Like every other Singaporean these days, I love orh nee an unnatural amount. And I too, love two men bagels an unnatural amount. So believe me when I said I rushed down to reach the bagel place at 11 am on a Sunday morning just to get my hands on their CNY special.

The fillings worked wonderfully together, with the candied gingko nuts, the caramelised sugar, the slightly sweetened coconut cream. The orh nee itself was a thick and smooth paste which was great, but what ruined it was the temperature. Orh nee is a warm Teochew dessert, but this one was served cold and smeared on a bagel which I didn’t appreciate and really caused the dish to fall flat.

With that being said, I think I will just stick to their good old regular bagels next time.

I love Tom’s palette because of how unique their flavours are which is why I’m often heading down to sample their new flavours every now and then.

I love kaya. I can and will eat it by the jar if I didn’t have self restraint. I was a tad disappointed by their kaya ice cream because it lacked too much of any kaya flavour. Tasting more like Nonya kaya instead of Hainanese, the coconut was too light and I would have preferred stronger flavours.

Peanut butter coconut caramel (dairy-free) had generous swirls of peanut butter which I loved but I found this ice cream more watery as compared to the rest (could be due to the lack of dairy). Still good though, mainly because of the peanut butter.


Chocolate and orange/strawberry pairings are definitely top tier. So when I heard PS cafe was selling a special pie for the month of February, I knew I had to head down for a slice.

PS Cafe has never disappointed me with their desserts and this one surely didn’t. The pie has a buttery graham crust (the best type of crust imo) - do be careful when cutting into it because the crust is hard and mine flew.
A chocolate ganache paired with orange caramel and candied orange zest? I find no fault in would have gotten a little cloying after the first few mouthfuls but that’s when the vanilla ice cream comes in to cut through the richness and gave a nice change in temperature

A limited edition cake only for the month of February. A pairing of dark chocolate, Macallan whisky and orange. This cake has layers of mousse, jelly, sponge and crunchy feuilletine.

As a dark chocolate fanatic, the chocolate was bitter enough and made an excellent pairing with the whiskey which was prominent but not overly strong. The same couldn’t be said about the orange as I barely tasted it. The crunchy feuilletine added texture to the otherwise one dimensional cake

A decadent cake but I would not get it again purely for the price point. Just settle for their signature Mille crepes which they do extremely well.

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First time back in Watami after years. Had the watami salad (+$1), bacon pizza (+$1), pork hot pot with udon, salmon carpaccio, teriyaki chicken, gyudon and salmon maki and 3 drinks.
Food was average but still good. If you are going there in groups get this set as it is pretty worth it

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Quick brunch at Tiong Bahru Bakery. I will always stick to my choice of Brie and Mushroom Croissant for savouries, as nothing can go wrong with good old creamy Brie cheese with sautéed mushrooms, mustard and caramelised onions.
Tried the blueberry lemon muffin for the first time, the muffin was moist, however I preferred less lemon curd in it as some parts of the muffin had huge chunks of lemon curd concentrated in areas and it became way too sour.

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Warning: if you hate oysters with a passion don’t bother trying their oyster ramen.
I’m fully aware that this ramen brand is particularly famous for their shio (salt) ramen, however, I have a weakness for tonkotsu soups hence I ordered the oyster paitan which is quite similar to tonkotsu.
The broth is creamy and has an addition of oyster oil and paste. I personally loved the paste and there was a strong taste of oysters throughout the soup. The noodles didn’t have much bite to it and the arugula helped to add a different layer to the flavours. The roasted corn was sweet and had a smoky flavour while the lemon and tomato helped to mellow the strong taste of the oyster down. Their vegetables such as the onions and the corn and arugula were all extremely fresh.
It was a very unique experience that one should try if you love oysters

Found this on Foodpanda and decided to try it out. Did not regret.
Grilled beef with onsen egg with Cajun fish sprinkles on rice. First time I’m seeing fried fish skin on a donburi but wow does it work. The fish chips are extremely salty so it is best eaten with rice. But the Cajun seasoning and the crunch of the chips adds flavour and depth. Onsen egg was creamy and beef was tender. Would order again.

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I stopped eating here for years but now Tampopo turns 50 so they have a promotion going on now. Got this ramen at 20% off.

Tonkotsu soup with tons of black pig Shabu Shabu, ramen egg, corn, bamboo shoots and lettuce. Ordered the spicy version but honestly the non-spicy version was better in my opinion.

I’m a sucker for tonkotsu soup so I might be biased, but this soup was just rich and creamy almost like milk. Everything else was up to par. Just a good solid bowl of ramen. Would come back again.

Potato rosti with sour cream and stir fried beef. Rosti was oily and quite soggy and not that crisp to my liking. The sweetness of the beef and the sour cream worked surprisingly well together with the Rosti.
If you are large eaters I wouldn’t suggest coming here as the portions are quite small.

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Pricey but oh so good

Fun Boy 3: Black Angus beef patty, smoked applewood cheddar, roasted portobello mushroom, garlic & miso butter, double ketchup, truffle aioli, in a brioche bun. Yes please. Burger was sooo juicy and cooked so well and their sauce was excellent.

Truffle cheese fries
Fries with truffle cheese sauce, shaved truffles and truffle aioli. The truffle was strong on this one. Really good but needs to be shared as it gets a bit rich towards the end.

Naughty fries (comes in small, $9, and large, $13)
We got the small one and I deeply regret my decision. Best fries hands down. Tip: get this and dip it in the truffle aioli that comes with the truffle cheese fries. With spiced bearnaise, beef Chili, fried onions and cheese, I almost like the fries more than the burger itself.

Would come here again for the good food though, waiters were attentive and kept refilling our water and asking how was our food (maybe because it was off peak?) but would come back again

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This place has been around for a really long time so it gives a sense of nostalgia especially for the older folks when you eat there.
They have a dinner menu consisting of an appetizer, main, dessert and tea/coffee.
Food is good and up to standard. The steak was cooked to the doneness I wanted, vegetables were fresh and potatoes were good.
Appetizer was a portobello salad, but the tomatoes soaked in balsamic vinegar were way too sour for me.
Dessert was a custard puff with ice cream which ends the meal well.

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