How about an edible pair of chocolate slipper tart from Tiong Bahru Bakery? This is one of the latest desserts reimagined by Gontran Cherrier.

We always love how Chef Gontran gets creative with his ideas making every dessert fun, whimsical, delicious and memorable. It's made of layers of chocolate ganache, light chocolate shell and glossy ganache, sinfully rich, simple yet impressive.

I visit thr on a rainy and crowded (tues)day, I waited for abt 15mins and got a seat by the side and it was raining so heavily, splashes was all ard. I got this Hotstuff Beefy Jumbo for $10.90 which I ate in a hurry without taking a photo first as I was starving.>< The sauce was the best, it went gr8 with the soft bun and the sausage. I also took a bite of Messy Jumbo but I definitely prefer the sauce of the Beefy jumbo better. The food was good but not recommended on a rainy day unless u wan "extra ingredient" on ur food.😅

It's not as crispy as I would like it to be, but most probably becos of the chocolate fillings inside the waffle. If u like your dessert sweet then this is for u, with the chocolate fillings and cream cheese on it, it's sweetness is X 4 times! ($14.90)

A balanced diet is to have waffles and ice cream after eating clean 😝😝. Ok, the Snowflakes Waffles with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream ($9.50) is really good.

Heard mixed reviews about this dish! But it was pleasantly pleased with the dish! The salted egg yolk sauce wasnt too heavy which went well with the tube like pasta and generous crab meat in the sauce! The fried soft shell crab topping the pasta was huge and had roe in it too.

Topped with freshly grated coconut flakes, the moist cake with the spread of cream cheese got me devouring it mouthfuls after mouthfuls. Hands down, the best red velvet cake I've ever had in my life.

a very vintage setup of this cafe. It's not about food, coffee and tea. Is a great place for children to shine their creativity by doodle and some hand craft work

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Chocolate lovers look out for this oozing chocolate goodness! Though I am more used to the texture of lava cakes, the fluffy bread with a rich chocolate core has just the right level of sweetness!

If so then I guess this whole potato in bread at Asanoya is for you. #carbdiet #brunch

Banana Pancakes come with garden salad and scrambled eggs. Those irregular pancakes may not be the best way to present delectable pancakes, but the batter used is filled with mushy bananas which was pretty fragrant. Scrambled eggs were creamy and runny, while the garden salad seemed a tad butter. Simple, yet comforting brunch fare indeed!

Walked half the reservoir to reach thr, then I realised I could hav just sat LRT instead.😂 Mac and cheese was gr8 but lesser portions that expected. The Ham & Pineapple 🍕 was decent. 🍟 was awesome with the truffle Mayo sauce, I didn't hav enough and more sauce was addt $2 😭. Also ordered their toast for dessert and it was heavenly I loved it and would be back for it definitely. ❤️