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Was somewhat disappointed as it was just lunch time and they were already out of more than 60% of the things on the lunch menu. So of the few options available I went for the Pork Collar Salad. Along with it chose two sides which were the only ones left. The pork was cooked well enough and tasted good. The sides were ok. To go with it, ordered for Lemon Honey Iced Cooler which was average. Hope if there’s a next time, would get a full menu to choose from. (SGD 24)

The moment I saw the shop I was super curious and immediately went for it. The concept of the main attraction of the shop, “The Chimney Cone” is developed in Hungary and since has been passed on. It goes like this - Sweet dough circles around like a cone, with a hollow in the middle (they are perfectly crisp on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside, which makes for a delectable snack) and the hollow centre is filled with either ice-cream or cream depending on your choice. I went for the one filled with vanilla gelato, “Chimney King” as it seemed the most appealing. It came topped with nuts, two brownie chunks, salted caramel and chocolate drizzle. The ensemble was a perfect one and tasted equally good. However, one should be very careful as the ice cream melts out before you can finish it and unfortunately it created a mess for me. However, I loved it and will be more careful next time 😁. (SGD 8.90)

They are said to be serving undoubtedly one of the best Laksa in Singapore. As I entered the place super excited, there was a certain aroma lingering around and without wasting further time quickly ordered the classic laksa bowl. Super fast service as I was immediately served with the bowl of Laksa within a few minutes of ordering. As I sipped on the first portion, the aromatic coconut based creamy soup gave me wings 😁. The gravy is the epitome of balance in taste and the texture comes from the perfect blending of the ingredients such as coconut milk, chili, dried shrimps, and herbs. However the noodles felt too soft on the mouth (my opinion) and could have been more thicker. Overall it was satisfying and would love to visit sometime soon (5.5 SGD)

Bagels!!! love them, are a kind of bread that originated in Poland and this joint has loads of options to choose from. Moreover the servings come in generous portions and the packing is great. The place is not that big, having limited seats and is packed most of the time so do plan and go with some time on your hands. The quality and taste is quite satisfactory, I had ordered the “COLD TURKEY CLUB” and it was good. Can’t wait for my next visit to try another one (14 SGD)

Generally I won’t order salad at a chocolate bistro, but was wanting to devour something healthy so Crab Meat Slaw Salad it was, and surprisingly I loved it. The amount of crab meat used was quite generous as I could feel them with each spoon intake and the caramelised lemon used further added to the taste (13 SGD).

Love this place, and their cakes and pastries are the best. But today was unfortunately having a sore throat, as such had to skip them and instead ordered a cup of Chocolate Cappuccino to at least quench the craving for chocolate which came with a cinnamon stick. Moreover they insisted while serving that I stir the beverage with the stick and yes they were so correct, the stirring aromatised it with the cinnamon flavour, too good (8 SGD).

The whole combo of the set was insanely good. I would specially point out the the Chili Con Carne that the fries were topped (loved it) along with mozzarella Cheese and jalapeños. The serving portion was more than enough for two persons to say and totally worth (16 SGD).

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Now this is one cafe to be visited if you are a true DC fan. The whole cafe is adorned with DC hero figurines. You can even find Superman and Batman guarding the entrances. One can even spend a few bucks and get their hands on some of the goodies. Now coming to the dining part, after rummaging through the huge menu we decided to go for the “Superman : A Smallville Original”. It comprised of juicy chicken patty with turkey bacon served with superman bun, accompanied with over easy egg, mesclun salad and nacho chips. Taste wise it was ok, nothing exceptional just for the experience I would say (29 SGD).

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A hidden Jem tucked away in Katong, famous for the Scotch Egg. Solely visited to have a bite of it and also ordered a smoothie to go with it. Best described, Scotch Egg (10 SGD) is sausage meat fried to a perfect crisp on the outside but still juicy on the inside, wrapped around an egg with a molten centre. And to say it is the best version I have had. And the smoothie “Happy Place (7 SGD)” was a super fresh blend of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana and coconut water. I would love to try the other dishes next time as they seemed quite inviting

Mango Pudding served chilled is perfect to beat the heat and the mangos used are freshly imported from Thailand for the sole purpose of creating this gem. Made with pure mango flesh, the select variety makes for a luscious pudding, with a heady aroma of freshly peeled mango.

Never thought minced pork would marry so well with the humble chilli, and the finishing touch of marinade makes for all the magic. Even though the name suggests and the dish is engulfed with chilli, everyone can give it a shot as it’s not that spicy.

Located in the HomeTeam NS building, is an open restaurant overlooking the swimming pool. The menu is simple and burgers are a hot seller as I have heard. They have a weekday set menu which comes with a burger accompanied with fries and a homemade drink. It seemed the best option so went ahead with it and of course we can choose the burger from a number of options. I wanted something different so choose Mentaiko Mille-feuille Katsu Burger which seemed quite unique. It came with a crispy pork cutlet with layers of thin pork slices wrapped around a centre of oozy mentaiko cheese, however it didn’t meet my expectations and felt somewhat dry. The honey lemon juice on the other hand was really refreshing and a saviour (16SGD)