Michelin Restaurants and diners in this list are either Michelin stared or named in the Michelin guide. I once ridiculed the chase of a star. I was slightly convinced after watching "The Hundred Foot Journey" and was converted when I finally visited one Michelin star restaurant.
Travel Bali All the good and tasty food that I dare to try and feel decently priced in Bali. Keeping the list as I really like Bali and will go back again and again, while hunting new food to be added to the list.
Interesting, Local Delight Fruits Local fruits that we eat and are voted best. I dare you, especially our King of fruits - durians 😈😈 Extending my collection to local fruits in places I've visited too.
Cafe For The Love Of Coffee The title says it all. This is the list for coffee connoisseurs. Follow at your own risk.