Others, Outdoor Dining, Good For Groups Places For Delicious Pork Ribs The succulent, greasy, tender and flavourful meat that falls off the bones, leaving you with sticky fingers. Hello carnivorous friends! (A growing list!)
Burger, Cafe Petaling Jaya Noms I know PJ is HUGE, but just to give you a rough idea on where these places are. Excluding Subang and UpTown! Because I have a list on that specifically.
Halal Mid Valley/The Gardens Noms Confused on what's there to eat at Mid Valley? Here's some recommended place to eat.
Cake, Breakfast & Brunch, Cafe, Dessert Publika Noms There are many cafes and restaurants to try at Publika. Here's a shortlisted list of places to dine at this so called 21st Century hipster hangout place.
Cafe, Dessert, Breakfast & Brunch Uptown Noms Damansara Utama/Damansara Uptown. Let's do this!
Cheap & Good, Cafe, Dinner with Drinks, Good For Groups Hartamas Noms Let's head to the assets (harta) of gold (emas-mas) area! Forgive the lame pun.