Nothing a plate of soft shell crab cannot fix. The fried rice itself was already good on its own, but it gets better when paired with the golden fried and crispy pieces of the soft shell crab and fish roe 🤤 I’ve been trying out different menus every time I come and they never disappoint.

Back here again to try out yet another burger (it’s just so good!) another beef burger, topped with sharp cheddar topped with a huge ass deep fried soft shell crab and tobiko budu Mayo (weird combination but turned out really well), all in between the pretzel/brioche bun.

Verdict: Revisit and revisit again and again.

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I love burgers. I love burgers I could eat them everyday for every meal, I think. I love beef burgers especially, and this is one of the many burgers I like. Medium rare beef patty topped with melted Swiss cheese topped with deep fried pickled mushrooms topped with garlic parsley aioli - all these sandwiched between a pair of signature pretzel buns, nothing can go wrong.

Verdict: Definitely will revisit (to try out the whole menu! 🤣)

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I love me some breakfast food all the time. All day breakfast menus are my favourite. I want to have breakfast food for dinner? Can. This was only until 5pm though, but that’s good enough. I couldn’t decide between the VCR Big Breakfast or this but I settled for this. It has chickpeas (not my favourite) but I took it anyway. I broke the 63 degrees eggs and mixed it all together with the pomodoro sauce and Greek yogurt and dipped it together with the flaxseed sourdough toast with bits of sausages. My day? Made. Will I get this again? Definitely. I’ve repeated this a few times already, it’s so good 😍


It’s so weird how I only started to try appam this year. It made me wonder, how did I survive 25 years without tasting this magical thing? They have a famous stall in Bangsar called Chelo but up til this day, I have to try it. My go-to appam place has always been Bala’s, for obvious reasons. It’s a sufficient dessert for me every time I come here for a visit, and I hate sharing this food especially. I give people the stare whenever they try to steal my appam because it’s so good 😂 just the right amount of crispy and fat all in one. Couldn’t get any better than this.

Post-Japan trip, I was still dreaming about the soufflé pancakes I had in Fleur Kyoto. I visited Soylab when they recently opened, and I initially ordered just beverage. As we were seated, we noticed the waiters carrying out plates of these pancakes and soon after, we were waiting for ours. I would say, their pancakes were slightly less fluffy than the ones I had in Kyoto, so it wasn’t to my liking. I would come back for the soy-based desserts, but I would skip the pancakes altogether.

Drove past a random stall in SS 19 that one afternoon and somehow I stumbled upon this, weird combination of pau. I mean, I’m used to the classic flavours of kaya and chocolate? Even coconut amazes me sometimes, let alone this funky mushroom chicken carbonara flavour. Me being the curious eater, I had to get it along with the other flavour, Cheesy Beef Bolognese if I remember correctly. It’s a bit expensive for a pau, but I guess it’s somewhat understandable as it was supposedly premium flavour. It was good, but I don’t think the taste justified the price enough. It could be slightly cheaper, in my opinion.

On another episode of my bubble tea adventures, I ended up purchasing a Buy 2 @ RM 14 voucher from Fave and here I was, with a cup of brown sugar fresh milk. I’ve had this a few times, but it’s a bit more of the sweet side which I don’t really fancy, but I still finish it anyway. I would still stir a few times just so it blends well, and the boba was just nice, most of the time. I would buy it again if it was under the same promotion, but I never wanted to when it was the standard price, I feel it wasn’t really worth it.

Waffles and fried chicken has always felt weird to me, but I decided to give it another try since it was a brand new year and stuff. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad. I loved how the waffles were fluffy even on its own, and paired with the crunchy fried chicken and onion sauce, the world really isn’t a bad place after all. If I had to choose between this and the usual waffles, I’d definitely go for the normal sweet waffles, but this savoury waffles is definitely something different than the usual.

Started the year with a good night out with the cousins over barbecued meat, nothing can possibly go wrong with that combination. Randomly called up the restaurant to reserve for a slot 30 minutes later, and we managed to get there just in time (also, yes, we managed to get a spot). If asked if I would revisit, answer is a definite yes. There are a few of these BBQ joints around the corner, you should check them out. Parking is a horrible thing. Please just make use of their valet service.

I joined the brown sugar boba bandwagon, and decided to get this on the last day of 2018. I still remember I was told to stir 9 times before drinking it and I thought that was weird. When asked, I was told that it’s Taiwan’s favourite/lucky number. Really? Sure, it was sweet, but it was just sweet enough for me. I’ve gotten it a few times after, so I believe this is probably my favourite drink from The Alley.

My first time ever at Tony Roma’s and I went for their chicken. If I remember correctly, they had an interesting choice of lunch menu. There was nothing to shout about this chicken, it’s your standard chicken with a hint of BBQ sauce. It was served with coleslaw and french fries with bottomless iced lemon tea. I would probably come again, and definitely not for this chicken, maybe for the meat.