A hearty breakfast set can’t be made better, when you’re able to do it yourself. Enjoying the entire process of toasting the bread, putting on toppings or dipping it into the pumpkin soup before you indulge make the bread tastes better somehow.

It looks vintage and at the same time fancy. It could be a little pricy but it’s worth the experience.

Pour over coffee/filter coffee are known to be priced slightly higher than the usual espresso based coffee (Cappuccino, Americano, Latte) but here at Kings Hall, their brew of the day costs only RM10.

This particular cup, is actually an Ethiopia Guji Sidamo from The HUB roastery which can be charged about 15++ in other cafes. I think they’ll be changing beans for the BREW OF THE DAY soon, but for now it will be an Ethiopia goodness (My favourite)

In the heart of Damansara Utama (Uptown), I’m sure y’all know how busy can that place get but Ground is located a few mins away, a neighborhood cafe I would say.

The coffee that they serve are usually using the beans from Singapore (for pour over coffee) and it varies. Their usual blend is from BEAM Specialty which is a combination of Brazil, Colombian and Indonesian coffee beans.

It should taste nutty, slight floral and fruity with caramel aftertaste. The strong body comes from the Indonesian beans.

This is my go to sandwich whenever I’m at Sunday, reason is because it’s basic yet delicious. It’s actually just tamagoyaki with bread, but the tamagoyaki alone tastes amazing.

It’s so thick and it can be quite addictive. Also, the sandwich has a hint of wasabi to bring out the goodness of tamagoyaki.

CDLC has recently collaborated with SLIQ clinic, and they’ve came out with the world’s FIRST ever beauty ice cream where you can feel beautiful while you indulge, which is the best of both worlds.

I’m saying this because this ice cream is made of Lychee, Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Rose water, Glutathione, Vitamin C and of course COLLAGEN!!! Yes, I’m not kidding. This ice cream has collagen and it’s basically all your beauty needs in an ice cream. I’ve got myself a whole tub at home, but you really have to try this out yourself 😝

This ice cream might have premium ingredients but it’s priced reasonably. Instead of getting collagen supplements, maybe you can consider having an ice cream instead.

Unlike your usual pancake, this is served with an espresso shot to be drizzled instead of your usual maple syrup. It’s amazing how it complements the sweetness, bringing out the tiramisu in it, and the berries were also amazing

This is definitely the type of pancake I’ll go for, which has a combination of pancakes, fruits, ice cream and coffee. For a coffee lover like me, this can ask be convenient whenever I crave for both coffee and desserts, and I’ll always have a hard time choosing one. Oh wait, this tastes abit like affogato, and at the same time it make me super contented as if I’m having coffee with desserts.

All the way from Cheras C180 to Sri Petaling, 103 Coffee Roastery has just relocated and it has recently reopen, only two minutes away from their main cafe, 103 Coffee Workshop (beside Mykori)

Unlike their previous branch in Cheras, 103 team aims to connect better with coffee lovers, also hoping to focus more on filter coffee and coffee roastery in that branch. They’re now serving only coffee, cakes and pastries in that branch and if you’re a big fan of 103, you can always have your meal at 103 Coffee Workshop first before you pop by for coffee.

My favourite coffee will definitely be the Ethiopia or Panama beans for pour over coffee (filter coffee), and if you’re a first timer, do pick Colombia for mild taste notes. They do serve espresso based too, but the best latte artists are based in 103 Coffee Workshop. Do pair your coffee with their burnt cheesecake, crepe cakes or loaf cakes. There will be more pastries coming your way, do anticipate.

You can now purchase drip bags, coffee beans, takeaway mugs and more from there too! If you’re in luck, Irvine Quek, the World Champion will be there to pour you amazing latte art or filter coffee (He is based in 103 Coffee Workshop by the way). You might also be able to watch the roasters at work there, and the aroma from freshly roasted beans is to die for.

Living up to its name, these sweet potatoes are actually cut into pieces, coated with a thin layer of batter and then deep fried.

These are actually crunchy and greaseless. The taste was also well balanced with drizzles of maple syrup and saltiness from the ricotta (an Italian whey cheese)

A hidden gem in the town of Cheras, located directly opposite Sunway Velocity mall.

This place might have been familiar to you, for the boba cake but this time round, they’ve launched an ice cream cake.

The thick layers in between are actually ice cream blocks, which was inserted within the crepe cakes. It’s interesting I would say and like every other crepe cakes, this also melts in your mouth.

The best way to enjoy this cake, is to pair it with a cup of coffee of course. Coffee and cakes sounds good?

When it comes to bubble milk tea, I believe this new place is no stranger. Originated from Taiwan and their first outlet was nowhere else but Subang.

Well, they said the Signature Brown Sugar Boba with Milk is the best because it is Instagram worthy, but because I preferred tea over milk.

This cup of Signature Brown Sugar Boba with Milk Tea actually taste pretty normal, nothing much to rave about. The tea actually tasted quite bland, but there was points added to this, because of the very fresh and chewy boba that is always freshly cooked and demonstrated while you queue for your drink. The sweetness level is just nice, but behold of the long queue in all the upcoming outlets as well.

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If you’re a big fan of Korean BBQ, and you’re also craving for Japanese cuisines, here at Super Boring Club they’ve got you covered.

This place serves fancy Korean-Japanese fusion cuisines, which Korean BBQ actually tasted very authentic and guess what? We had BBQ with Sake cocktails instead of the normal Soju (Korean tradition) which I think was actually quite interesting. Some authentic ala-carte Korean dishes were also given a different vibe. It is authentic but it doesn’t actually taste like the original. It just excites our tastebud in short.

p/s : Try this for yourself and tell me your experience. Full post on this place, is up on my Instagram

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One of the smoothest kakigori I’ve ever tasted. It actually melts in my mouth almost immediately. I’ve chose the Thai Tea flavored due to my major craving for Thai Milk Tea, and to my surprise, it actually tastes very authentic.

That bowl of kakigori isn’t just about the Instagram worthy appearance but its ingredients actually go well together too. After You is now available at almost every large malls in Bangkok and you really have to try this whenever you’re in town.