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I got the kinako kuromitsu ($9.90) with a mix of this week's mystery flavour and matcha (+$1 for mix), which is pretty pricey for a dessert. So I was chiding myself about how I should've spent the money better, but the moment I took a bite all the monetary and caloric regrets went away. The kinako flavour is fragrant, nutty, and sweet. The soft serve is so thick and creamy, and it doesn't melt into watery disappointment like a sanum does. I didn't appreciate the shiratama (round mochi balls) but the warabi mochi are pretty good because they're softer and tastier from a coating of nutty soybean powder. The matcha flavour's a little too bitter for my liking, but you can tell it's made from quality matcha and I see why the flavour has its fans. The matcha soft serve has a more intense and noticeable flavour than the kinako, and goes well with the sweet azuki paste and crunchy rice thingys in the bottom of the parfait as the add-ons mitigate some of the bitterness. Overall, the flavours are amazing and combination of textures are on point - guess I have to be grateful it's so out of the way for me and this expensive, or I'd be here every other week at least. p.s. @matchaya please make kinako a permanent flavour tq


If you're craving for a meal with a medley of exciting flavours, this is a good place. I chose half kimchi rice and half salad as my base and beef short rib for my protein ($9.50). I love a spicy-sour combination, so the kimchi salsa, tomato radish and seasoned vegetables in this bowl were right up my alley. I didn't feel it was very spicy, actually I wish it had more of a kick. The beef short rib was very tender, as you'd expect from a 48 hour long cooking time. They are so generous with their ingredients so there's no question whether you'll get your money's worth dining here. Your palate is totally satisfied with this bowl -- there's sweet, spicy, sour and salty all covered here. Just one complaint: I wish the protein, at least, could be served hot. It's so flavourful now, imagine the flavours amplified!


Step into this space and you'll feel like you've been transported to a beachside restaurant/bar -- the high ceiling, patterned tile flooring, potted plants hanging artfully from the ceiling and glass windows leave you feeling especially relaxed. My family were drawn in as we were walking back after dinner and succumbed to ordering drinks and cake. Their cakes are seriously delightful. The coconut and mango cake pictured in the background ($9.00) had light mango cream and slices of mango layered between incredibly fluffy sponge cake that just burst with flavour. The coconut flakes coating the surface added a nutty depth that complemented the sweet sponge well. We were so impressed that we also got their banana bread and lemon chiffon cake (each $2.50 per slice) to take home, which turned out to be excellent choices. Their dinner menu isn't extensive, but the aroma wafting in the air yesterday night guarantees that I will be back!! Unfortunately the drinks pictured here, the hot cocoa and matcha latte (each $6.50) were powdery and didn't taste great. I'll give their coffees a shot next time.

On my dad's recommendation, we trooped down to Shaw House for this bowl of fishball noodles. One bite of the fish balls and our eyes lit up -- these were unbelievably bouncy! Another branch of the original stall at Toa Payoh Lorong 7, this stall's offerings will definitely satisfy your fishball noodle cravings. For $5.50, you are served a generous portion of noodles and 6(!!) of those delicious fish balls. I do wish the chili sauce in the noodles had more of a kick though.


The usual fried carrot cake you have comes stir fried with either sweet black sauce or plain, with eggs & caipoh. But this version here is an oily, deep fried, crunchy pack of carrot cake sticks which is simple yet addictive.
It's tough to find stores selling this version of carrot cake these days as it isn't as popular as the usual one. As long as this store continues to sell it, I know I can always come back for more.

In fact, the food was so good that I went there twice in 3 days.

Sometimes the simplest of things is the most difficult to master. Take for example, the Yam Kai Dao (200 THB) which is a Thai fried egg salad. It might seem like a simple home-cooked dish, but the flavours were simply astonishing, something that I have not tried before. The egg whites were crispy while the yolks remained runny in the middle. One single poke on the yolk and it will instantly flow out, a true benchmark of an excellent fried egg. The accompanying sauce was one of a salty tangy concoction of soy sauce and lime juice.

It was truly an impressive and fulfilling meal which I will definitely make it a point to revisit Soei whenever I am in Bangkok.

Soei Restaurant
Address: Corner of Phibun Whattana Yaek 6 and Rama VI Soi 34, Moo Baan Piboon Whattana, Bangkok, Thailand #thailand #bangkok #amazingthailand #landofsmiles #thaifood #cafehopping #hawkerhopping #soei #soeirestaurant

Eating by the roadside makes the entire experience so much better. Yes my friends, this is Thailand. Highly recommended by many bloggers, Mae Varee at Thonglor is truly one of the best mango sticky rices in Bangkok.

Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice
Address: 1, Soi Thonglor Road, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Klongtunnua Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand #thailand #bangkok #amazingthailand #landofsmiles #thaifood #cafehopping #hawkerhopping

We've been anticipating our visit for so long and we're finally here! Two of us ordered the signature Bara-chirashi don ($12.80) and were incredibly satisfied with our choice. Fresh cuts of seasoned sashimi on fluffy rice -- few other lunch options have been as wholesome and comforting, especially considering the hectic few weeks we've had when meals were gradually reduced to hasty gobble-and-go affairs. A place to hit up if you want to treat yourself but not burst your budget! The highly adorable chopstick holders that greet you from your table also deserve a mention 🐻

The Black Velvet Waffles ($14) were phenomenal! My friend and I chose black sesame ice-cream for ours and my other friends tried the green tea flavour. Frangrant and flavourful goodness atop a fluffy base, the crunchy toppings were a lovely addition. Might consider these to be my favourite place for waffles so far! We also ordered the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles ($14.50). A satisfying choice -- the chicken was pretty thick, had a crisp coating and was still moist and tender. Can't wait to be back to try more of their offerings 😛


This coconut ice cream (7 RM) is the bomb. Located just next to Watson's on B1, it's not only huge, but super satisfying and refreshing. The combination of ice cream with the coconut pulp is to die for. Added toppings also include corn and Oreo bits, hazelnuts, and coconut jelly. The jelly is super soft and tasty. Remember to grab this before you head for your shopping spree.

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Bring out the beach umbrellas please! True to all the good reviews I have heard, the Signature Sangkaya (RM10.50) is terrific. The sundae combines three mini scoops of coconut ice cream, shreds of fresh coconut at the bottom, and unlimited refills of six different types of toppings. Every mouthful is a good balance of creamy and refreshing, with a good mix of textures.

Everyone flocks to Two Chefs for their famous Butter Pork Ribs, but you should also order regular favourites like the Salted Egg Prawns and Golden Mushroom Beancurd. If you like cockles, you won't be disappointed with their fresh garlic and chili cockles. Prepare to queue, this is a popular spot for groups of friends, with their reasonable prices and generous portions.