed to be like har qiong gai but just tasted very salty.
Eggplant $12
Chicken pop $12
Baby squid $15
Pork rib $32
Whole seabass $55

If you are a fan of ginger milk pudding, do give this place a try. However if you are not a fan of milk or lactose intolerant, try another place instead as majority of the menu contains milk

Ordered a medium rare beef burger for $14.80++. Wasn’t expecting much but the beef was surprisingly tender. Not much truffle taste though. Fries were a bit dry. Would have prefer if it came with some housemade sauce

Love the idea of creating your own sauce according to your taste. I always go for the less spicy option so that i can eat more without feeling the burn in my stomach.
Remember to cook the fried rice after your meal! Stir fry the chicken into the rice if you like some meat inside

Ambience: small little restaurant that resembled an izakaya in japan. Clean and cosy.
Food: superb food. Beef was tender and cooked right in front of you. Rice sauce wasnt too overpowering and rice was moist and fluffy.
Price: for $17.55 (nett), you get a chawanmushi, beef bowl with onsen tamago as well as free flow pickled cabbage and radish. Worth every penny

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Paid $11 for 8 fuzhou fishball (without noodles) and the red date chicken noodles. Worth a try!

Ordered the grain bowl. Cant remember exactly how much but was about $16 for the chicken with the couscous. They were skimpy with the sauce and the chicken marinate wasnt outstanding. Overall felt very plain and had a hard time swallowing the dry and tasteless rice. Would not come back again.

Used the burrple beyond for this 1 for 1 drink. The lychee mocktail was so much better than the latte. It had lychee and mint flavour infused but not overly sweet as what you will get from bubble tea stalls. Do note that if you use the 1 for 1 fro drinks, it is only eligible for takeaways!

Located in shun fu hawker centre, this stall has been selling hakka food for as long as i remember. Queues are still long but service is quick. The sun kueh and the yam porridge are my fav as it kick starts the day with a hearty meal.